I am Not Lucy Tse

A couple of weeks ago, we received a listener email message about the podcast. In the message, the listener said that he was glad to see a picture of me on the Internet and to know what I looked like.  Curious to know what I looked like, too, I did an image (picture) search and found a few of my Googlegangers.

I found this woman who works as a community coordinator (organizer) in Canada, but sadly, I’m not Canadian.

I found these woman with Facebook pages, but sadly, I’m not active on Facebook.

Finally, after a lot of searching (looking), I spotted (found) a video of me.  I’ve told people for years that I’ve started to age backwards (starting with the end and going to the beginning), much like Benjamin Button.  Now, maybe they’ll believe me.

Check out my fancy moves (dance steps)!  I bet you didn’t know I was this nimble (able to make quick and graceful movements).  If this whole podcast thing doesn’t work out (become successful), I know I have a backup plan (something else I can do if I fail at the first thing).

~ Lucy

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20 Responses to I am Not Lucy Tse

  1. pavel ivanov says:

    You dance just perfect, Lucy! Keep moving that way!

  2. Peter says:

    You don’t need a fall back plan, since Eslpod is a great success. Don’t appreciate the mystique around you, though. Sorry if you find it distasteful. No mean to be disrespectful, but I believe. of All your enthusiasm listeners ,all of them wanna know who is the genius behind all these transcripts. Jeff please back me up on that. I assume you are camera shy or something.

    That is the main reason why your listeners across the world are desperately poking around hoping to find a clue of what OUR DEAREST PROF “LUCY” IS LIKE or looks like.

    i know you are very undrestanding ,and that you dont take umbridge. being an A-lister you should have seen it comming:)

  3. Kuong Do says:

    I am so curious to see your image, Lucy

  4. jamal says:

    Yeah me too lucy…i wanna see yur pic since i was first started listenning to your first podcast… oh God… pls find lucy for me..

  5. huichao says:

    Lucy: although i don’t know what you look like, but ,i desire to see your image, as we all know, whatever you look like , you are an attractive ,charming person for me ! your work is great !!

  6. Miigaa says:

    Oh Lucy Just tell us why you don’t like showing you

  7. magda says:

    I don’t know if this video is real. But, I will believe. You are so cute and charming. Congratulations.

  8. magda says:

    Lucy, I saw you in the You tube, learning English , and I saw Jeff, too. You are awesome .

  9. echo says:

    O(?_?)O~ I wish you happy everyday,you do a good job.

  10. Farahnaz says:

    Dear Lucy,
    When I found the podcast web site I skimmed it over and the pictures took my attention especially the picture of “ A day in the life of Lucy” and “A day in the life of Jeff”. I’m sure the woman in the picture is you, aren’t I? Please tell me if I’m right or not.
    When I listen to each podcast, I imagine you and Jeff are in front of me and some times I look the pictures while I’m listening.
    Thank you for new words,

  11. reza says:

    Gosh , I was one who searched a lot and taught that I’ve found Lucy. seeing this article destroyed my hopes.

  12. dongsung says:

    Lucy, it is not only me but everyone’s desire to see you. Please upload a piece of your image. However, the girl on the video clip has incredible move. Nice~~ ^^

  13. magda says:

    Lucy, Could you tell me, if the beautiful woman in You Tube, crying so much, is you?

  14. Rezaul Karim says:

    Really incredible.

  15. Dr. Lucy Tse says:

    Thank you all for your comments, but there really is no mystery. Yes, I am a little camera-shy (prefer not to have my picture taken or be filmed), especially if it will appear on the Internet, but not more than many other people. As far as I know, I’m not on YouTube, except in the Third Anniversary video that Jeff took. (I couldn’t find the video of the crying woman that Magda mentioned, but I’m sure that’s not me.) I am just a normal person. I am not wanted (waiting to be captured or taken) by the police, I don’t have a strange disease that has disfigured me (changed my face in a bad way), and I am not really Jeff McQuillan’s alter ego (his second personality) — at least I don’t think so…

  16. emiliano says:

    Listening to your voice reading the text guides and all the scrips, also knowing Jeff´s oppinion about you, all of us love our dear teacher Dr. Lucy Tse.
    I think this is enough for the moment, and who knows?.. may be in future our dear Lucy would be in good disposition to let us know her just a little more.

    I´m sure she is a nice wonderful girl that makes happy everyone round her, the same way she makes us day after day better listening all her teaching and knowing her good humor.

    Thank you Lucy, we really love you.

  17. Miigaa says:

    Got it. You’re right. It’s fantastic when a normal person is being a normal person. I give up asking you it again. I hope Other listeners got it too.

  18. emiliano says:

    By the way, today I don´t know where to hide away.

    Congratulations to all the Swiss people, ja ja ja…….Spain the best to get the Cup?

    Is it a joke?

    Yes, I think it is.

    What a big disappointment for all the spaniards………Incredible, but real.

    Again, Congratulations to the Swiss team you have deflated the spain´s pride………..to be continued.

  19. jamal says:

    Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa…. finally i got you Dr. Lucy …. I got your picture but I am not going to tell anybody where did I get it… yeahhhhhhh

  20. Hermanov says:

    Love Lucy even if she is hidding herself! Listening to your voice everyday is more than seeing a pic of you! Ooooooooh, no, plz I really want to see your face, whatever you are

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