Queen – “We Are The Champions”

As Jeff has mentioned before, the sport of soccer is not as popular in the United States as other sports.  (The sport is, of course, called “football” in British English.)  The most popular professsional sports here are football (American), basketball, and baseball.  However, the U.S. has many residents (people who live in a place) who are from other countries and many people in countries around the world are very excited about the FIFA World Cup, the most important international soccer tournament (a competition which begins with many teams and ends with one team as the winner) in the world.  And if you are a soccer fan then you know that the 2010 World Cup begins June 11 and ends July 11, when we’ll know which team is the champion (winning) team.

If the winner is the United States — yes, I know that’s a long shot (a small possibility, a very, very, very, very, very small possibility!!) — the players may sing “We Are The Champions” by Queen.  This is a very popular song played or sung in the U.S. when people celebrate a victory (win), especially in sports.  If you know the lyrics (words), you probably know why.  If you don’t, take a look at them below.  If you’re not already in the mood (state of mind or feeling) to cheer on (send encouragement to) your favorite team, then maybe this song will help.  I know that those of you who are rabid (extreme; crazy about something) soccer fans don’t need anything more to help get you in the mood for the World Cup.

But who will win?  Which team will be able to say, “We are the champions?”

~ Lucy

We Are The Champions
by Queen

I’ve paid my dues (earned something through hard work or suffering)
Time after time (again and again)
I’ve done my sentence (completed my period of punishment)
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
I’ve made a few
I’ve had my share of sand (very small bits of rock found at the beach) kicked in my face (“sand kicked in my face” = had obstacles; met people who did not respect me)
But I’ve come through (passed through or survived a period of difficulty)

We are the champions, my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions, of the world

I’ve taken my bows (bent at the waist, leaning forward, after a performance to acknowledge people’s applause and cheers)
And my curtain calls (after a performance, for the audience to continue clapping to encourage the performers to come back on stage to receive the audience’s appreciation)
You brought me fame (being known to a lot of people; being famous) and fortune (money) and everything that goes with it
I thank you all

But it’s been no bed of roses (easy thing)
No pleasure cruise (vacation on a large ship)
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race (all the living people in the world)
And I ain’t gonna lose

We are the champions, my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions, of the world

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27 Responses to Queen – “We Are The Champions”

  1. Edu says:

    Some say Spain is good, other Holland… in the ultimate time Brazil wins.

  2. Denilson Nunes Rodrigues says:

    Hello guys congratulations by yours amazing website. I love it and I usually listen to them everyday.

    So Lucy answering your question. I have to say It is gonna be Brazil,or rather Brasil. We are thirsty for that achievement for years. I believe we can make it now. Maybe, I’m running the risk of sounding very pretentious, but I also believe in 2014 when Brazil is gonna held the next world cup we gonna conquer again. hahhah

    I hope that any of my compatriots don’t crucify me, But I cheer on for Argentina as well. They are great, thats for sure. After us, they deserve it hahah

    Hey Dra Lucy and Dr Jeff you are highly invited to join us on 2014 ; )

    Denilson – Minas Gerais – Brazil

  3. José says:

    I’m not specially a soccer fan (in fact I don’t enjoy watching sports) however I believe that the team that will sing the song “We Are The Champions” will be Spain’s team. I have read in newspapers that this team is the favorite to win this competition this year.
    In Spain this selection of soccer players is called “La Roja” that means “The Red” because the players wear a red shirt.
    Of course that I want the best team to win this competition, but I would be happy if “La Roja” wins the World Cup because I’m a Spaniard.
    The same way I was really happy last Sunday when the Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nadal, achieved its 5th Roland Garros Cup and he also achieved the nº 1 place in the world.
    Congratulations Rafa. I hope I could congratulate to “La Roja” next 11 of July.

  4. Kuong Do says:

    I love Argentina football team!

  5. emiliano says:

    Jose, more or less like you, I don´t really like soccer but I think that here and now would be in some ways good if the Spaniards
    get the World Cup. We spanish people need some happiness.

    But I hope that the Spanish Goverment don´t get the merit or claim for it, if so, nearly I prefer by mind not to win, despite
    by heart I hope we may win some year and why not this one?.

    Yes, last sunday I was really happy after watching Rafa Nadal winning its 5th Roland Garros Cup.
    He deserves all the merit after working hard to get it, and yes he did it, a very big bravo for him.
    Good sportman respetful with everybody and a nice person.
    Congratulations Rafa.
    ¡Vamos Rafa¡ this is my shout when I am watching him playing so good, and last sunday he was enormous.
    To me it was “una auténtica gozada”, sorry I need to say it in my own language.

    It was very funny to read the reader´s comments in the N.Y.T., once the news was published and of course I wrote one.
    It is really very useful for us, the English students, to read “the readers comments” about an even we may be interested, and
    it´s also possible to write our own opinion and see it published in the biggest newspaper of the
    world. I like to do it quite often if the news are of my concern.
    If the comment´s readers like any of the written comments they can say it giving a point, also it´s
    possible to reply one-another, always in a good and polite way.
    The N.Y.T., reject every comment not respetfull, so it is nice to write and to read all comments.

  6. Karl, Austria says:

    As always the German team is underestimated. As long as the Italians do not cross their way, they’ll probably end up in the final, where Brazil will become champion.

  7. Wanderson Xesquevixos says:

    I’m Brazilian but the most exciting sport in my opinion is American Football.
    Go Go Giants! 😉

  8. emiliano says:

    Sorry for Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, and so on.
    Spain is going to win.
    We are European Champions, without any defeat for years.
    It means something, doesn´t it?

    ¡A por ellos, oeee¡
    ¡A por ellos, oeee¡

    And without any letter to our National Hymn when the flag will be eject and the Hymn music start to sound.

  9. emiliano says:

    Sorry, eject NO…..erect.
    What a big mistake, I can´t imagine the flag being ejected, it should be an incredible uncommon thing to see.
    Sorry again, but Spain is going to win.

  10. Tania says:

    Hi! Nice surprise with Queen. I like very much their song hits. I watched on TV the Freddie Mercury Biography years ago and …so much suffering…so much talent… I was very impressed.
    What about Sarah Brightman ?


  11. Tania says:

    Hi! I access “political blog” on the New York Times website from our blog almost daily. Today I have read “Spain Hit by Strike Over Austerity Measures”. “Spanish public workers went on strike on Tuesday against a cut in their wages”. The same in Romania.

  12. Paulo Lopes Ferreira says:

    Hello for all friends.

    Brazil is the best and we have so much possibilities to win the world cup.

    Brasil 4
    Argentina 0



  13. Daven says:

    I bet England will be the winner!!!!

  14. Mario says:

    Don’t forget that Italy is the last tournament’s champion!!!
    Soccer in Italy is the most important sport and here everyone is an expert of soccer strategy!
    Sometimes the choice of a single player in the national team is influenced by people because we all Italians are (or seem to be!!!) national team managers (except me, of course!)

    Anyway, Viva Italia!!!


  15. Micheli says:

    Brazil!!!!!!!Of course!I can’t believe it! Brazilians cheer for Argentina?Never!
    But the best may win!

  16. emiliano says:

    Yesterday in a friendly soccer game: Spain 6 / Poland 0

    I am very sorry for you all, and about us Spaniards too.

    Also yesterday an article in the N.Y.T. said that Spain hopes a Cup will ease Its malaise and in this way J.L.R.Zapatero is putting his hopes in the World Cup that begins in South Africa this week, where Spain is one of the two favorites to win.
    In the article also said that Spain has never won the world cup before, and having the same team that won the european championships and being undeafeated since that time it may be possible to have a reason to be happy if the team win
    Former dictator Franco just made the same, when Spain won the european championships all was happiness and people didn´t care about more important things.
    “Bread and Circus was the slogan of the old Roman Empire” more or less like now, Just every place every moment of history is the same.
    The old Roman Empire was wise and frame a guideline to all nations and politicians.

    In this moment I don´t know anything about my feelings.
    To win or not to win? that is the question?
    …..to be continued.

  17. emiliano says:

    Sorry Mario, but don´t you remember that Italy fall two years ago against…..who?
    Spain, of course.

    I don´t know anything about football, soccer, in fact I don´t like it but Just I know enough to say that the spanish team is incredible good.
    But my feelings, that is other question.

    In fact even I am not sure if I want them “the world cup” or not.
    There is also another matter about the premiums or rewards that the players may receive if they win the cup.
    Is there anybody who knows how much?, or if are there differences among the teams?
    What we have listened here is that the spanish team would be rewarded with an incredible amount of euros, and the other too I suppose, a real scandal in this time of crisis.
    Who pay that?, well I don´t know, but the spanish team should be the highest rewarded if they get the Cup.

    So much to think about…and to be continued, of course.

  18. emiliano says:

    Surfing through the web now I have the amounts:

    First Spain, each player may win 550.000 euros if they get the Cup
    Second Argentina, with 520.000 euros each
    and the third……..England with 470,000 euros
    and so on, but less I hope.
    Nothing to do being a rich country or a poor one.
    Who pay the differences? or the amounts?
    I would like to find out if possible.
    Where is the crisis?, it´s crazy by all means.

  19. Menjol says:

    I think Spain have the best team, but I hope Holland or Ivory Coast win (if Brazil won´t do it).


    I am fan soccer´s sport. I think that Brazil won´t win in South African championship soccer 2010. Why? Because in 2014 is a obligation to Brazil win the championship in your hause, and the Eurepean teams will not allow ( perhaps whit the help of referees ) to be champion this year ( 2010 ).
    I want the championship to Argentina. ” THEY WILL ARE THE CHAMPIONS “

  21. magda says:

    I’m not fan soccer’s sport, but I am a Brazilian woman, so, I hope my country wins…………lol.

  22. Eloá says:

    Sorry, but I have to say that Brazil will win!
    We are the best soccer country!! We have the best players and the best team!
    On July 11 I will be able to sing for the argentine people: “We are the champions!!”


  23. emiliano says:


    Spain is in final eighth, incredible.
    Sorry for France, Italy, Switzerland, Honduras ….and some more countries, but the world championship
    is goin on and Spain stil has a lot of chances.
    Here it is incredible, all the streets are empty till the end when thousands of people go out from their houses to celebrate
    “the geste”……I am astonished.


    …to be continued

  24. emiliano says:


    We have not money, we have a big crisis, we have an awful goverment, we have nearly five millions of unemployed people……but
    gooooooooool of Villaaaaa……and

    Spain is in quarterfinals………. everybody is happy at this moment.

    ….to be continued.

  25. emiliano says:

    We are the Champions, we are the Champions…….

    Spain is the new Champion and all the Spaniards are happy now.

    Congratulations to all the Spaniards, me too, Spain is a feast and all people are in the streets just in this moment.
    From the air Madrid is a wonderful city all crowded with the madrilenians that are shouting, jumping and having
    a really merry night.

    Tomorrow we go into reality having to pay the mortage or fighting against the crisis, but having a nice feeling
    or more moral to face actual problems.

  26. sara says:

    Edu Says: June 8th, 2010 at 6:54 am
    Some say Spain is good, other Holland… in the ultimate time Brazil wins.

    Edu! Spain and Holland! Have you got a crystal ball?

    Congratulations Spain! this year you are the Champion

  27. emiliano says:

    Thank you Sara, as spaniard I am very happy and with my eyes still full open.

    I didn´t like how Holland plays against Spain, it was quite a very strong, hard and dirty way of playing
    it seems that they were doing Karate instead of football.
    To me it was a total disappointment as I think Holland has a good team always
    and they could do a better play…….but at the end the good playing won……..fantastic.

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