Gadgets by Gender

A gadget is a small, often electronic device (machine) such as a cellphone or calculator. Gender usually refers to whether someone is a man or a woman. As things, gadgets are neither male nor female, but there is definitely a difference in how males and females use them.

According to a new study, women use e-readers like Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader much more than men, with 61% of all e-reader users being women.  Men, on the other hand, like tablets such as the iPad; 57% of all tablet users are men.  Why this difference?

One article speculated (guessed) that women enjoy to read more than men, while men want something more powerful to use, something that can also be used for games or other applications (software programs; uses).

There are also differences in age when it comes to (relating to) gadget use.  More than half of all e-reader owners are over 45 years old.  Tablets are also increasingly popular among the over-45 set (people in a certain category), while their popularity with younger users appears to be decreasing.

I don’t know the answer to this one.  If you own an e-reader or tablet, why did you choose one and not the other? Why are e-readers and tablets becoming more popular among older users?


Photo credit: 1st Gen iPad, Wikipedia Fair Use

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  1. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,
    You got too technical takes an expert to answer the question.
    I think ,It is psychological.
    But,as far as men concern ,they like more macho gadgets that give them more game accebility and action of some sorts.
    Girls,instead,are more into reading sappy novels and all emotional stuff
    I m runing out of ideas man.
    It is not my area if expertise.
    Perhaps because ereaders come in bigger sizes so it is easier to use . It is dump ,I know
    Sorry pal,
    You got me this time
    I never google any thing
    Just jot down what I think of the topic at hand the instance I finish reading the post.
    But ,it is me and my idea of writing.being spontaneous is what I am.
    What I have on my mind depresses this very page, nothing more.
    Thanks for the wording chief
    You always have some new stuff for me
    Thanks bro

  2. emiliano says:

    If we consider only the age, older people have read quite a lot much more than younger ones.

    Knowing about a lot of books that have been read several years ago but now are out of their
    hands, older people like to have them again just to reread some books just another one more time.

    There are some books that are very difficult of getting but looking for them by the web or
    in Amazon is a nice and easy way of finding the old nice books of our youth.

    It is just what I like to do frequently, well I could say that more frequently of it would be good for
    my domestic economy.
    It happens also that older have not enough free space at home to get new books, so it is
    more easy to have them as ebooks than as paper heavy new books.
    They use to be cheaper and easier of getting than the paper one.

    These subjects fit us absolutely as we have not more place for new books and we like
    to reread books that along the years have disappeared from our side.
    The books seem to be lost for ever and now they are at hand again, that is like marvelous
    for Cuca and me.
    Yes, we are very fond of ebooks and the gadget that unable us to read them.

    We are enthusiastic about the Kindle but the IPad either is an incredible nice
    gadget that we love also.
    The ESL GUIDES are perfect to read with the IPad but also listening to the PODCAST
    with the apple gadget is easy and perfect.

    I am not a rich man (it seems but not be sure about that) but I love all these new gadgets that make
    my life amusing and much more supportable.

    Thank you Jeff, being so good teacher and podcaster I know you are an expert about these
    kind of gadgets, sure you are as it is necessary to be alert about the new technologies who
    makes possible your incredible good work.
    As always my best wishes for you and Dr. Lucy Tse.


  3. elcomandant says:

    I have neither -ereader or tablet. In fact I’ve never wished to read books electronically. I don’t know why, but to me, that I confess don’t read too much, it is more atractive the usual format, that is in paper. Nowadays, like most of you, I’m trying to improve my English, that’s why, among much more other things, I’m enjoying listening to Jeff and Lucy, as I’m participating in this blog once in a while.

    Then, several months ago, using a well-known worldwide auction web, I bought several conventional books in English that I read when I was around twelve years old, that is, forty six years ago,. These books told me then, and tell me now, the amazing adventures of four children and one dog.

    When I read what Jeff said in this blog, I searched in internet if these books existed as e-books. I found them despite I thought that they wouldn’t, because they are old (a little older than me). Anyway, I prefer much more use the paper than some electronic gadget. This way I can underline words I need to translate, make some notes I’ll use later, emphasize a particular sentence, and so on. The important thing, I really believe, is that I’m improving my English language while I’m feeling a child reading an easy reading.


  4. Nele says:

    I use the Internet for reading, reading, reading. To look for informations, to look around in the wide world and do my communication with e-mail.
    I think with an e-reader I can only read books and for me that´s not enough.
    I would buy an tablet but there are three children in schoolage so my whish must wait. Anyday I will buy an used and cheeper tablet, perhaps.

    Best regards Nele

  5. Dan says:

    Hello to everyone,

    I am 41 and I bought a Kindle a few years ago when the Tablet was not out on the market yet.
    If it were today I would pick again the Kindle, just for the price. The Tablet to me is too expensive.
    I bought it because I want to read in English, and with the Kindle I have at my disposal thousands of books easy to dowloand directly from the device itself.
    Besides, there ere many classics books that are out of charge, and I can also read the E.S.L. Podcast on it.
    I must confess though that at the beginnig it was kind of weird reading with it but after a wile you get used to it.


  6. YONGHO CHUN says:

    Thank you Jeff, It is very interesting topic, and i was surprised by the fact.

    As a guy, i like many different gadgets, and as you said I think i like something more powerful than something that has only a few features.

    Unfortunately, i don’t own iPad or e-reader for myself. I am just enough with my iPhone and MacBook….

  7. emiliano says:

    I know what you mean perfectly well elcomandant, the feeling of a book held in our hands
    it is something that has not any comparison with a cold plastic devise where the book could
    be read looking into a screen….cold, so could and different.
    Yes, I know what that means.
    Books have been “an object of cult by several generations for hundred of years”..
    but not over the world.
    Millions of people have not any access to books and in fact they have not any hope
    of having it.
    Now something is changing.
    What happen to us now …….
    It could be the same feeling that some people felt when the printing appeared by the
    hand of Guttenberg.
    It is easy to imagine what a big transformation was to pass from the hand books so
    nice well illustrated by the monks in parchments to the press, ink, paper, bad odor,
    blank letters, not drawing beautiful colored illustrations….horrible change it was
    at the moment.

    Chinese invented how to print in rice paper by the thousand year but here in Europe
    press had not any success in the Middle Ages, it seems so awful method.
    What it was supposed that the monks were going to do if they do not make the books
    by hand?. What about this art? culture was not a thing to give everybody, it was better
    to have people in the middle of the obscurity.
    Books were a precious instrument that only could be managed by wises or the church
    ministers but not by the common people.
    Now there is another big revolution were paper books and newspaper are disappearing
    in a short period of time and it is natural that we do not like the fact.
    It is really a big change and I know some friends of mine that do not like the new format, of
    course, but fortunately we can not do anything about the event.
    Ebooks are cheaper, easier of buying but also there are thousands of ebooks that are
    for free.
    In future millions of persons everywhere could have access to these free ebooks
    as easy as having an internet connection.
    The Guttenberg Project are giving thousands of free books that could be downloaded
    by internet.
    They could be listened also by free, they are read aloud by voluntaries all over the world
    and millions of people could have the treasures books of Shakespeare, Cervantes, Tolstoy
    and so forth in pdf files to be read everywhere.

    When I am traveling by the underground here in Madrid I could see dozens of persons
    who are reading in their ebooks devices, the majority are women as usual…yes, women
    read more than men.
    They are also more practical than men and have their feet on the ground more properly
    that we have.

    At home women have adopted the electronic apparatus devices for years, seeing
    how practical and easier change made to their usual chores (men help but have
    not the responsibility of the house chores) and they could see these new economic
    reading gadgets with a different point of view, just what they are “a new
    electronic apparatus to read”….nothing more.

    I like paper books more than anything but I could see the good changes that
    ebooks devices could made, so I like to be inside the great change, just the
    same of vinilos, cd, cassetes, dvd…..and personal computers.

    My best elcomandat, I hope we could see the advantages instead the lack of
    beautifulness of paper books.


  8. Gaurav says:

    I feel uncomfortable to read on electronic screens. I’d rather preferred books.

  9. Johnny says:

    Peter, you are the most diligent and studious at the top of this Blog ..
    and I always get some enlightenment form you post that teach me lot.
    you drive me a lot once in a while.
    thanks you effort for us and Eslpod.

    In terms of these mini gadget I wanna say this is something convenient at all time,
    cause you know, when you are traveling in a tube for work spot ,you can just listen as well as
    read the learning guide at the same time with a pocket electronic device, in particular with tablet
    , or perhaps sit at a coffee bar drink a cop of coffee ,which make you learn English flexibly and dynamic,
    it would to be a pleasant enjoyment if you got a like say Ipad at hand.

    Thanks a lot , my cute teacher.Jeeeeeefffff:)

  10. Peter says:

    I like to read books old-fashion way. Earead and tablets are too new age for me. I like to feel the paper while turning a page. I like to smell the print.
    I m pushing 34,still an able-bodied,though :)) . I was born at the age of technology, yet I was never able to relate to existing smart gadgets. Simply because it is not for me.
    I m not a hypocrite!
    iPhone 4 is different.iPhone 4 is the furdest I ever went .It is a multitasker ,smart gadget that helps me with Eslpod affairs ; IPhone 4 enables me to read the blog , listen to Jeff ,or read Lucy’s scripts even when I am standing in lines or I am in the doctor waiting room,or waiting for my number to be called out for some administrative affairs.
    I know ,I am a low-tech.
    On my deffense ,I m not much of a reader to begin with. Besides,the prices of those gadgets are a bit steep.
    Plus,I can read books through iPhone.
    Those gadgets are so impersonal.
    I m not trying to justify myself. I don’t mind saying that I m from old-school

  11. Peter says:

    Johnny ,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I m Just trying bro.
    Your support is well-received
    I m Glad that you think I am helpful

  12. Johnny says:

    Hello everyone, I’m coming back with some new fancy stories about my reading favor..

    For me I was used to reading with my smart phone where I could touch the ICD screen
    to command where I am supposed to be doing without hold a obese book laboriously,
    and that was usually happen while I’ve been lying on the bed but still wake up. Cause I’ve
    got the habit of reading at a dark night usually lying on a bed , I knew that was too bad hobby,but
    this kind of electronic instrument help me out to get through the whole night..

    While on the contrary when it comes to taking notes, I would definitely go with paper logging even if some of gadgets offer some functions that help me to digitize info I need to remember, and I still prefer jotting down some words and recording long rewarding sentences than working on them in a electronic way. I thought the reason why I did this probably weird for you all was, cause you know, it would be more easy to memorize and recite some beautiful English essaies after writing down those that I am going to go over.

    With the development of information technology ,it seems so easy and convenient to preserve
    enormous of crystal of knowledge of human beings, and besides, we are able to browse each of genera of composing and literature just through the Internet, but on the other hand,
    for the vast majority of Chinese intellectuals who are bound to treasure up their books rather than
    keeping books with a mini gadget or similar accessory or something and for those bibliophilists it would be never happened ever.

    Bye for now at the moment. I’m running out of my ideas.

  13. Tania says:

    Hi! Thank you for the idea to discuss on the Great American Novels, the classic novels, the canon novels.
    We use the same word “clasic”, but the word canon… has so many meanings… We use it as a religious term, a rule of doctrine.
    And now, a new meaning to me: genuine works.
    Anyway, I have many, many gaps regarding the American literature, the pronunciation of the characters’ name.

    Welcome with this very, very interesting topic.


  14. Tania says:

    Hi! In my country, Moby Dick is a very well-known whale. But the novel, the author?…Difficult to say.
    Myself , I have just borrowed it from a friend for reading.
    And in my country there is a Melville revival after 1990.
    Only listening to you and reading the critics we can understand the real Melville’s message from Moby Dick: political, religious, philosophic.
    “Moby Dick is not a character. It is a metaphor for the human relationship with the Christian God (or any other god):
    God is unknowable and cannot be pinned down.”
    “Ahab believes that Moby Dick represents evil, while Ishmael wants to determine scientifically the whale’s fundamental nature.”
    “Evil is impenetrable and cannot be understand by human beings.”
    “A book of the dissatisfaction and rebellion.”

  15. Tania says:

    Hi! The hunting of the Moby Dick makes me remember of a great Romanian poet Tudor Arghezi (1880 – 1967).
    In his “Psalms”, he imagines his search for God a hunting of a falcon. Can he be pinned down?
    It is a very nice philosophic poem.
    When I will find its English translation I will send it to you.

  16. Tania says:

    Hi! I like the sea travelling in my imagination. I liked the Geography, the immensity of the mysterious and dangerous ocean and I travelled on the map many times.
    Now I wish a real cruise…but when and how?

  17. Tania says:

    Hi! Thank you for the topic about suffixes and preffixes especially the suffix “ship”.
    Although we use the same words “sufix” ans “prefix” , it is very difficult to me the English suffixes.
    I never know if it means more or less.

    Of course, the answer is simple: study, study the English grammar.

  18. Tania says:

    Hi! Another unknown and wonderful place: Echo Park Lake.
    Between so many dark shadows it is necessary and a ray of hope.

  19. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I couldn’t help but notice that a huge part of the fan base of your work is from all over the world but English-speaking countries Which is funny.Non English speakers who live in those countries need your program more than anybody else.
    I mean, some people out there may listen to you ,out of necessity.
    But ,I for one need your program to survive here.I mean for people like me English language is a necessity.
    So, your fan base must be here in North America , England , Asturalia ,and etc.
    But, from the look of it, the majority of your listeners come from non- speaking English countries.
    Can you see the paradox.
    As far as I know,living in an English-speaking country does not make you an English speaker. It just expedite the process of learning English.
    No matter where you live,yet you must burn candles at both end to pick up the language.
    Last time I check, still nobody gets an English-shot( injecting English language to their blood) as they arrive in Royerson Airport:)))
    You must pay your dues(work hard on it to learn) , you must earn the privilege.
    All these boil down to a solid fact : I need Eslpod to survive,to get ahead and more importantly to live my life in Toronto ,and Canada at large.

  20. Tania says:

    Hi! Maybe Starbuck, one of the Melville’s characters, inspired the name of the famous Starbucks Coffee Company?

    [Please see the “What Insiders Know” section of the Learning Guide for English Cafe 308, which explains the relationship between the name Starbucks and Moby-Dick/Melville.]

  21. Tania says:

    Hi! Thanks to your History lessons, 1863 Gettysburg Address, I was able to understand the Herman Melville’s poem “Gettysburg”.

    “Soldier and priest with hymn and prayer
    Have laid the stone , and every bone
    Shall rest in honor there.”

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