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ESLPod.com Announces:
Learn English TV – Video English Courses!

Now ESLPod.com’s best courses are available on video! We’ve started Learn English TV, a new site for improving your English by watching streaming videos.

Check it out now: http://tv.eslpod.com

Watch and listen to cartoon stories with detailed video explanations. Seeing and hearing the English you need to improve your English will help you speak English better faster!

Get started with our popular Day in the Life series for daily English, or try our Using English at Work for business English.

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8 Responses to Learn English TV – Video English Courses!

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Jeff
    I got all eslpod extracurricular courses when they first camw in.
    My favourite one is the one about US parliament in a question- answer format !!

    I Took away a lot from all the extra courses though

    Very educational



  2. Peter says:

    I m perplexed
    I hear people using both
    I Filled in an application form.
    I Filled out an application form
    Which one is correct?
    I myself always use “ fill out “


  3. Tania says:


    I am enrolled in Day in the Life of Jeff.
    Wonderful lessons!
    I am happy.
    Thank you for the new approach, dear Lucy and Jeff.

    All the best for you,


  4. Peter says:

    Amazon is expanding its wings
    It is Amazon second head quarter and today is dead line for the cities to peach why they should play host

    It keeps its head off in Seattle but it plans to expand.
    Dozens North American cities already enter the competition
    Apparently everybody is pushing and shoving to grab the sliver peace of the pie.

    All the major Canadian cities are In contention here
    They have a good shot at it ,I mean
    It is only reasonable
    No one wants to miss the opportunity
    U know what they say , you snooze ,you loose

    Guest what
    one of The front runners is Toronto.

    Talk about the flood of educated work force.
    If Toronto come on top and win the bid.
    More importantly ,
    I can get my on line amazon orders in less than 24 hours :))

    All things considered ,
    It is a very good opportunity for North Americans cities to land the office.
    It will bring a lot of dough to the city
    Will Attract educated work force.
    Will Create over 10k jobs
    And above all
    the infrastructure investments amazon deal will bring along would be significant !!


    All riding on winning the bid
    100 cities across North America threw their hats in the ring already.
    As u may very well guess , the competition is fierce

    Very tight competing
    However ,it is on the street that Toronto has a good shot at it
    I m crossing my fingers
    U know
    If Toronto wins the bid

    With my resume and job experience in the field
    I like to think, I will have a good chance to land a good job in amazon : marketing department

    I m talking about a fat benefit package a 6 digit salary ,and an ease of mind that I don’t have to walk on egg shells at work lest my name appears on the next employee-layoff list.

    You know , I m not the most compliant worker


  5. Peter says:

    Hi Tania ,
    Speaking of a Day in the life of Jeff
    Myself draw a bath every morning
    Nothing refreshes me better than an early morning soapy shower.:)
    Honest , i m not a morning person.
    So I always set the alarm clock for a good hour earlear than I must actually climb out of my warm cozy comforter and get ready for work.
    God knows , how many times I hit the snooze buttons before pulling my head from under my goose-down pillow.

    I tend to sleep on my stomach -belly if u will.
    I can’t sleep on my back or on my side for that matter. It will be all toss and turn ,should I do it.
    when I finally rear my ugly head up and out of bed :)))))
    I jump in the shower.
    I work up a soapy bubbly lather first. It is fun 🙂
    then , apply it all over my body
    I mean I lather up !!!

    I find it refreshing. It makes me alert ,wakes me up if u will.
    Well ,I rinse and then get out of shower.
    Fearing i may get cold ,I dry up right after!!

    U know , I have sinus problems.

    I never use a blow dryer , though.
    I style my hair usually with a comb.

    The whole morning cleansing ritual:) takes me 20 minute or so.
    I ,then ,Shimmy into the cloths I always lay out on my livingroom coach -the night before.
    Let me tell you , the move gives me a good wiggle room -about 30 minute or so.
    Besides , I don’t wanna go to work with a mix-and-match pair of socks, an odd pair of socks if u will. :))

    Trust me it happens when you are trying to dress half sleep.
    Is it just me , or it is really difficult to find a pair of socks right out of the bed early in the morning?

    Man , it is very hard to find a matching socks in the right colour, isn’t it ?

    I don’t know , I ,for one ,never able to tell what color the socks I n trying to pick are.
    Are they navy blue , black , brown.
    Man , getting a work project done on time is way easier to me than finding a pair of matching socks with the righ colour.
    surely ,u don’t want to show up at work in a -say-brown suit and pair of black socks.
    If u do , you will never be able to die it down.
    You will be the laughing stuck of the whole department.
    I m telling you , you will never see the end of it.

    I digress

    it is typically the time that I start rushing things up as I m running late already.

    Well, unlike Jeff , I never get to have breakfast or read the papers before hitting the brick.

    I always in a hurry
    U don’t wanna know how many times I forgot to take my lunch box.
    Sometimes , I remember with my foot out the door.
    But , I never go back in to grab it or I will never make it in time, at work.
    U know , It is all a matter of compromising, a judgment call if I will.
    I always leave some spare time to grab some pick -me-up dozes of caffeine.
    U know , you don’t wanna appear at work looking all drowsy

    U know what they say , “yawning is contagious !!!”


  6. Peter says:

    I m at my wits’ end

    It is so frustrating!!!
    I have to break the bank ,Everytime I go grocery shopping.
    The cost of living in Toronto has been increasing exponentially and not showing any sign of slowing down. It is like all the business out there are in a rip-off -customers contest.
    I m thinking of moon lighting to earn some extra money.
    Please note
    I don’t drive around
    I m not married and I m -thabks to God almighty – kidless.
    How family people manage the financial on daily basis and still stay solvant at the end of each day is beyond me.
    U know ,an average cost of living in Toronto for a family of -say- 4 is around 5 large.
    U know , the monthly payments pile of mortgage ,phone , wifi internet , car , property tax , and whatnot is enough to throw the best monthly financial planing out of whack. And it is all aside the fact that we need to hit grocery shopping once a week to provide us and our family with basic necessities of life. Man ,in my every trip to grocery stores ,I feel like I m at a hold up. I m telling you , It is a highway robbery. Every grocery shopping alone sucks me dry. I get in with a wad of tough and get out pennyless.
    It is not a joking matter.well ,if it is,It is a dry humour.

    And my mom pushing me to get married!!
    How on earth I can afford such an extravaganza.

    And it is not just me , The cost of living is becoming beyond the reach of so many


  7. Tania says:


    Thank you Peter for revealing us true details from another country.
    I like very much to know. Just to know to do the difference between
    what is false and what is true when a person tells me news
    from another country.
    We like to believe that it is much better in another place.
    And you are right. The life is the same everywhere.

  8. Tania says:


    Yes, the cost of the living is very high everywhere in the world.
    Statistical talking, maybe this is one of the reasons for that
    many women get married at the age of 30 years old
    and men at 40.
    To marry for love? Does it exist?
    The career for money is on the first place and not the care
    for a new family, for kids.
    Maybe a dog, a cat it could be enough.
    A saying says that the birds have nothing. Nor house, nor food.
    But still they are living, they are free.

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