No Room for a Park? Build a Parklet.

Here I am on Saturday afternoon enjoying my coffee. I’m not sitting outside of a cafe. I’m sitting at a parklet in Santa Monica.

You know what a park is: it’s a green space with trees where people can go to enjoy nature, play sports and games, and just relax. But in a place like LA where there isn’t enough room for a lot of parks, some cities are building parklets.

The suffix “-let” is usually used with nouns to mean something smaller than the original. For example, a booklet is a small or thin book with fewer pages than a regular book. A ringlet is a piece of hair made into a small curl, usually on little girls. When used with animals, “-let” means a baby animal: a sow (female pig) has piglets.

These parklets — or small parks — are placed on the street and take the space of one or more parking spaces, next to the sidewalk (walkway along the street).

Here’s another parklet, this one in downtown Los Angeles:

If you don’t mind a little exhaust (gas from cars, trucks, and other vehicles), they’re a nice place to sit, relax, and people-watch (watching people go by when you don’t have anything else to do).

~ Jeff

Photo credit: City of Los Angeles

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11 Responses to No Room for a Park? Build a Parklet.

  1. Tania says:


    Very nice photos. You drink your favorite coffee, Starbucks.
    I do not know why but it seems that you are sad.
    Smile! A single smile brings us many benefits for our health.

    All the best for you,


  2. Tania says:


    Thank you for the explanation of the new words “parklet”
    and “exhaust”.
    I know just the verb to exhaust.

  3. emiliano says:

    That should be very goof for me that usually when I go out I have nothing to do as to just watch people going by.
    Madrid is a nice city to watch people all over the world as nearly 80 millions of tourist are coming to Spain.
    It is the big records in all history,
    Why so many people come here?.
    Well that could be a good nice question.
    Is it Spain such a nice place to come and watch?.
    May be it is, and of course Madrid, Barcelona and other cities are the first sites
    to be visited.
    Spain has 54 capitals all round its territory.
    I have been in 45 so I have missed eight that have in mind to visit of course.
    Which are them?
    Sta. Cruz de Tenerife
    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    and Ciudad Real

    The rest of them, capitals of provinces, till the 54 being all Spain´s capitals I have been at least once.
    Remembering every one of them I can´t say which is the most beautiful of all, each one has its attractive so different one for the other.
    For instance:
    Sevilla has nothing to do with Granada or Córdoba, just to mention three of the most popular for tourists.
    Toledo, nothing to do with Segovia or Soria.
    Different styles of art, Sorian is the Romanic style, Segovia two or three different styles, the firs from the Romans “The famous Acueducto” one of the best or
    the best preserved in the world.
    Roman Bridges there are so many that is nearly impossible to count all of them.

    It is very clear, I am very proud of my own country, the oldest Nation in Europa but even the one with more different art styles together with Italy and France.
    I am also very proud of being Spaniard no matter who likes it.

    Tania, Jeff doesn´t look sad I think, may be he is just a little tired, that is all.

    Thank you Jeff, by the way …Who took the photo?.
    I may imagine but I am not going to say a word, or yes I said one or three:
    Your girl friend?
    Your wife?
    A friend?

    Tell us.

    Greetings, emiliano

  4. emiliano says:

    He Jeff, just to read while you are there resting……


    Without you one more day
    endure hell every morning
    in my eternal endless loneliness
    one day, another, another more
    at the morning at the night.

    I thought you’d be with me always
    And you go, you’re gone
    not saying goodbye you left me
    not a word more that I am awaiting for
    every moment looking to the phone.

    Today I woke up again without you
    where are you? Nobody knows
    This world was not for you
    so young you left it
    not knowing that without you
    I do not live any more.

    Your absence can not face
    wherever you are soon I will be
    again traveling together
    another new path for a walk
    here or there who minds?
    in other world or the same one
    who matters about the place.

    Hand in hand forever
    happy to be together again
    to run a life, another endless life
    not more pains or sorrows
    that is my hope that leads me
    to spend the rest of my life without you
    another more day.


    Tania, it is for you too. emiliano

  5. Peter says:

    Let’s on the next blog discuss :
    LA air and sound pollution in LA

    In LA ,My eyes become literally lachrymose and not in a good way 🙂
    I m not joking
    A few minutes walk in LA ,My eyes literally starts burining And red as if I had a red eye flight or something.
    we always bitch about pollution over here in Toronto.
    Well, in all fairness LA beats us in when it comes to weather condition.
    Here, we get four full seasons.
    A hot summer , cold atum , nasty winter , and rainy wet spring
    In LA ,on the other hand it stands still round the year -always sunny
    But ,on other fronts Toronto comes first!
    Street Parking spots in Toronto are not as scarce and sure as not expensive.
    Unlike LA ,Water supplies abounds specially in winter and spring.
    We never get LA Infamousd grid luck. Almost there is no traffic on the surface streets. Well,in all fairness , we get a bit of bump to bump in rush hours -mostly in some parts of highways, a short stretch though where highways merges or by the off ramps to surface streets.
    However, it clears typically in 10/15 minutes. 30 minutes tops!!
    Having said that ,one might invoke sonme derogatory remarks whine stuck in traffic but the nasty traffic in LA really tries one’s patience. Makes it very thin.
    In all fairness ,
    Toronto is not as touristy as LA
    I trust ,LA’s back story as thick as a 10 volume books.
    Tomronto ,on the other hand ,not much of a history.

    Toronto is as vast though
    Well , I hear LA is a tad larger
    But from a cosmopolitan Stand point , it is all down the wire. Toronto is hair splay more multicultural and multinational , I think
    No one can tell though which one is more of a mosaic pattern. It is more of a rough estimate.
    I m taking about the stratum : innumerable layers of ethnic communities living amicably side by side in both cities.


  6. Tania says:

    Thank you, dear Emiliano. As usually, a very nice and sad poem.
    Only sadness.
    Believe me, and my troubles are endless and I can’t concentrate
    to write more. The time passes by very quickly.
    I do not know when it is night and I have not open my computer.

    Best wishes,


  7. Tania says:


    Dear Emiliano, maybe you have time to write more, to know your opinion
    about Catalonia, about Spain.

  8. emiliano says:

    Dear Tania, sure I beleive you and know you are going through hard and sad
    Cataluña a good question my dear friend, every body in the rest of Spain is
    fed up about these nasty politicians who are the worst you may imagine.

    They are doing the wrong thing of dividing people inside Cataluña but even
    inside Spain where there are many persons, like me, that can´t support anything more.
    All news are full about Cataluña, it seems the rest of Spanish problems does not
    Yes, absolutely fed up with all this Cataluña´s matter.
    There is only one thing good, all the rest of Spaniard are close together claiming for only one nation that is Spain with only one flag.
    Never, and confirm it, never Cataluña will be independent be sure about that.

    We have all the State forces to avoid it, also the Spanish Constitution says it clairly, only one Nation and the army is ready to guarantee it if it would be necessary.
    Don´t doubt about it.

    Of course I feel myself as Spanish more than ever.

    May best to you dear Tania, everything would be past it is only a question of time.
    Cuca is out home 16 months already and I though I could not support it.
    Well here I am and she is now better.

    Again my best to you Tania. emiliano

  9. emiliano says:

    Well, from time to time news talk about California´s fires that they seems
    really horrible.
    All my sorrows to you people from California and EE.UU.

    The same to you Jeff and Lucy. emiliano

  10. Tania says:


    I have just watched a Romanian concert , The Symphony of the Autumn,
    on TV.

    “The roses are dying, the dreams are lying.”
    Is it true? Who knows to tell me the answer?

  11. Grzegorz says:

    at last nice to see you Jeff not only hear you 🙂

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