Podcasts this Week (January 11, 2016)

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ESL Podcast 1172 – Booking Space for Business Events

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to hold” and “built-in.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Common Corporate Events.”
“Many businesses plan events throughout the year. Some of these events are professional and work-related…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

English Cafe 537

Topics: American Authors – Walt Whitman; The Supremes; abbreviated versus concise versus succinct; to withdraw versus to retreat; to stretch

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “Dreamgirls.”
Dreamgirls is a Broadway “musical” (a theater production that involves acting, singing, and dancing)…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 1173 – Flying on a Budget Airline

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “open seating” and “kicker.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Airline Aggregators.”
“In the past, people worked with “travel agents” (people whose job is to help others plan their trips)…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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12 Responses to Podcasts this Week (January 11, 2016)

  1. Dan says:

    Hello everyone

    Am I the only one that enjoy Ricky Gervais’ jokes?

    I am not sure I’ll be watching live The Golden Globes because here it’ll be 1 AM when it starts off, but it’s undoubtedly one of the first thing I am watching Monday.
    I am only interested on what Gervais has to say, the rest is garbage.


  2. Tania says:

    Dear Lisa, thank you very much for your prompt answer.
    We help each other to understand what we do not know. Maybe this is one of the charms of our blog.
    We can ask everything.
    Waiting for you to write more often, best wishes.


  3. Tania says:

    Thank you for the explanation of the phrase “secret sauce”.
    I have just found it in an article and I couldn’t understand its meaning.
    We use to say “this is another fish food”. Like you says the expression doesn’t really make any sense
    talking about technology or IT.

  4. peter says:

    One of the iconic artist in music industry passed away. I realized under one hour ago
    His last album just released right on his birthday.
    Man ,I love his music
    He was one of the most transformative singer i ever known.
    I love his voice and his music.his voice had some edge in it.
    Oh ,
    I m talking about David Bowie
    He passed away at his house after 18 month battle with cancer
    His take on music was indeed revolutionary and transforming

    Oh ,on a totally another note I wanna add that
    Leonardo Decaprio won a Golden Glob for his exemplary performing on the movie called ” Revenant ”
    I watched the movie myself.the movie has a grip.
    The movie itself snatched one too.:)
    And ,
    Just so u know , most of the stunts done by Leonardo in the move is not some cinsmograpgy tricks or sth. He is actually doing them.
    For example he really guzels the row liver of a Bison. In his brilliant performance, he goes through some degrees of self-I
    immolation to paint an authentic picture of life in 19th century.
    I give the movie two thumbs up.
    The movie is not for a fainted heard though as there are a great deal of blood and gore in the picture.

    I enjoyed the gore but not the blood I must say :))


  5. Mari Carmen says:

    Good evening

    Bad news: Thursday is going to be the less happy day of the year.

    My neighbour’s son told me.

    Why? Because it is statically proved that 14th January is the day when people realize not only they didn’t accomplished their New Year’s resolutions, but also they don’t feel able to stick to them.

    I wonder if such a state of hopeless has been taken into account by publishing industry specialized on self-help resources (books, DVD, books + DVDs). I am not sure if it cures sadness, but at least people may get some ideas.

    Another option would be trying not to feel ever down by taking antidepressants – don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is bad to have a well-planned medical treatment – which other way brings side effects, since nothing is perfect. However, if the expectation is being forever happy… the pills industry wins!

    To prevent myself from this announced misery, I keep watching videos of Jerry Lewis, for instance “I’m happy when I am with you” with Dean Martin (1955), or “the errand boy” (2:30) without subtitles and so I learn English, mostly with the second one (hahaha).

    Best wishes

  6. peter says:

    I botched up all my resolutions already.:)

    No sign of depression though.at least no yet!!!
    I will let you know if it hits 🙂
    U make them, u break them. It is par for the course.
    U know, I think most people make resolutions and u back out on them every year.

    So ,no biggie


  7. Dan says:

    In order to prevent Thursday’s depression, I going to put my cat on my shoulder and keep it that way all day.
    A second option is watching animal’s videos.
    Especially goats and kangaroos hitting people. That’s funny.


  8. Tania says:

    Can you imagine? Starbucks Coffee Company in my country in all largest cities.
    I’m going to drink a Starbucks coffee just to see how you feel.

  9. Tania says:

    I have seen the news about David Bowie. Unfortunatelly I don’t know his music.

    I have seen the Leonardo Decaprio’ s success with his new movie “Revenant”.
    I think that it is a good choice of the Jury.

  10. Tania says:


    Dear Mari Carmen, I agree with you. We have to be happy with any price even enjoying
    with Ricky Gervais’ jokes.

  11. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    You can say anything but I’m waiting for the ESL podcast tomorrow. New podcast, new information, new lesson. I always have something good to learn. Thanks, Jeff, for the opportunity.

  12. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    I knew it would be great, the ESL podcast 1173 Flying on a Budget Airline. New terms, new information, new understanding. Thanks, Jeff. I owe you this.

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