Attention Nokia Owners: Get ESL Podcast on Your Phone!

If you own a Nokia phone, you can now download ESL Podcast audio files directly onto your phone with our new Ovi app. Go here for more information and to download the app onto your phone.  (If you like the app, please rate it five stars and write a good review for us!)

For iPhone users, you can simply access the podcast on iTunes.

For Android users, any program that can access an RSS file will work.  Try the Google Listen app.  You will need to enter our RSS feed address, which is:

Happy listening!


Photo Credit: Nokia Store, Used with permission


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7 Responses to Attention Nokia Owners: Get ESL Podcast on Your Phone!

  1. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff ,
    It is quite easy downloading ur stuff, using iPhone
    U know, there is a default itune application on iPhone 4
    I simply go to The Eslpod file via the itune application, then press the down-load button fitted right infront of every new eposids ,and there you go,it gets uploaded in seconds from the the Eslpod file into the iPod application of the iPhone.
    One can download the whole previous and current lessons.
    I don’t need to download them though
    I can listen to episods directly off the Eslpod file.
    Luckily,I have 6 Giga Bite data cost 30 dollars per month
    So,I have unlimited Access to Internet
    As a result,I dint need to even download them. The data capacity allows me to listen all the lessons off the Jeff’s file
    They come out and I listen to them right off the bat
    Thanks for the wonder IPhone who makes it possible for me to listen to the wonder “Eslpod.”
    Jeff ,
    You have done wonders to me,English Wise

  2. Myo ko ko says:

    Fortunate or unfortunate?
    I own no phone!
    I listen to ESL Podcasts with my portable and hand-held MP4 player!
    If you can believe it, I read some blog posts of ESL blog with that Player!
    No wonder, as you know, most MP4 players have an E-book reader. But they support “text file” only. not PDF extension. 🙂
    Anyway, I am OK with my portable Player, you never know!! 🙂

  3. Peter says:

    It is nice to know that you guys have a larger number of listeners
    Seems like ,some people just lurk the blog to read stuff ,not in a bad
    Simply because they don’t have the means

  4. Peter says:

    Guys these days I study English for 9 10 hours a day.
    I have a few day off
    So ,I decide to spend my tone on sth I love which is English
    I have a friend who promised to company me during the 10-day study time .but,has been nothing but a drip over the whole time.
    I guess ,it is a little quirk of mine
    Seems like nobody is as Crazy as me about this language
    What wouldn’t I give to be as knowledgeable as Jeff .I know English language is Jeff’s domain
    But with him giving away his knowledge ,it is in public domain bow:))))
    I don’t make any sense.
    I wish I was as knowledgable as you Jeff
    A bid fan of yours
    The way you talk is killing me
    All the sentence structures you use while narrating English cafes every single sentence coming out of u is a valuable lesson.
    I just copy you while talking
    It is that I do

  5. Peter says:

    The way you talk Jeff ,not the new words or expressions,made me fluent.
    The way you talk Jeff ,not the new words and expressions ,taught me how to write
    The way you talk Jeff,not the new words and expressions , turned me into a native speaker with a flair for poetry.
    I m telling you my dear Prof
    The most effective and powerful part of Eslpod is the way you express yourself in all the audio lessons,not the new words and expressions ,and not the blog.
    Before Eslpod ,I knew the meaning of words ,yet couldn’t speak
    With Eslpid ,I taught the concept of words ,and I can speak!!!!!
    Indeed ,you have made Eslpod ,”The Eslpod.”

  6. Peter says:

    At the end of the rope ,when your number is up,it doesn’t matter how rich you are ,how famous you are,or the house you live in. The only thing that matter is what you have done for others.
    You have done plenty
    May God bless your life ,and be you guid in the greater beyond
    You have done good

  7. Peter says:

    Dear Eslpod team,
    You set the bar so high that no one else can clear it :))(good one)
    Seriously,I m right ,aren’t I?

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