The Musician and the Writer

This is the story of Mr. Ayers (pronounced “airs”) and Mr. Lopez, the musician and the writer.

It’s “Mr.” because that’s what Mr. Ayers mother taught him when he was young, and that’s how he honors (shows respect to) her today, almost 60 years later.

Mr. Ayers is an African-American musician. When he was 19 years old, he left his home in Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the Julliard School, one of the best music schools in the world. He was filled with hopes and dreams for a future filled with music. His main instrument is the bass (the largest string instrument in an orchestra), but he also plays several others, including the violin, cello, trumpet, and flute.

Mr. Lopez is a popular writer for the Los Angeles Times. Twice a week he writes a column (a special story or article) called Points West. Many of his columns are human interest stories – inspiring (encouraging) stories about people. That’s how I met Mr. Ayers.

Mr. Lopez’ story about Mr. Ayers inspires me, but it makes me cry, at least a little. I’m a musician, too, so I can identify with Mr. Ayers in many ways. But in other ways, Mr. Ayers and I are very different. You see, while Mr. Ayers was at Julliard, he had a mental breakdown (became very depressed, anxious). His condition became worse and worse until he ended up (finally arrived) in Los Angeles, a street person living under a freeway bridge. That’s where Mr. Lopez met Mr. Ayers – on the streets of Los Angeles – and became his friend.

I’ve been following the story of Mr. Ayers in Mr. Lopez’ column for five years. It’s one of the happiest stories I’ve read. And, at the same time, one of the saddest. It’s about dreams, and broken dreams, and triumph (success) over broken dreams. It’s musical and, in many ways, magical.

Many people have become acquainted with Mr. Ayers from Mr. Lopez’ columns. And many of them have reached out (given help) to him. Someone found an inexpensive (not expensive) room for him to live in. He has gotten to know members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic (professional orchestra). Some of them give him free music lessons. And others are helping him record a CD.

Today Mr. Ayers still plays his cello on the streets of Los Angeles. His illness seems to be getting better, but it may never be cured (go away completely). He may never accomplish the dreams he had when was 19, but his life is better than it was a few years ago, thanks to his friend, the writer, Mr. Lopez.

If you’d like to learn more about the story of Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez, there are several things you can do:

  • Watch the 60 Minutes (a well-known and popular weekly TV news program on Sunday evening) story about Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez.

Watch CBS Videos Online

A final note: Mr. Ayers’ sister, Jennifer, has started a foundation (an organization created for a special purpose) called the Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation. Its purpose is to help musicians and other artists who are mentally ill.

Warren Ediger – student of many things; ESL teacher/tutor; musician; husband and father; and creator of

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4 Responses to The Musician and the Writer

  1. elcomandant says:

    Thanks for bringing here this beautiful story. I believe that there are many cases like this, maybe too much. Anyway, I think this people are happy in their own way.

    I have just seen the video and due to my poor English I haven’t been able to understand well enough, but thanks to Mr. López we have met Mr. Ayers and can read about him.

    Why don’t the government, does something to help him?. I don’t know what, but I’m sure there is a way to help him giving him a better life and more cares, this way all human being would benefit. Even the people who don’t like the music, if there is somebody.

    The question is, if so, would accept Mr. Ayers this help that would change his life?.


  2. Tania says:

    Hi ! Dear Warren , you remember me of my English teacher . He used to say : I like to swim with my students directly in deep water .
    But your “waters” are very , very deep with a multitude of knowledge . Do we know to swim ? Just only with the help received from Dr. Lucy and Dr. Jeff .
    I like your ideas , your post very much as we can learn a lot : English conversation , new words , new people , famous buildings and cities , trendy stories and writers and
    music , to see great music . Beethoven is a spirit , indeed .
    And I think most of us use the redemptive power of music .
    Thank you .

    Best wishes ,


  3. Daniele says:

    Nice video.
    Thank you Mr Ayers, Mr.Lopez and Mr Warren

  4. dongsung says:

    I’ve just watched video clip of 60 Minutes. I do not fully understand whole stories but Mr. Lopes is trying to help him with in many ways. What kind of mental illness he has? And I’m going to see the movie which is story about Mr. Lopes. Thank you for the story Mr. Warren

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