NEW Daily English and Cultural Lessons – January 2017

icon_51812New lessons are released the first day of each month.

Here are a few of the new lessons available for January 2017.

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Daily English 1278 – Applying to a Selective School

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “private” and “interview.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Charter Schools.”
“‘Charter schools’ are schools that receive ‘public funding’ (money from the government) but operate outside…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

Cultural English 590
Topics: The Amana Colonies; resolution versus promise; fate versus destiny; saying “oh” or “zero” when reading numbers aloud

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “The German Belt.”
“The ‘German Belt’ ‘refers to’ (talks about; means) a ‘band’ (horizontal area) across the United States that ‘stretches’…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

Daily English 1279 – Baking for People with Dietary Restrictions

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “baked goods” and “peanut.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “The Advent and Popularity of Cake Mixes.”
“A ‘cake mix’ is a boxed item sold at stores that contains mixtures of ingredients that ‘simplify’ (make easier) the process…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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6 Responses to NEW Daily English and Cultural Lessons – January 2017

  1. Pawel says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Lucy, Jeff, Warren Super Bowl LI is coming. Any news and rumors?

  2. emiliano says:

    Kensington Gardens London

    Various images in my mind of a charming site, where slide imperceptibly hours observing nature, people who play sports, or simply walk.
    Intertwined lovers, families or loners who walk their dog and are self-absorbed without looking at any other passersby. Trees and large meadow are the kings of the landscape.
    In my short stay in London some years ago I visited four or five times Kensington gardens and Hyde Park, I got lost and had to ask for help to cross from side to side.
    Take the Harrows stores to Notting Hill walking, lost in the meadow, looking stunned everything around me.
    A place to walk for hours in a big city like London and away from it, where you can isolate yourself in your own thoughts, read a book, or watch the big trees that grow every where.
    Where you can certainly chat with a stranger anywhere in the world that spends a few days in London, or a citizen who was born in the city and sits idly next to you in the same bank.
    They are so used to seeing people who visit the city are not surprised that the people of London asking them anything at any time of the morning, day or evening.

    Do not miss a visit to Kensington Gardens are a continuation of Hyde Park, but they have another nuance of tranquility that make the place a very special place.


    Friends of ESL´s Blog, please write a little more.
    Incredible to see dear Lucy´s post and only two comments.
    Be ahead and practice your English writing.


  3. emiliano says:

    Multiple sclerosis and other feelings

    How calmly you talk and explain that you suffer illness Cuca, let me ask you a question, do you think that Multiple Sclerosis think it is easy to explain and assimilate ?.

    Do not be silly, it is very difficult or almost impossible to explain or assimilate, every day dawns and still the same or worse, do not know how it will be that day, if you can merge or not, how much help you’ll need at all times, there are times when you manage to sit up for yourself, others do not and have to get up like a sack of potatoes, you think people or one you love must be tired of you, tired and you’re a hindrance in their lives, but not you die, well some if they die soon but most, and those who tell me not have to wake up three hundred sixty-five days a year knowing you’re a useless thing, that each passing week it’ll be a little more every year more, and at the end you will still be needed almost all kinds of support for the most vital functions.
    Do you think that’s easy to grasp?.

    The truth is that thinking like you just tell not, may not be easy to grasp for anyone, but I see you so calm, you do not lose the humor, you play with the computer, you laugh, enjoy watching a movie or chatting with friends, sometimes it seems like nothing happened.
    Besides you appear much younger than you have thought you had it very well understood or assimilated and that the disease was not so present in your head.
    To be continued………….

    This figurative conversation takes some years ago.
    its me, being as an observer, who asked Cuca my dear friend.

  4. Mary Carmen says:

    Good evening to all
    I was thinking about the apples and the heart.
    I mean, in Spanish the apples do have heart. So, to make baked apples you first need to take its heart out. In fact, there are videos on the internet – tutorials -, which explain how to “unheart” (could be expressed unheart, literally?, or better in English: “cut out holes in apples for stuffing”, as I’ve found in an English-written recipe?).
    Although it could seem something complicated, to tell the truth, it is not rocket science. You just only need a simple kitchen utensil that helps you to take out quickly the heart of the apple.
    It is simple, it is easy, but… Isn’t it a bit cruel?
    Don’t take me into account, I just was wondering.

  5. emiliano says:

    About pets.

    Years ago I was reading in the paper that the increase of Taxes (IVA) here in Spain affects to our best friends who humans may have at home, their pets.
    The prices of veterinaries have increase so much that a lot of persons, old people mostly, can´t carry their pets to these professionals but also to buy the medicines for the animals have increased a lot.
    But not only veterinaries or medicines for the pets have increased, also pets food now it is now very expensive.
    Too much expensive for people that have not enough even to buy food for themselves and retired people use to have pets and their money has decrease absolutely.
    Last year more than 100.000 dogs have been taken off from their houses only in Spain and it is for sure that even more are going to be abandoned, what is evidently a tragedy for the pets and for their owners.
    I can´t imagine doing that with Gatufo, I prefer to be hungry before doing such a thing, of course.

    Also it is said that euthanasia of the pets has increase just a lot, the same with poor cats (nearly 30.000), just because for some more decent people it is impossible to maintaining their pets and they prefer that the poor animal does n´t suffer being abandoned.
    For retired old people it is good to have a nice pet at their home, they feel better taken care of their friend and frequently it is the only reason to go out from home to walk.
    Healthy and good not to be so alone in doors. Going out from home is good for all these old people that frequently I could see if I go to the park or going for a walk near home.
    I am really concern about these news that affects me just a lot.

    Cats don´t need to walk but they need a lot o care, just playing with them is good and they give us their love against so little from our part.
    That is just what Gatufo needs from me and the cat gives me all his love and nice company.
    This misery situation that we are going through has these kind of situations and it is really too sad.
    Old or poor families can´t have their pets at home because prices have encrease so much or their personal situation has gone from bad to worst.
    So bad for the animals, but even worst for us that can´t have our best friends at home because it is absolutely impossible now.

    Thanks God it is not my situation for the moment, and I prefer to avoid all kind of things before taken off muy dear Gatufo out home.
    This will be the last, unthinkable by all means. He gives me so much love that now I can not understand our life without our dear cat.
    He has changed our life for good, that is sure.

    I think it is another great mistake of this government, just to increase the price of this little subjects that make our life better.

    This government, now is there not any, but it did so when it forget all the promises they made about not increasing prices, IVA, and so forth. They are transposing the red line month after month, and even not encreasing the pension of pensioners has been their great mistake. I could be just the drop that fills the glass and sure we are going to see it next elections.

    They say, the government, that the instructions come from Brussels. the European Bank, the rich countries from Europe that give us the loans and so forth.

    May be we could dispense the Government of ruling our country, the same with Greek, Italy, Ireland or Portugal and doing what Brussels or the European Bank order all of our poor countries.
    Doing this way we could save a lot of money that is being paid to our politicians, mayors, parliamentarians, community Presidents, senators, and plugged people.
    Just doing what Brussels said, Germany or other rich countries from the North of Europe said it should be sufficient to save our money not increasing life in the way it is happening now.

    Evidently who gives the money gives the orders, and now it is not our time.

    But what come be done?. What about our pets? old people? un-employers?.
    I do think it is a real shame for us already but time is changing and being so proud about our past gives us really no any loans to survive.

    Till when ?
    No body knows, but I am really piss off with all of this events that year after year
    changed our life.


  6. emiliano says:

    Being Out

    Something similar to be out of this world, nearly to be in coma, it is the experience I am afraid of being now.
    Since June when Cuca has been moved out of home I think that could be one of the worst period of life I have lived as far as could remember.

    Nothing could be of my concern or interest, despite my wealthy situation was not so bad as the situation of millions out of my own world.

    Thousands and thousands of them have lost their work, their houses, their hopes and even some of them their life.
    I didn´t want even to know about what was happening outdoors, what for?. It was always de same, bad news, even worst to someone like me who was going through a bad period of his own life.

    At the end, just to not let dying these “Gatufo Blog/and ESL Blog” I have to make an effort and have taken my writing style once more time, and I´ll continue as long as I could.
    But the problem for me it is: what to write about? sad news once and again?. No, to much bad news reading the paper or listening to the TV. or Radio.
    It was as a challenge to write about different topics, something to make us smile, poems, amusing events, or curiosities of history.
    Human history that some time a bit change or a humans un transcendent domestic decision diverts the course of history and the lives of millions of people.

    By the way, I admire the loyalty of my cat Gatufo as once he gives us his loyalty or love it is always kind, affective, never angry or spiteful with us.
    Gatufo wanted always to play with me despite I was out, without any will to play with him.

    Despite that Gatufo was kind, affective and wanted always to be on my lap.
    Yes, I look at him and I could see he is a happy creature day after day, without asking anything about his world or never thinking about his future.
    I would like to change for him several times, and even more along this past last year that I was feeling myself so bad, so depressive for such a long time.

    Today that I am writing this lines all is different inside my mind. It seems depression is out from me….Thanks God, and I am in good disposition to write about funny things not only the sad events are happening now in the world, in France, in Syria, in Turkey, and so forth.

    I need to write about odd news, about poesy, politician jokes, and from time to time about quotidian’s problems here in this so poor country and other places.

    Yes, I know people are suffering just a lot… ever every where round the world. Nothing new as humans are predators to human beinns always. That´s the sad rule through history.
    Now things are going really too bad for people here, in Europe or other places, just after we all think we were rich and have enough money to spend.

    The State of good living is over, once again, after several persons started to think this state of real good living was for long, or even for ever.

    I need to look for some funny news, interesting topics and so forth to make this gatufo blog or esl blog more amusing for you and for me.

    Thanks a lot and the best for this year that is in fact beginning.



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