ESL Podcast’s Sixth Anniversary Video: The (Really) Serious Episode

Join us at English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast in celebrating our sixth anniversary with our annual video episode! This one is called The (Really) Serious Episode, and when you watch it, you’ll see why.

Thanks to all of you who have listened to us the past year, and especially to those who have either donated money or become a member of ESL Podcast.  Your financial support is necessary for us to continue.  If you’re not a member, consider joining today.

Thank you again!

~Jeff, Lucy, and the ESL Podcast Team

P.S. The transcript for the video is below.

Video Transcript

Welcome to English as a Second Language Podcast’s Sixth Anniversary Video.  I’m your host, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, coming to you from the Center for Educational Development in beautiful Los Angeles, California.  We want to begin our episode by thanking you, our listeners.  We recently released our one-thousandth episode and we have thousands of you in almost every country around the world listening and improving your English.

Now, you may know that in the past, our anniversary videos have been funny, or tried to be funny.  But not this year.  This year, we’re going to do a serious anniversary video podcast.  It’s serious business learning English, and we thought that we should do a serious video podcast this year.

Now, before I do that, let me just say that some people have emailed us suggestions about things we should do.  People have emailed and said, “Oh, Jeff, you should wear a funny hat.  And you’re from Minnesota, maybe, maybe a Viking hat because the Minnesota Vikings are the Minnesota football team, a hat, something like this.  Well, I’m not going to do it.  I’m not going to wear a hat.  That’s just not serious.  It’s not dignified.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, I also to want to thank those who help us here at ESL Podcast:  Jessica, one of our writers and our customer service representative; Sue, our video editor and proofer; Warren Ediger of who writes blog posts for us; and Adriano, our wonderful webmaster.

Before I forget, some other people have emailed other suggestions, things they thought would be funny on our anniversary video podcast.  Some people said, “Oh, you should grow a mustache, you know, something, something maybe like this.  Oh, that would be funny.”  Well, it’s not funny.  As I said, this is a serious podcast episode and I’m not going to wear a mustache, mustache, just to be funny – not going to happen.

Our biggest thanks go to those of you who are members of ESL Podcast or who buy courses in our store.  Your financial support is absolutely necessary for us.  If you’re not a member, go to our website at and become a member and help us keep this podcast going.

Now, one more thing I got as a suggestion.  Someone who thought it would be funny if I sang on this video episode, as I have in some of our previous anniversary video podcasts.  They suggested I sing something by the Bee Gees, something like, you know, something like one of those horrible 70’s songs – [sings “How Deep is Your Love”]. No, that’s not going to happen.  I’m not going to sing the Bee Gees as part of this anniversary video podcast.

Finally, I want to thank Dr. Lucy Tse, our producer and scriptwriter, for her wonderful work this year.  Lucy also wanted to send a serious message as part of this episode. Lucy?

Thank you.  From Los Angeles, California, I’m Jeff McQuillan.  Thank you for listening.

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42 Responses to ESL Podcast’s Sixth Anniversary Video: The (Really) Serious Episode

  1. magda miriam says:

    You was funny. I also want to thank you, because you are the best podcasters in the world. Congratulations.

  2. rodrigo says:

    Congratulations and thanks very much to the whole team¡¡¡ really it´s been a wonderful experience learn and practice english this way, god bless you all¡¡¡

  3. emiliano says:

    Nice to see you again Jeff, it seems that six years is nothing
    for deteriorate your aspect…..
    Not white hair, not new wrinkles, not even any serious
    way of doing video movies…….but sorry Jeff, I DO LIKE
    BEE GEES, so please don´t make so many jokes about
    my music feelings, it hurts me very much.

    First time Cuca and me where in the house it was going
    to be home, we were single yet, she and me were
    dancing Bee Gees song as I had a LP from them.
    Before any single furniture we had a big music record player
    and a lot of LP vinilos, and one of them was BEE GEES HITS

    I do love every song of BEE GEES, never tired of listen to
    them, and now the best is that I can understand
    all the lyrics of the songs, so despite you great
    disdain for the Australian Group I have to give
    you and Lucy a BIG………..



    Even now I follow listening to the BEE GEES SONGS, yesterday
    I bought a DVD with their concert in LAS VEGAS, it is really
    incredible good.
    You are too young to understand me Jeff, I am so sorry about
    your taste about music…..what in fact do you really like, because
    I know a lot about Lucy´s taste, but yours?
    With that so incredible voice it could be OPERA? or GREGORIAN?
    Please, tell us.

    Again THANK YOU TO YOU ALL, you are the best.

  4. Great job! Seriously!

    Congratulations on completing six years – and more than 1,000 episodes! What a marvelous thing you’re doing for the world’s English learners.


  5. Hugo says:

    Thanks you Jeff and Lucy, thank you ESL podcast working team.
    Let’s we celebrity our 6th Anniversary!!!!!

  6. Masae says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your 6th anniversary.
    Since I started your program in this April, I am the same as only three- months- old baby yet,
    I know you produced grate lead for my studying English and it’s now, and in the future.

    Again, Congratulations and than you, Jeff, Lucy, and the ESL Podcast Team.


  7. Ferdie says:

    Happy sixth anniversary and congratulations!!! I would also like to give my biggest thanks to Jeff, Lucy and the whole ESL Podcast Team for this wonderful, simply the best ESL website…ever!!!

    Thank you again.

  8. Nele says:

    Also serious congratulation to your 6th birthday.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY eslpod-Crew!

    With serious greetings

  9. Myo ko ko says:

    Very sad,
    From here I am not able to watch this sixth anniversary video diredtly due to some connection problems.
    Althrough I googleed it for downloading , I failed to find out the direct download link.
    I think, I have to wait to watch it. so way way unhappy myself. 🙁

  10. Sean says:

    Congratulations! Thank you Jeff and Lucy for producing this wonderful English learning website.
    Because of your diligence, my sense of speaking and listening in English is getting better and better.
    However, I’ve been your premium member for five years since I knew, and I hope that one day I have a chance to meet you both in LA.


  11. Mario says:

    Happy 6th anniversary to all of you and all of us listeners as well!
    I think that this podcast is also our podcast, and so this is our anniversary too!!!!
    I’m feeling as a piece of the ESL Podcast world!!
    Jeff, you do a very serious video podcast this year! Serious as just you are!!!(lol)
    I’m joking!!!
    Congratulations!!! Thanks to all the ESL Podcast Team!!

    Mario (Rome, Italy)

  12. Allysson Navaggio says:

    Great, great great! As I expected, another amazing video! I`m a ESL listenner for more than four years and I`m here only now to thank you Jeff, Lucy and you all from ESL team for your nice job.
    It`s not easy to find people around here in Brazil, where I live, to keep going practicing, soooo I have you, Jeff, and Lucy with me all the time, as a lot of people do around the world, I have a MP4 player filled with your episodes. I`ve a three hours jorney from my home to my job, sooo, that`s the time I have with you guys, each day, everydays… I want to say I never went to an english school and I`m proud to have choosen you from ESL to get better and keep improving my knowlege. Now I`m starting to feel ready for going to there and shake your hands in person, Jeff, Lucy and all ESL team. That`s a promisse, as I`m sure a lot of friends already did. I`m going to Los Angeles next year and it will be a huge proud to meet you personally.

    Thank you sooo much, not by being only English Teachers, but by being friends, showing a very honest and sincere LOVE for everything you made! That`s what I feel when I`m listening your episodes, I feel more than knowlege getting through my ears, but something that only could be felt if made with love.

    That`s your recipe of the sucess! And yeah! You got it! Congratulations!!!!! Love you all!

    Allysson Alves
    From Brazil, Belo Horizonte.

  13. Ethan says:

    You guys are amazing! Thank you for the hitting 1,000th episode!
    ESL Podcast team will ever be my best English teacher. Thank you all again.

    PS Jeff, How do you keep your figure..?
    Lucy, Nice shot! And.. your voice is really attractive!

  14. Peter says:

    Good show Jeff,
    You are funny as hell
    How on earth you come up with this stuff
    Man ,the show was hilarious
    Have you ever thought of becoming a stand-up comedian ; you have a flair for it.
    If I were you I would give it a try not shot ,because you are bound to success:)))
    Nice tie by the way
    Congrats man
    You have done wonders with us during the past six years
    Thanks to Lucy ,Jeff and all the back door boys for the service you have been rendering to us for the past few years
    And ,I am ashamed that I did nothing for you guys in return.
    It leaves me with a bad feeling of remorse
    But,time will come that we make it up to you
    We ,your students ,will cintribute financially one at a time to keep The Eslpid running.
    Take my word on it
    May God be with you in your little strech of paradise you kids call LA:))))
    Thanks Lucy,
    For your big heart and your amazingly well-done transcript
    You ushered me ,and ushered me good
    A huge fan
    P.S. Sorry ,if I am a pain in the neck sometimes , but ,what can I say ,it is me. Crazy as hell
    I know I m too much sometimes and make you mad,well,I m a bit of a character
    Sorry for all the shortcoming pals,well,as you well know,I am a knucklehead.
    You made me what I am now,English wise
    Hey,split the beans Jeff , do u run a linguistic , surgical center down there for replacing vocal chords. If you have it running right now and you are in sore need of some specimen,count me in; I m all for it
    I know what I am saying is too far-reach,but it is you and your center ; you are from the beyond as is your center.
    So ,work the miracle ,will you:)))))
    Indeed,Eslpid is an out-of-the-word linguistic hub
    U get in totally not knowing the first thing about English language ,and then you get out totally fluent:))
    I guess,I got totally carried away
    But ,it is me,a mere nimrod:)))

  15. Dan says:

    That was funny, thanks guys.

  16. Peter says:

    I m one hundred person Straight,
    I m just saying,you are kinda cute
    I wish we could see more of you
    My classmate ,
    Don’t worry
    times will come that we get a good glance of our dear prof Lucy
    It is sad that she is camera shy
    I feel you Sis since i have the same problem

  17. Peter says:

    Color me crazy,
    But I m all welled up now

  18. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,
    In the next anniversary ,please answer this very question
    “what don’t you know?”

  19. Peter says:

    Dear Lucy and Jeff
    You are English Professors to the stars
    And I m Putting it slightly
    I have bit ingracious about ur whole generosity
    But,I will compensate
    That is for sure

  20. minerva says:

    Happy anniversary !

    Dear Jeff and Lucy and ESLPOD team.

    Thank you for the hard work tha you accomplishfor all us English learners.

    May God bless you !

  21. Fernanda says:

    Hello, I should say to you that this video was the most serious one that I have seen before. lol
    I am kidding. Your team is the best.

    Big Brasilian hugs,
    keep doing this wonderful job! =)

  22. Rasoul says:

    Dear Dr Jeff and Luce and other ESLPOD Team member,

    I thank you very much for your attempt to improve our English language over six years.

    I hope you will continue this wonderful job with more energy. Your podcasts have helped me to have a direct sense of English words.

    Best wishes

  23. Fabio/ Brazil says:

    Doctor Jeff, thanks so much for all your amazing job during these years! I’m your regular listener and supporter!


  24. Nelci ( BRAZIL) says:

    Hi Jeff, eheheheh you are so hilarious!!
    I think learn English with you and lucy is the best thing.. I love it.
    I agree with Emiliano, you aren’t too good singging BEE Gees song. but YOu are a good singer to me..eheheh
    thanks Jeff, Lucy and everyone that work hard on ESL PODCASt’s team.
    good job…thanks xoxo

  25. angeles and jorge says:

    Serious thanks, jeff, lucy and the rest of th team.

    We really improve our English waiting for your next joke, and meanwhile, we learn some english.


  26. sara says:

    Dear Dr.jeff ,I am too happy to see you again really I wish to have you with us for isn’t that we just learn english from this site but also so many other things and really for that I feel a strong connection with all of you.again thanks you all for being here for us.

  27. Feri says:

    Dear Lucy, Dear Jeff,

    you do and you have done a marvellous job.

    You are simply great.



  28. Parisa says:

    Unfortunately it was filtered in my free country, Iran and I have not accessed to watch your video 🙁

  29. abdullah says:

    funniest video ever XD , you REALLY made me laugh out loud Dr.Jeff .
    I’d thank you all for the wonderful work you’re doing .
    And i’m one of your ESLPOD members forever .

    abdullah , saudi arabia .

  30. sara says:

    Thank you so much for your great job!

  31. Paulo Lopes says:

    Happy birthday for all team ESLPOD.

    Congratulation for more 1 year of Job. You have done a amazing Job with everyone us. I, particularly, learning everyday with you, and my English improved too much.

    Dr. Jaff is a showman, note 10.  

    God Bless you, team ESLPOD.

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my friends, happy birthday to you. Bye.

  32. GH says:

    Thank you Jeff. You are the best teacher. Unfortunately, I don’t have the financial ability to become a member of your …… Excuse me. Lucy, don’t hurt mr. McQuillan :).

  33. Sergio says:

    Didn’t you think about any gadgets for your ESL members like that inimitable viking hat or something else?
    You should… It could be a great business.
    So, meeting someone everywhere and looking at her or his viking hat an ESL member could tell her or him:
    “You’re an ELS member, I suppose! Please to meet you!”
    Congratulations. (I’m serious now…)

  34. John says:

    Congratulations – you definitively have the best English teaching podcast on the internet.

  35. BAKHTIAR says:

    Happy anniversary , i whole heartdly congratulate you i wish you all the success, you guys are really have been doing outstanding job for help people around the world i mean your listeners i mean again people like me to learn English language and let us be much more and in interesting way to be familiar with American culture , business , lifestyle and American accent ,

  36. Shankar (India) says:

    The best ESL Podcast in the world for the american English learners like me.

    Thank you Jeff and the team for your great service.

    Congrats on the sixth Anniversary!!!

  37. Øyvor says:

    I`ve been listening and read transcripts for quite a long time now, you have this amazing ability, Jeff, to
    make me curious and always longing for a new day and a new lesson..THANKS to you and
    THANKS to the whole team=)
    Looking forward to new serious lessons;)

  38. Ziba says:

    Congratulations on the sixth anniversary of ESL pod.
    I’m very glad that I’ve found this site as an English university and I suppose that I’m a student at this university.
    I want to thank ESLpod Team for their hard work. Please continue your job and be sure that your method is the best.

    Good luck,

    Bye the way, Jeff, although I couldn’t download the video and watch it, I think your video is funny as always, even you are serious.

  39. Rasti says:

    Dear Lucy, Dear Jeff
    Congradulation ..
    thanks for both of you and your team, you do a great job..
    God bless Eslpod team ..


  40. emiliano says:

    Hi Ziba and Parisa,

    the video is serious and funny the two subjects together what is even more difficult than the speeches I am accustomed
    every day to listen to where people, politicians usually, use to say one thing and the contrary at the same time.

    But the best of it is the nice cake Jeff received as a present, just in the middle of his face thrown by Lucy, is it possible that
    she has something to vindicate him?
    Possible she wanted to appear in the video and Jeff said no? or may be it is like a protest by the imitation Jeff has
    made of the Bee Gees singers?……Thank you Lucy.
    Nevertheless which ever reason Lucy may have to throw him the cake it has been very well thrown, it seems
    we were watching an old picture of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (The fat and the thin friends in the not sound movies
    of many many years).
    Bravo Lucy you are my Hero of the moment.
    Ziba . Parisa friends…

    Do not worry if you can not see it now as it is sure that in future you may see it as every one of the videos ESL team has made
    by the anniversaries of the ELS Podcast.
    All of them are incredible good and funny, being Jeff the first actor and Lucy his heroine despite we have not seeing
    her yet.
    May be next year Lucy?..
    Who knows?

    The best site, the best lessons, the best teachers and persons I ever met before.


  41. Ziba says:

    Hi Emiliano,

    Thank you for describing the video. You described it as if I have watched the video.

    As you mentioned, in my country almost every foreign sites are blocked and this is a big problem to go to the websites in which we can find good information to improve our study especially English language.

    They say there is freedom here but I can’t see.

    Anyway I want to thank you again Emiliano,

    Best regards,

  42. Juliaz says:

    Happy 6th anniversary! keep going! I want your podcast keep going!

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