Christmas: Outlawed!

Nowadays (Currently; These days), Christmas is celebrated by many Americans, whether they are Christian or not. However, that wasn’t always so (true).

The first Europeans to settle (move to and make it their home) in what is the United States today came in 1620 to look for religious freedom (the ability to believe in and practice any religion). These first settlers, called “Puritans,” were hard-working and didn’t believe in taking days off to have fun and to celebrate. They even nicknamed (gave as an informal name) Christmas “Foolstide,” meaning only foolish people celebrated Christmas.

They didn’t believe that the Bible (Christian religious book) said anything about resting on Christmas. And so the Puritans worked on December 25th!

The feelings against Christmas rest and celebration were so strong in the community that in 1659, they passed a law against Christmas. The court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the first European settlement (community of new arrivals), made it illegal to celebrate the holiday and anyone found celebrating would be fined (forced to pay as punishment) five shillings (British coins = to 1/20 of a pound).

It wasn’t until 1681 that the law was repealed (ended), but the Puritans continued to fight against the holiday.

Thank goodness (we are glad) Christmas is no longer outlawed (not allowed by law)!

We wish those who celebrate the holiday Merry Christmas, and to those who don’t, Happy Holidays.

And Happy New Year to you all!

~ Jeff and Lucy

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