Podcasts This Week (August 29, 2011)

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ESL Podcast 716 – Working Without Supervision

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to phone it in” and “to fire.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “The POW/MIA Flag.”
“During the Vietnam War, many American soldiers became “prisoners of war” (POWs; people who are held by the enemy and not allowed to leave during a war) or were “missing in action” (MIA; without one’s location being known)…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

English Cafe 309

Topics: Movie: West Side Story; Uncle Sam; “ship” and other suffixes; grab a spoon/fork; to take the big game down

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “Shakespeare in the Park.”
“Many of us like Shakespeare’s plays, but how would you like to see them on stage for free, in a popular “setting” (location), and performed by some of the best actors alive today?”… – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 717 – Starting a New School Year

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “popular” and “to kick off.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Events Held at the Start of a New School Year.”
“American schools “hold” (organize and arrange) many special events to kick off the new school year. They hope to “motivate” (give someone energy and enthusiasm) students and teachers for the year “to come”…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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5 Responses to Podcasts This Week (August 29, 2011)

  1. Peter says:

    Fall is in the air .can you smell it?
    Fall is my favorite time.While many things are ending,the optimism of renewal and new beginnings imparts energy and hope.
    Enjoy the rest of summer that another beginning is approaching.

  2. Peter says:

    Sadly ,hurricane claimed 23 of lives ,and inflicted some damaged on it’s path through the USA and poped windows, wrecked some building ,and caused partial power outage. Let’s hope there is no aftermath domino effect.

  3. Peter says:

    I m totally psyched out about this week episodes. In particullary , the new school episode. As you know I m a college student.
    I m a professional student:)
    I Finished an undergrad program in UFT (University of Toronto). Now,I m half way through a three-year program in Seneca College which is a community college here in Toronto. I got my degree already ,and now I m finishing a totally different program. It is a co-op program. As the name of the program suggests ,it is a program with practicums (a practical section of the program ,I must go out there in the market and find an intern position in the field of my study)
    I did my first job placement this summer. I worked voluntarily which means I slaved away for free in order to gain the experience that prepares me for working in the field.
    I am getting an advanced diploma at the end of this school year.
    Let me tell you ,schooling here in Toronto is no picnic. I have to do a lot of reading , and writing.there is no frigging way I can cheat on exams. Not because I am a goody two shoes,it is mererly because There is no way you can slip anything by our profs. They have eyes in the back of their heads. They dare us:) ,but nobody takes the dare fearing they get caught in the action. The action is punishable with expelling from the college on top of that ,you maybe stripped the right of enrollment in any institute of education across Ontario. otherwise ,I would be all for it:)
    The stakes is too high,though. Even ,for a daredevil like myself:)

  4. Myo ko ko says:

    As always,
    I wanna emphasize that another great ESL podcasts have almost shown up for us! 😀

  5. Peter says:

    My classes start next Tuseday. I have a jam-packed( very tight ) school schedule
    So ,I got some time off work to review Eslpod all over again. I wanna look it over( check it)
    This weekend is a long weekend. I got a few days off, starting today. I m planing on staying either home or going to a local Starbucks to unwinde. My Friends have other plans. They rented out a cottage in Maskuka, a resort situated 3 hour North of Toronto with intact nature and breath-taking scenery.
    They schedule canoeing , Zip lining ,Kayating ,and bungie jumping. They had to book all the extream-sport activities. They were the last group who managed to book the last spot . It is all booked out for the weekend. It is pretty much expected ,it is the last long weekend of the summer.
    In fall ,nobody ventures out the cold. the tourist resorts north of Toronto are too cold to accommodate anybody.
    As you realized they got a vacation package, food excluded. They must pay for the food and drink.
    They asked me to tag along,but I sent them my regret merely Because it is the best opportunity for me to have a serious study affair 🙂 with Eslpod.Lucky for me,there is no body around to pester me during my precious one-on-one time with Eslpod:)
    All I need is my iPhone ,my iPod and a cozy ,close quarter to enjoy Eslpod to my heart’s content:)
    My curriculum schedule is pretty tight ,but I always work some time around my schedule for Eslpod.

    By now guys,
    It is the study time ; I wanna dig in:))

    I can’t sleep at night thinking I didn’t study Eslpod during the day. I can’t have it on my conscious:)

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