Sorry, Vancouver

Just wanted to write you all a quick note to announce that, contrary to (the opposite of) what some of you may be thinking, I will not – repeat, not – be participating in the 2010 Olympic Games that begin tomorrow in Vancouver, Canada (a little country north of the U.S., I think).  It was a difficult decision, but I decided that since I cannot skate, ski, snowboard, bobsled, luge, “skeleton” sled, curl, play hockey, or shoot a gun (it’s part of the biathalon…seriously!), there was no point (no need, it didn’t make sense) for me to try to represent the U.S. of A. in Vancouver this year.

Perhaps next time they’ll have a sport I can participate in…like watching the Olympics on TV.


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13 Responses to Sorry, Vancouver

  1. Lanter Hermann says:

    I am sure, you and Lucy would get a gold medaille for your wonderful podcasts !
    Best wishes
    Hermann, Swiss team

  2. Matteo says:

    Sorry to hear that, but millions of people are supposed to be watching on TV the opening ceremony, and that would be the perfect stage to exhibit your singing abilities ! Have a second thought Jeff

  3. Akiuki says:

    The sport you need for the next olympics to participate is “Sillon-ball” – in english “couch-ball”.

  4. gregorex says:

    What about singing on ice? I bet you’d win 😉

  5. Hamid says:

    Hello,I think you are a good shooter that hit our heart & mind with your excellent pods.
    say hello to Lucy

  6. Ly says:

    It’s biathlon, Dr. Jeff 🙂

    I am wondering why they don’t hold a podcast sport contest. Producing podcasts sure consumes a lot of time and energy. Only strong, powerful people with dedicated hearts can make podcasts regularly as you are doing every week. Not to mention your ability to sing would be a very nice opening move for the ceremony. I feel sorry for the Olympic this year. You represent the United States next year then.

    I wish you, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Lucy, and the podcast crews, health and wellness over the years to come.


  7. emiliano says:

    Jeff, I thought you were a high qualified hockey player where you were in Minnesota, so what have you done along these years as to not going to participate in Vancouver?.
    Please, tell us.
    Don´t you play this sport any more?. What a pity, but I have something to say…….

    May be a high sportman has been lost but we have earned the best teacher of our dreams.
    I´m not sorry about your missing at Vancouver Olympics as I prefer you teaching us that playing hockey.

  8. Reza Akhavan says:

    In fact, you and Lucy are participatinig in this Olympic Games! But you have been impersonating yourselves as other champions, now that if folks of all nations in the world know who you really are there, the flood of your advocators who want to cheer you, may inundate not only Vancouver and Canada, but also the entire of North America continent including the United States, Mexico and so forth. On that severe situation, Canadian won’t manage the Games and even their country!

    Hope you be successful forever!
    Reza Akhavan, IRAN

  9. Magda says:

    It is a shame, because I realy wanted to meet you. You´re my idol……lol

  10. Bakhtyar basher says:

    Hey there just keep it of record , i want say something off the cuff next time mybe they put something of the contesting list like give an audition so at this time you can participate

  11. dongsung says:

    I missed its opening ceremony yesterday. Like other sports event ceremony, it must have been an enormous, elegant, and touch show for everyone in the world village. I also like watch winter sports on television as Jeff does.

  12. Canan says:

    Dear Jeff ,

    It is sad to hear that you wouldnt participiate to the olimpyc games as skier:))And I am the one of the millions of people who is expecting to see you as you are singing
    at the opening ceremony:))But I think I can wait 2012 London Olimpyc Games:))
    Thanks again to your great humor ability,

  13. Xavier says:

    Good decision Jeff, I think it’s better for your country 😀

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