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Extreme Work

Every workday, Brent straps (fastens) himself into an olive-green harness (set of straps, or strips of material, to hold someone or keep them from falling) and a canvas (strong cloth-like material) belt. After checking to be sure everything is ready, … Continue reading

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Podcasts This Week (October 7, 2013)

Is your limited English standing in your way? Do you want to improve your English now? Learn English even faster with the help of the Learning Guide. In it, you’ll get more vocabulary, language explanations, sample sentences, comprehension questions, cultural … Continue reading

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The U.S. Government: CLOSED

As you may have heard, the United States government has shut down (stopped working) because the Democrats and Republicans are in a standoff (where neither side will compromise or give up what it wants). Federal (national) government and many military … Continue reading

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If Your Password is “Password,” Read This

Every year a company named Splash Data publishes a list of the worst passwords of the year. Their list from 2012 shows that, despite all of the warnings about security on the Internet, many people continue to pick some really … Continue reading

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