The Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

800px-Bride_with_bouquetWe are in the month of June, a very popular month for weddings here in the U.S. According to an annual (yearly) survey conducted by a popular wedding website, The Knot*, December is the most popular month to get engaged (officially promised to marry), and June is the most common month for weddings.

A June wedding makes sense for several reasons. The most obvious reason is weather; you are most likely to avoid the rains in spring and the dogs days of summer (hottest days of summer). In June, you’ll also find many types of flowers in bloom (open and showing color) and there are many options for outdoor venues (locations for an event). Having a wedding in June also makes it easier for guests to attend, since many schools and universities are on summer vacation by the first week of the month. Lastly, finding an attractive honeymoon (wedding trip) destination (place to go) is also easier in June.

So you’re ready for a June wedding, but what is a bride (women getting married) to wear? If you’re very creative and unconventional (unusual; not following traditions) , you might want to opt for (choose) this recent creation. A fashion website and a popular toilet paper company teamed up (worked together) to have a contest (competition) to see who could create the best wedding dress out of toilet paper, and this was the winner. I personally think that it is a masterpiece (very fine work made with skill and an artist’s eye).

Seeing this creation got me thinking about the most creative things that could be made out mundane (dull; not exciting) things such as toilet paper. I have nothing against toilet paper, mind you (just so you know; for your information). I appreciate its existing many times each day, but it made me wonder what else can be made with everyday things.

What’s the most creative thing you’ve made or created out of unconventional materials?

~ Lucy

* “To tie the knot” = to get married

Photo Credit: Bride with bouquet from Wikipedia

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16 Responses to The Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

  1. Dan says:

    As a divorced,This post brings up bitter memories…. That lady across the street is right continually saying “do not get married” “do not have kids” 🙂

    When I think back in the past my parents had four kids….that’s crazy!…Today that seems unthinkable.

    Sorry Lucy, but regarding toilet paper I have to disagree with you, but that is understandable since I am a man.

    I do not like toilet paper, never buy it. I think it is a waste of money and time producing it.

    That, reminds me of this little story:

    Once, I was standing at the urinal at the workplace. I remember asking out lout ” what the heck is toilet paper here for?”
    There was this guy, younger than me saying it was for after peeing. I was astonished! I said WHAT? really! a man does not do that!

    He was taught by his teacher in kindergarten to do that! Well, never too late to learn something new, right?
    I have learned at 40 a man has to use toilet paper for that.

    I am still not buying it.

    Thank you.

  2. hubert says:

    It is said women can do three things from nothing: hat, salad and quarrel. Who agrees?

  3. Lassana says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m not surprised to see that. Nowadays we can see many creative things made by designers or artists.
    These sort of contest are really challenges for the developement of the art and for artists who like innovate and create creative things.

    It little bit difficult for me to understand these artistic expressions. That is perharps because I have not enough the creative eye…:-)

    I don’t understand why to use paper toilet, but I think it’s perharps because this matter is dificult to handle. So it require some experience in art field.

  4. Dan says:

    Hey Emiliano, are you in London or another Planet?
    Do not they have WIFI at the hotel? Hehehe.

  5. Wang says:

    Hi there!

    Dan, your funny story made my jaw dropped!…I don’t know for sure what they are teaching in school nowadays

    But It was funny to hear that they taught the boy using toilet paper after peeing?! this is unbelievable!…It makes sense, I guess, when they attach a paper frame near a hand vacuum (sink?)

    But nearby a urinal is something weird! at least at yours and my generations

    I don’t know about in other countries, in mine and my mind, that combination is just a last stroke of the toilet paper industry

    A way they market their products, try to draw more and more traffic back to their business

    They are struggling for breath here…with the evolution of technology, these days, not many people using toilet paper after going to a restroom

    I mean using it for it’s original purpose like the time we first used it. Instead, we use a splashing pipe or some buttons that applied on the walls.

    Some just use it to dry their hand, some even don’t! And I think that is a part of reasons why we see a wide range of paper towels on the shop’s shelves than toilet paper

    Paper producers, they acknowledge a new market there!

  6. Peter says:

    Lucy ,you are a funny lass :)) referring to your appreciation of toilet paper existence.

    Meteorologically speaking , June is not necessarily the best month of the year to get married. Take your home town or ,say, Tampa for example, how many girls do u think are willing to marry in June when it is scolding hot , unless they don’t mind getting all sweaty for the long gown they are wearing , or their hair-do getting all fuzzy for the heat or humidity. How about the make up they are , it is gonna be a disaster.
    I believe the best time of the year for them is February not June.
    See , you can’t generalize the idea.
    It is all depends on where you live
    And , tell me one thing , I hear in LA the weather doesn’t change that much
    So , why June ?
    You know most people go to resorts for their honeymoon which are not very popular distinctions in Summer time.
    See , u never factored in the meteorological aspect of it.


  7. Betty says:

    Dear Lucy

    Thanks for this interesting topic. It is such a novel idea to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

    I have used Charmin toilet paper before and they are certainly good enough to make a wedding dress.

    The article in the Lo Angeles Times tells us that this year witnessed the ninth annual competition of designing an entire wedding gown made of toilet paper. I did not know they have been doing it for such a long time already.

    In fact I think it is better than people spending a fortune on a wedding dress and wear it only once in their life time. At least the dress is 100% biodegradable and may be used in many other ways before finally recycled.

    This story reminds me of Ice Sculptures which are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime.

    It also has brought back memories of news that a bride drowned trying to take pictures while wearing her heavy material wedding gown. The reason for her to do that was to savage her wedding dress because she did not want to wear it again.

    Having a wedding dress made of toilet paper is most suitable for this purpose. It would be almost impossible for the bride to drown because the dress will come apart very quickly.

    Many thanks again, Lucy, good informative topic for us to enjoy.

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  8. Betty says:

    Sorry I mean the bride drowned because she was taking pictures inside a river in a special “trash the dress” photo shooting.


  9. sara says:

    Thanks Dear Lucy ,as always it was something good to read.
    I wonder if anyone can me help in understanding:”what is a bride to wear?”is it the usual way when we want to ask what does she wear?

  10. Peter says:

    Well, finally , I got a window to have some coffee. You know , the pace of life is crazy fast here ,so it is not very often that you get a window to rest your mind and feet:))
    . Well , guess what ,I am having one of those precious moments just now, so I figured to check in to see what is going on in the land of Eslpod.
    But , sadly the window is rapidly closing. :))
    So , I better get to it
    Last time I was on blog I was walking down the street to the bus stop to work as I was reading rather skimming Lucy’s most recent post.
    However , I just got another window , chance if you will , to do so.
    I just checked the pic Lucy has put up there on the post .
    Correct me if I m wrong. But , I got from what Lucy says on the post that the wedding gown in the pic is a make do with toilet paper.
    Lucy , you don’t say ! :)))( just joking )
    I mean , there is no frigging way that the beautiful gown there is made rather put together but attaching rather gluing ,perhaps , hundreds and thousands plies of toilet paper.
    I mean ,Du , hello , have you ever used toilet paper. I don’t know if you notice but the ply of toilet paper even if you go for double ply is too filmy ( see-through, transparent )and flimsy for the job. Unless the lady stands in shadow like all the time ( sorry for the bawdy remark )
    You know , as you touch the ply of toilet paper your fingers go through them and they whole ply fall apart.
    So , tell me how on earth did even a double role toilet paper got so cohesively coherent that manage to hold up on the fetching ,ravishing looking lady in the pic:)))
    And ,one more thing , how did she manage to put it on without tearing the toilet paper apart on the first place.
    Unless they wrap the lady in it or sth
    I can’t reckon how they did it.
    Any thoughts on that?

    To answer the question I just saw at the bottom of the post all I can think of is ,”origami .”
    I hear that is widely practiced here in kinder garden , though. As way of trigging creative side of kids , if any


  11. Parviz says:

    Hi Lucy
    It does happen so often in my life to decide to make something new out of mundane. That’s why I usually keep a box of hardware (such as saw, ass, screw drivers,…) handy.
    I usually try to be creative, although I am not so smart. I usually screw things up 9 times out of 10.
    I am continually destroying and renewing, so it is difficult to remember, but the one that stays out of my mind, goes back to 8 months ago.
    I moved into a new house. I started straightening up the furniture, when all of a sudden I noticed that the footstool that I used to put the fridge on was broken of a big fall.
    I had some wooden board stored in the garage. I pull my sleeves up and got down to work. In less than 10 mins I cut the wood, into appropriate size and fastened the pieces using nails together.
    Then I painted it with grey, that looks like a real, metal footstool.
    After I finished I had made an interesting stool for my refrigerator. I put the fringe on it. And now, everyday I enjoy looking at the ugly thing in my kitchen and drinking my fresh cola.
    Thank you,
    Parviz, From Iran

  12. Dan says:

    Hi Sara,

    Let me help you. Where is my teacher hat? here it is.

    ”what is a bride to wear?” is a question meaning What is she going to wear, what she is about to wear. Is she going to wear toilet paper, a regular dress, nothing.
    What type of dress she is going to choose, to put on during the ceremony.

    You already answered yourself in your question. If you wanna know what she’s wearing thae question would be:

    What does she wear?
    What is she wearing?

    There are, I guess, many other ways to asking the same question. I think I have helped you. How did I do?
    See, I am also a teacher..a good one..:-)

    Thank you

  13. Dan says:

    Yes Betty you are right, and I have noticed, You have a very good memory too!

    You often remember stuff from the past. That piece of news was sad. I remember it as well.

    Hey Wang, thank you for reading my gibberish. What about you, are you married or what?

    I am single and quite satisfied.

    Thank you guys.

  14. Parviz says:

    Hi Dan
    How is it going? Living vicariously through others?
    Aren’t you so sweet and lovely? I wondered, where did you get all this Honey, into yourself, and still living alone.
    Life is too small to kill it spending days and night pitying the past.
    Get out of here and change it, bro.
    You are sweet, a good friend, a good teacher. And I suppose you can be a good lover, but not for the cats, for women.
    you are too generous to keep a grudge against the women.
    That’s why I demand you to forget the bitterness of the past and make a fresh start.
    It happened to you (to divorce) and could have happened to every one. but that never stop them from pursuing a romantic life.
    I learn too much from you when you are in your good day.
    Thank you,

  15. sara says:

    TNX so much Dear Dan,sure you were a help and more to that thanks for taking time to write.
    I totally agree with Parviz(maybe because it sounds like we both are born in same country:),hopefully in near future you will write that you have found the right one .

  16. Anna says:

    Dear Lucy,
    I really appreciate your topics, and this one is interesting as usual.
    The most popular time for weddings is August and September in my country, although the weather is very hot. Brides are sweating in their dresses, grooms are hating their suites and new uncomfortable shoes.
    Anyway, the most creative thing I have made from waste was a papier-mache. It was a cup and a plate that I colored in a national style.


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