Podcasts This Week (December 23, 2013)

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ESL Podcast 958 – Selecting a Neighborhood to Live In

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “on foot” and “to settle down.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Crime Rates and Most Dangerous Cities.”
“Local, state, and federal ‘agencies’ (government departments) ‘track’ (record; monitory) ‘crime statistics’…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

English Cafe 430

Topics: American Musicals – My Fair Lady; Chautauquas; to reply versus to comply versus to meet; mild versus tender; to have the munchies

In the Learning Guide:  Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear).
In “What Insiders Know,” you will read about “The Pygmalion Effect.”
“The Pygmalion Effect is a ‘concept’ (idea) thought of by two ‘psychologists’ (professionals whose job is to study the mind and how people think)…” – READ MORE in the Learning Guide

ESL Podcast 959 – Territorial Disputes

In the Learning Guide: Get a full transcript (written version of every word you hear), vocabulary list and sample sentences, and comprehension questions.
In “What Else Does it Mean,” learn the other meanings of “to claim” and “to rule.”
In the “Culture Note,” learn about “Territorial Disputes in the United States.”
“The United States’ borders may ‘appear’ (seem) to be ‘set in stone’ (clearly established)…”- READ MORE in the Learning Guide

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12 Responses to Podcasts This Week (December 23, 2013)

  1. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    I’ll be attentive all the week. It seems to be great.
    Aecio, from Brazil, the wonder land.

  2. emiliano says:

    Madrid´s Winter, is splendid this day, the sun is above in a deep blue sky shining and the colours are
    incredible bright.
    I am indoors but the sun is inside home taken by Cuca and Gatufo which is playing happy.

    Yes, he seems happy under the sun just the same as Cuca, emiliano is playing with his new pone
    taking pictures of Gatufo plyaing, this is videos, and Cuca reading her kindle.

    Life seems easy for all of us, without thinking in tomorrow, just the momento awainting for dinner
    that will be Isabel and Cesar who cook it quite soon I think.

    Sure they are walking watchind the streets of Madrid that are very very busy with Christmas
    next week.

    Thousand and thousand of persons buying all kind of gifts, food, gadgets, and toys for the Little

    Is good to be alive and listening good music at home, wint the sun coming inside three or four
    meters till the end of the hall.

    Ja,ja, may be all these silly talking should be the first Dan, sorry, but now there is a competition
    to be the first, ja,ja, that´s really good for the Blog.

    See you soon friends. emiliano

  3. emiliano says:

    lot of mistakes as USUAL but the pc. is crazy and Emiliano have the fingers too fast without reading what is
    on the screen, sorry……sorry.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi there,

    Blog’s moderator thank you for working Sunday.
    We appreciate that.


  5. Dan says:

    Hi Emiliano,

    Over here it is raining slightly. I think that is called drizzle I remember it from some podcast, I do not recall which one.

    Emiliano, have you seen what they are doing? I mean, Myo and Parviz..they want my secret link! my Atomic bomb.

    Now that I have the power on my hands! I love power it is so inebriating;-)


  6. Myo ko ko says:

    Hey Dan
    It’s not me! It’s Parviz.
    Really! I don’t want to get your link.
    I’m always happy to be behind the scene. 😉

    Merry X’mas to all here.

    Myo ko ko

  7. Dan says:

    I think this holiday I am going to re-read The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

    That was a book Lucy suggested in the past as a good reading for an English learner.

    Are you guys going to read something?


  8. Øyvor says:

    Hi Dan! I`ve just listnened Life with the bootblacks by Horatio Alger and The little Princess..these two audiobooks for children
    (like me, hehe), have been my favorites for a long time, I can listen them over and over..
    and I´m always searchinf for new books with good stories..ao thanks for telling about The Road, might be my next..
    If u want to read a good Norwegian book in English, I suggest Hunger by Knut hamsun, or his Growth of the soil.

    Merry Christmas to all of you dear members!

  9. Dan says:

    Thank you Oyvor

    I am not sure how to make the O like you did. Please tell me I am not stupid and that is the Norvegian keyboard. Well, sometimes I am stupid anyway ehehehe.

    Look, I am not sure you want to read The Road. I would not recommend that to anyone. I do get how Lucy did it!? I having bad dreams!

    If you have a kindle, just download a sample of it. I do not remember the ending, but the first 50% of it is quite scary, depressing, chilly, glacial and so on.
    It is true that, as Lucy said if I remember it well, it’s a “page turner”.

    It’s up to you give it a try! I will try out what you wrote above.

    Thank you Oyvor! can I say you are my first Norvegian friend? That’s is cool.

    Bye, Dan.

  10. Dan says:

    Hello, me again,

    After having finished the book, I have changed my mind.
    Ok, it is true the book is, I would say harsh, severe, cruel gray, dark, but there is a light that comes from the father.
    Its perseverance and courage for going on (In that situation I do not know what I would do, maybe the easy way out) illuminate this gray world.
    I must admit that at the end I dropped a few tears.
    Moreover, I have realized I am not in a position of suggesting book to anyone. So, go ahead and do as you please.


  11. Tania says:

    Hi! I saw the movie “The Road”.
    Yes, it is glacial, chilly, frightful… but it’s a fight for surviving.
    It’s a fight for life. And the life always must win the day.
    It’s something like “The Hunger Games”, a 2012 movie.

  12. Tania says:

    Hi! Dan is right. Oyvor is our first Norvegian friend. That is cool.
    Dear Oyvor, I always read your nice comments.

    Merry Christmas, dear Oyvor.


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