Podcasts This Week (February 10, 2014)

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ESL Podcast 972 – Paying an Employee Under the Table

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to be accounted for” and “to come out ahead.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Nannygate.”
“Hiring a ‘nanny’ (a person, usually a young woman, who provides regular childcare inside a family’s home, usually while the parents are working)…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

English Cafe 437

Topics: American Authors – William Faulkner; Soap Box Derbys; to deceive versus to cheat versus to lie; to appreciate; to go green

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “The Underwood Typewriter Company.”
“Before the use of computers, people typed their documents using typewriters…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 973 – Attracting Someone’s Interest

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to give (someone) the eye” and “hot.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Gun-Related Idioms.”
“Many ‘idioms’ (phrases that have a special meaning) are related to ‘firearms…'” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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14 Responses to Podcasts This Week (February 10, 2014)

  1. emiliano says:

    Well dear friends, something more about this young couple in Madrid 1968, the year
    when everything was changing out the world.


    It is summer of 1968, Cuca has taken her holidays already, made her exam at the Bank and now she wants to study the second test to get the goal of being official at the Banco Hispano Americano.
    She has approved the first test that seems the most difficult and now she needs to memorize a lot of themes relative to the Bank´s commercial administration.
    It will be necessary for her to study two or three hours by day all the commercial subjects necessary to be in one of the Bank different sites, like cash, foreign exchange, commercial credits of import and export, commerce, and so forth till October, that will be the second test.
    Jose Luis her boyfriend has failed his exam and for him is very frustrating to see his girlfriend studying so many hours, he wants to go out and day after day is telling Cuca he wants to walk, to go to the theatre, to the swimming pool or to the park. It is so boring for him to be indoors looking at her studying. Cuca is thinking that this boy doesn´t understand she has to study, to study very hard as she wants to pass her exam.
    It is tiresome for her to be fighting with a frustrated boy that have not past his exam and finally she decided to be in doors that summer studying hard every day.

    Emiliano is doing the same, every evening of this summer he is studying the same exam than her, even he is thinking about Cuca, has her past the exam or not?. He knows nothing about the girl as he is still not working in the Bank and he doesn´t know anybody who could tell him about Maria Jose.
    At the morning Emiliano goes to the office where he is doing his service in the army looking to the end of his time in the Spanish Army Forces that will be next December if all goes the right way to him.
    Summer in Madrid use to be very hot, nobody goes to the streets if it is not necessary till seven p.m., or even later, as the sun burns. It is better to have a nap indoors after lunch and await till late to go for a walk.

    Soon will be July, the hottest month, it takes a big effort to study so many items that soon, next exam in October will be over, will be forgotten by the majority of these candidates.
    Some of the army officials that are working in the Secret Service, are taken their holidays, so Emiliano has in mind to ask for fifteen days of liberty to be with his sister in the mountains near Madrid. He has the idea that the colonel could give him these days if there is a good reason for that. To look after his sister in her holidays could be a good reason for this official and surprised it happens and the colonel signed the permiss to him, and he has fifteen days of holidays to rest in the mountains close to Madrid but also to study full day the Bank´s themes.

    Nice holidays indeed, he has lot of ideas inside his mind without being aware that none of them will be accomplish in future.
    Softly the summer is going on and October will be soon ahead announcing some changes in the life of Cuca and Emiliano.
    Autumn is the best season in Madrid, hot is finished and people likes to walk through Retiro´s Park where there is a symphony of colors everywhere.
    It is a nice place to take a seat in the middle of the park and start to read one again the themes it is necessary to remember for at least another week, just enough to take the exam and be free to forget which ever subject you don´t need to remember.
    It is not going to happens that Cuca and Emiliano meet each other in the exam, too many candidates have passed first exam and it will be a good chance for them to meet each other doing their exams.

    The results will be in November and finishing the proof Cuca and Emiliano were happy if they have done a good test.



    November is going on in the city and news are good for the girl, she has approved, so now Cuca is happy thinking in her next future.
    A future being alone, as she is breaking inside her mind with her boyfriend and she wants to make it soon and without hurt for him or for her break.

    Reality has been over their acts and Cuca knows already that this boy is not for her, she likes to have a good friend at her side, a friend to talk, a friend to love, a friend to live together for long and this boy is not appropriate for her feelings. There is not any confidence or solidarity inside him with the fact she needs time to study and can´t go outside as he lately has requested her. No, Jose Luis is not her boy or her love any more, so the best action to do is to cut soon, in fact she is doing that little by little without hurting his feelings.

    Being approved her exams means more money, also more consideration at work office among her partners and this is even more important for her. She likes her work at the Bank and she wants to give the best of her doing her task at the office.
    Good for the boy Emiliano too, he has approved and Emiliano was happy. It means just what he wanted, more money to save for his final trip to get his site in the world, working in Canada?, it is possible, but he doesn´t care where if he goes out this vulgar world he lives in Spain.

    What it had happened with the girl, has she aproved ?, he was thinking, and the image of her was inside his mind frequently. Is it was in July the last chance he has to see her?, yes, it was, he was going to the Bank to get his month´s salary and Cuca was in Sol Square with that boy of hers, they were chatting each other ten meters from Emiliano that cross Alcala street fast, going short of time and seeing that the girl was with her boy friend he preferred not to go and meet them as by chance.
    It was not easy to him just to see Cuca that way with her boy close to her, never Emiliano has talked with that boy Jose Luis, it was not his type to talk with, less to be friendly.
    There was something he dislike about him, but of course this was natural knowing what his feelings to the girl were. Easy to understand after all.

    So, that has beeing last time Emiliano saw Maria Jose and was not possible to him just to know if she has passed the first exam or not and if so, what have happened with the second?, not any news about that.

    Being already in the first days of December winter was ahead, soon Christmas will be in the air and everything will be going to change about the lights, the shops, and of course the feelings of people who lives in this big city of Madrid.
    For Emiliano it was the time to get his freedom from the military army service that was so troublesome for him. At that moments the boy is going to an English Academy where he attends two hours by day of conversation and English grammar. His intention of going to the British Columbia in Canada remains inoculated in his mind and it seems nothing will be enough to change his will. That´s what he is thinking now when he is going to learn more English and have to pay a lot of money for two hours of class.

    They are good classes with very few people inside them, so the boy could talk a lot and even sometimes he is alone with the teacher, and Australian girl with a very good English accent.
    Curious, he thinks, my first will was going to Australia so in accordance with these thought he have lots of question to ask for to the girl and their conversation is always vividly and nice. His improvement is going fast with so many chats. English grammar class is good enough to prepare the Lower Certificate of English a subject that is also in Emiliano´s mind.

    Emiliano is not aware that relationship between Cuca and her boyfriend is going to its end. The girl has realized that there is not any future for her with this boy, she can´t married him only by gratitude that will be sure a hell for him and for her.
    Having that fact in mind for a long time, may be Emiliano has something to do about her feelings, she has talked with Jose Luis asking him for a period to think, she needs to think if their relation is good and she needs time, the same as him, she told.
    Just we need to take some time to think about our future, if it is a good idea to continue or it is better to cut our relationship amicably before it advance more. Jose Luis thinks it is the final asn says her that´s o.k. by my part.

    So now Cuca has done her first step to finish her relationship with her boyfriend, that is her idea absolutely but she prefer to cut with him in the right way, not hurting his feelings after all.

    She has passed the Bank´s exams and now she is aware that is going to be a meeting in the Jorge Juan academy, among the guys that have succeeded in their exams. It will be on 20th of December and it will be a good occasion to see which one has approved after all.
    May be that boy Emiliano has approved? It is sure she said for her, he seem smart to pass, sure he did a good exam.
    Will be he in the meeting? she asked herself, may be and we´ll have a good talk together if there is time enough she is thinking.

    to be continued….soon….

  2. Dan says:

    Hello everyone,

    I do not if it is better to turn a blind eye on this one or write something down. Ok let’s write something.

    I am talking about the Victoria Nuland’s phonecall. Emiliano, have you heard that?

    She’s dropping the F#@# bomb on the E.U. Isn’t that funny!

    I do not feel offended a bit, and besides that, maybe she even right.

    Moreover, I have to confess that hearing a Lady talking like that is “arousing”.

    What do you think Emiliano?


  3. emiliano says:

    Yes Dan, I did, and in fact I have to agree with her.

    I do think she is right, with Europe (or better said with its Politicians) there
    is always the same song.

    It is natural that some USA diplomatics ( Secretaries or whichever Charge) have
    to be “piss off” with the Euripean´s leaders attitude about complicated war
    affairs inside Europe.
    These leaders always thinks in the USA troups to resolve the problems they
    are fearful of addressing. So yes, it is nice to listen to a Lady saying her
    real thought about Europe and its fearful leaders.

    Good, very good subject Dan, you are wining ten points my dear friend
    pointing this matter.


  4. emiliano says:

    Yes, it is clear now that Big Brother is both sides, not only americans
    spy private conversations by phone or whichever way, internet, facebook,
    this blog, mine gatufo´s blog, everybody spy everyone and none is free
    now from Big Brother´s “eye and hear”
    Merkell was angry about her phone, now this woman could be also angry
    because someone has done the same like she or her fellows do.

    Nice, everyone of us, of them, are spied by the B.B., or by Sauron´s eye
    like in the “Lord of the Rings”, who has the Ring of Power now? in a few
    time all the governments with some power over their citizens and other
    rival governments……..an incredible world.

  5. Dan says:


    Did I win 10 point because I find arousing a woman speaking like that? ahahahahaah Just kidding around. Sorry.

    Again, Emiliano I am jealous about your memory. Is Cuca helping with this story? We want to know her feelings.

    What does she think now about Jose Louis after all these years?


  6. emiliano says:

    Dan, as Cuca is at my side I have asked her about your question and what can says you, here
    it is:

    She says me /for you/ that “I don´t think nothing in special, it is just a part of my pass life, nothing more”.

    Respect to the other question, thank you Dan I could see that you read the story and it please me a lot, yes
    at nignt whe we are in bed I asked her about what I am going to write, I tell her how the story is and if
    she can help me about her feelings, usually I could remember everything but I prefer to confirm my remembering
    with her version.
    This morning I have been reading her more than five episodes, and she likes them, I felt she was enjoying the
    story too. That is really very good for both of us, I read her my Spanish version of the writing as I am
    reading the English inside my mind and even so I could see what is really bad written, just because it cost me
    to translate in my own language. It is good method to correct the bad grammar and composition.
    A really good and nice exercise.

    To the bed now, thank you Dan. good night. emiliano

  7. emiliano says:

    Another of my sons is: Massachusetts………SORRY JEFF, I like Bee Gibbs


    Feel I’m goin back to massachusetts,
    Somethings telling me I must go home.
    And the lights all went out in massachusetts
    The day I left her standing on her own.

    Tried to hitch a ride to san francisco,
    Gotta do the things I wanna do.
    And the lights all went out in massachusetts
    They brought me back to see my way with you.

    Talk about the life in massachusetts,
    Speak about the people I have seen,
    And the lights all went out in massachusetts
    And massachusetts is one place I have seen.

    I will remember massachusetts…


    I dance this song with Cuca before we were married, it was at home
    when we bought the flat that it was going to be our house.
    We were single yet but we bought our flat on September 1969 and
    the furniture on february 1970. We get married on 30 April 1970
    little more than a year we started to date.
    That is life when two people fall in love so strongly.
    Yes, I have to laugh now Dan. Thank you guys to give me again
    these nice rememberings.
    Thanks all of you….Parviz (where are you?) Myo ko ko (where are you too?)
    Lilian (thank you so much) Tania (thank you dear friend) and Betty, my dear
    friend from Hong Kong, thanks so much Betty….and all the rest, sure I forget
    lot of you, but every one of you are in my thoughts.


  8. emiliano says:


    It is December already, a nice month to Emiliano as he is going to be free from his army service and soon will be doing his life not being a soldier any more.

    Nice perspective for this month he is thinking; “just I have to return the uniform, the boots, everything I have from the army and I will be a person not a soldier who has to obey the orders of the first official I could see”.
    Good he said, I will be a person again and soon will get my passport and could go which ever country I like to.
    His studies of English continue every day and he is thinking that knowing English will be the real subject to have in mind now, it will very good for him in future if he wants to get a good job.

    Not going to work, not going to the academy, not being in touch with any of his partners at the Bank, Emiliano knows nothing about who has passed the exams, nothing about Cuca, and nothing about the meeting it was going to be celebrated in the academy.
    He goes to the military office in the mornings, at the English academy in the evenings and that is all along the first days of December.

    On the fifteen of this month he goes to Alcalá de Henares to return his uniform in the CIR, the camp where he was first designated, he says good bye to their guys in the secret service office, good people after all, despite he doesn´t like army, soldiers, or police inspector. The concept is different, he could not like policemen or inspectors in general, or the officials of the army because they are soldiers who are armed forces with weapons in their hands, but when you are working with them and have good experiences with these persons, you start to see the people, the persons, and how are they with you, if they are good or bad people, and not what they could represent.
    The experience has been good and he will have good memories of this year he was in the military secret service office, treating with secret police, officials, and so forth. One of the guys who is inspector already, despite he is very young, has been like a friend to Emiliano and he feel sorry to say him good bye.

    Today it is the twentieth of December and Emiliano is leaving his class in the English academy, he is stepping down the stairs of the subway, before entering in the station and buying the ticket he thinks in going to the Hispano branch which it is close to the metro entrance. He knows that Jesus, the boy who was going with him to the academy probably is working inside the office, moon-lighting work in fact, and he wants to know who passed the exams and even if Jesus passed it.

    Thinking on that subjects he returns his way back, goes up the stairs and at the Bank´s door ring for a while. A person comes and Emiliano asked if Jesus is in the Office.
    No, he is not now, he has leaved five minutes ago because he wants to go the Jorge Juan Institute.
    Thank you, but do you know why is going Jesus to the Institute?
    Yes, I can tell you, the people that have passed their exams are going to celebrate a little feast in the academy, they want to see each other and see what of them have approved the exams and have a drink to celebrate their exit.
    So, is there a feast in the academy? Thanks I know nothing about that, thanks a lot.
    Yes, today, sure they are going to have a good time together.
    Thank you very much, again, bye.

    So, there is a meeting in the academy thinks Emiliano, it would be a good idea to go and see which one have passed the exams. “Why don´t you go Emiliano”, he thinks for himself, “just a while would be enough and you have time enough to go there before going home”.
    Thinking that he turn up when he is going down to the subway and goes up the stairs again to the street.
    So once again he is in Goya´s street searching his way to the Jorge Juan institute. “That will be nice” he thinks crossing the street and stepping down fast.

    It was a short walk for him and he moves faster every moment as being anxious to be again in the place he felt something new some months before. In fact he was not thinking on anything now, he has made up his mind to be an hour or more with the approved guys and there is all for the evening, nothing more is ahead his life in that moment.
    There it is, Jorge Juan Institute, a long time without being here he is thinking, and suddenly a clear lovely voice reach him, he Emiliano, and again even louder, ¡¡¡¡¡Emiliano ¡¡¡¡¡, he turn his head to the left and yes, there is her, Cuca calling for him three meters behind. He, Emiliano, are you, after all you approved, doesn´t you?.

    Oh, my Good, good, very good indeed, the boy is thinking at the same time he is greeting the girl eagerly, how are you, Maria Jose?, it is such a pleasure to see you here, that means you passed the exam too, like me, do you?.

    Yes, I do, It has been a summer studying but here we are to celebrate we are free of having to study it again, aren´t we?
    Of course, it is very nice that you passed it, I am very happy for you. What about Jose Luis, where is he? Have you come alone?
    Yes, I am alone now, it was a matter of time that my relation with Jose Luis has to be over, he is a good boy but not for me. In fact we have breaking already, and it will be certain in a short time, we have given us a while to think, but it is so clear to me that I don´t need any time, it is just courtesy to let him change his mind forever. So, now I am relaxed about a complicate subject that take me worried for some time.
    These words sounds like heaven music for Emiliano, the girl is free, absolutely free and she is here alone, it is his chance and he is not going to lost it. No, that´s for sure, he is not going to spoil the opportunity fate has given both of them this evening.

    I have to be very careful with this nice girl I like so much and just touch her feelings about me very slowly. May be she doesn´t want anything about love affairs so soon? So be careful Emiliano, don´t afraid her with you propositions, he said to his mind.
    They go up the stair of the academy and ring twice, nobody comes to open the door and for a moment they were in silence. Another ring, but nothing happens.

    What do you think? Says Cuca, we could come again later if you agree and you are not in a hurry. Yes, of course Cuca, just a walk to make time? Nice, in ten minutes we could come again. That´s right for me, says Emiliano.

    The two goes for a short walk and talk about their exams and some other things making time to return. After a time again in front the door, ringing and nobody comes, it is so odd, says Cuca.

    Well, that´s could be good says Emiliano, what about going for a walk Cuca?, o.k., that´s good, I like to talk with you, do you want to see the Christmas lights in Castellana street, Emiliano?. Right, sure it would be nice to see them, it is a lovely weather outside despite we are close near Christmas, don´t you think so?
    Yes, it is, so let´s go to see the lights, sure you´ll like them. Be sure about that, Cuca, I will like them very much walking with you at my side and having that so nice talks we had before.

    To be continued…


    Everything was by chance?, what do you think?
    Our life it is by chance?
    It was by chance that emiliano went to the academy not knowing the meeting was canceled?
    Even Cuca didn´t know the meeting was canced, by chance?
    The same second they were at the door of the academy, by chance?
    The day of April there wasn´t class it was by chance that the girl goes to the class alone?
    It was by chance that the boy, emiliano, took his seat behind the girl, by chance?

    Well I don´t think so, may be because if I think everything is by chance, life is by chance
    what is the meaning of being here?, has it any sense?, all is by chance?

    Well I would like to know what is your opinion about chances in life, chance in your life
    or it is all written, or is there a plan for us, humans?

    Thank you dear friends. emiliano

  9. Dan says:

    HI Emi,

    Wow, you are asking a very complicated question, I am not sure to be in the position of giving you an answer to that.

    Sometimes, I do think about that, as I am sure everyone else does.

    Probably yes, things happen by chance, why not?

    The other day for instance, on that single morning, I met three people I did not see from ages.

    That happened by chance, because I decided to go out earlier than usual.

    I was surprised to see all these people just in one morning, in fact I was already thinking who’s next.

    I am not going into religion because as I said in the past I have no religion and I am not in any group or organization.

    Just like a little boat in the ocean, i like this image.

    Emiliano, let me finish this way, the average life expectancy for a European male is 76 give or take. How old are you?

    Soon you’ll have all the answers you are looking for.

    Sorry for being so straightforward, but this is how things are.

    Thank you for asking

  10. emiliano says:

    Good subject Dan, yes I know what you mean, we all are in the line to finish our way nobody knows when, but I think
    I have done nearly all I wanted in life, even now I am writing a little book about my own life. It was something waiting
    for me, a frustrated writer, so yes I am having a good time these months.
    My father died with 97 years and my mother with 93 years, hes was o.k. till the end. That is what I would like for me
    to be O.K. minded till my end, the other more years or not, who cares about it?.
    By the rule you mentiond I have a short way to walk till the end, seven or eight years in fact, but reality is that I have
    the sense I have live more than three lifes already.
    Like a child, like a boy, like a young, like a son, like a lover, like a husband, like a father, like an adult, like a retired
    man, like a sick man, like a caregiver of my wife, like a house keeper, like a mother/father, like a bloger, like a teacher,
    like a good friend, like a reader, like a agnostic, like a believer, an finally like a petit and bad writer, …….so, I do think
    it has been a life plenty of good things, so yes I am prepared to say good bye.

    Thank you Dan, you always inspired me, thanks a lot dear.


  11. Tania says:

    Hi! I don’t like to talk about such sad things…
    Let’s enjoy we are alive!

  12. elcomandant says:

    I’ll put my point of view, if both of you don’t mind.

    I’m closer to Emiliano than Dan. I think that everything happens for some reason. From this moment we would go into Religion issues.

    However Dan is right in one thing. Sooner or later everybody will know the answers. Even him.

    Thanks. Very interesting.

    Greetings. 🙂

  13. Tania says:

    Hi! The New Year of the Horse means to have the sense of the freedom but with much labour , much effort.

  14. Dan says:

    Hey, hi

    Yesterday night I could not sleep while I was thinking at my answer to Emi.

    I was thinking that maybe the explanation is even simpler than that, it is not even by chance, just things happens.

    I mean, if you put a bull into a chinaware shop, something happens, period.

    If you put a human being into a certain reality things happens,period.

    All the rest is illusions.

    Wow, I am getting smarter at the speed of light. 🙂


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