ESL Podcast’s Seventh Anniversary

ESL Podcast celebrates its seventh anniversary this month. We started our podcast back in 2005, and since then have produced more than 1,100 episodes, or around 450 hours of English to listen to and learn from. We’ve enjoyed every minute of these past seven years, and are very appreciative for having the opportunity to help people from every country of the world improve their English.

As we do every year, we want to thank all of those who have made ESL Podcast possible, including: Adriano, our wonderful webmaster; Jessica, our fantastic main writer and customer service expert; Sue, our post-production genius, and our other writers and helpers.

A special thanks goes to Warren Ediger of for his always interesting and excellent blog posts on American life and culture.

Most importantly, we want to thank YOU, our listeners, and especially our subscribers and donors.  We could not do what we do without your support, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Note: In the past we have had a special video for the anniversary, but this year, due to some technical problems, we were unable to produce one. However, we hope you’ll look forward to our 8th Anniversary Video next year!

Jeff & Lucy

Photo credit: Isaac Newton’s Seven Colors of the Rainbow, Wikipedia CC

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51 Responses to ESL Podcast’s Seventh Anniversary

  1. ed says:

    hi Betty.

    you are so sweet.
    thanks for warm welcomming comment.

    I start to catch on that here is the only place to say hello between members.

    and, you must be one of most enthusiastic members.

    How do I know??
    yep, from your english, your writing.
    you must be a great learner.

    for me, there’s little chance to write something in english here in korea.
    It’s my tiny hope to write something here often, and keep in touch with you members as well.
    one stone, two birds. right??

    thanks again.
    and nice to meet you betty, all members~

    have a nice day!!

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