Giving In to Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are things that we enjoy, but that we are embarrassed or ashamed that we like.  There can be guilty pleasures in all categories: food, TV shows, music, sports, and more.

In terms of food, one of my guilty pleasures is cake.  Other people like ice cream, chocolate, or candy.  I like cake–not the fancy kind at fancy bakeries, though I don’t mind those either.  I am perfectly happy with a plain white (vanilla) cake with frosting (a layer of sweet icing used to decorate the top and sides of cakes).  Chocolate cake is fine, too, but I don’t need fancy fruit, cream, or other fillings (food put inside of other food).  My favorite part of birthday parties, mine and other people’s, is having cake.  It’s something that I can never turn down (refuse), and I give in to (allow myself to do something I shouldn’t) my cravings (the wanting something very badly) all too often.

In terms of movies, I have a lot of guilty pleasures.  My guilty pleasures fall into two categories:
1) movies that I can watch over and over again (no, I won’t admit how many times I’ve seen them), and
2) bad movies that I enjoy.

Movies like “The Fugitive,” “Shawshank Redemption,” and “Roman Holiday” are ones I can watch time and time again (many times).  I usually catch them on lazy weekend afternoons, surfing the channels (using the remote control to move quickly through many TV channels).

Then, there are the bad movies.  There was a movie I saw on television when I was young called “Sooner or Later” about a teenage girl who falls for a handsome 17-year-old guy.  He is (of course!) the leader of a rock band, and she lies to him about her age so he’ll be interested in her.  Okay, everything about this movie is cheesy (embarrassingly bad and of poor quality)–the acting, the script, the music, the premise (basic idea).  Still, I can’t help enjoying myself when I watch the film now.  I’m sure it’s nostalgia (warm feelings for the past), but I’m not joking when I say it’s bad.

All right, now that I’ve confessed (admitted to something I’m not proud of or to something bad I’ve done) some of my guilty pleasures, will you confess some of yours?

~ Lucy

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25 Responses to Giving In to Guilty Pleasures

  1. My guilty pleasure is to listen old Jazz & Blues musics often from Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker.

  2. juan antonio lara says:

    My guilty pleasure is to watch the movie THE GLADIATOR,which one I’ve seen so many times.

  3. emiliano says:

    Guilty pleasures? Yes, I have a lot.
    First of them, I like all kind of electronic gadgets. Small and Big ones, like mp3. dvd players and recorders, big flat tv. to wach movies. Hifi music equipments, speakers, and so on. All life doing the same.
    About food I have none, my will is strong about eating always food I know is good for my body.
    As you Lucy, I like to hear hundred of times the same music, same singer along years and also read some books from the same author that I know
    there are not quite good but I don´t mind.

    But the worst of all my guilty pleasures now is going to the bed very very late, without any reason and Knowing isn´t good for the health, but may be I think my time is short and it´s a waste of time to be sleeping with so many things to do. Which ones? I don´t know really.

  4. emiliano says:

    Seeing what Juan Antonio said, yes, I have seen Gladiator so many times that I don´t remember how many. I like Rusell Crow but even more I like
    all the films of Ridlet Scott.
    I don´t miss any of R.Scott´s films and I don´t care if they are good or bad films, I see all of them.
    Gladiator, Alien, Blady Runner, are my best….once and again never tired of watching to these movies on the big tv.screen.

  5. Luis Marino says:

    Well, I think my guilty pleasure is to watch all Rocky’s movies, I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen these movies. Sometimes I’ve spent all day watching all the series from Rocky I to Rocky V, and you know what I enjoy each movie as the first time I saw it.

  6. alberto says:

    Well…I confess one of mine guilty pleasures…I attended a competition for ‘melodious voices’ named rutto-sound. I admit….I had a lot of fun!!!

    A little bit of explanation about why I feel guilty and ashamed:

    Melodious voice is an ironic euphemism because… ‘rutto’ in italian means burp…so it was a burping-contest.
    Usually burping is not a polite habit here in Italy and it is really inconvinient do it in pubblic.
    Anyway the competition was very funny and many people gathered to hear these talented ‘athletes’. Moreover it was all for charity and funds had been raised for cancer research.
    I am proud of attending three guinness world record in a night: loudest burp, most lasting burp (1 minute 13 seconds!), loudest burp (female).

    This my confession!

  7. ivan says:

    My guilty pleasure is eat spaguettis, I like a lot italian food

  8. Zhiyong Sun says:

    Well, I guess playing some video games and browsing internet for no apparent purpose would be mine, but I do share your feeling on your movie guilty. I’ve watched many times the Shrek, cars, etc, which are movies having good reviews. I also like movies like “Garfield the movie”, which received really bad review but I find “absolutely charming..”. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. Having not much English movie background makes me enjoy lots of “regular” movies.

  9. Peter says:

    Good stuff ,

    Hi Lucy, hope every thing is doing O.K. with you. I am not too sure if I ever embarked on a guilt trip about anything,what so ever.

    I mean ,I dont havr any guilty pleasure ,but I do have lots of hung-up

    If you ask me , Nothing new down the road. The same old crap

    I stuck in a rut in sore need of a big change sis ( sister )

    Keep up the good work,



  10. Peter says:

    Lots of Hang-ups

    Sorry for the typo

  11. Peter says:

    Dear Lucy,

    Your tantalizing( I can not have it ) story about cakes is all month-watering. Don’t be hard on yourself one or two slices occasionally does not do anybody any harm sis. Have at it but don’t over indulge. I Don’t know how you can pass a dollop of whip cream mounted all over on the top.Honest ,I don’t vote for the cakes that are suger-bomb. Preferably .I go for low sugar ones, not the bland ones ,but low sugar.

    Wish you a sweet-like-cake(just fashioned( made up)) life for you.

  12. Peter says:

    -Occasionally of course-does

  13. Peter says:

    A dollop of whipcream smeared all over

    Mount: fixing something on the top of something else.

    A tv set mounted on the wall

  14. Fernando says:

    Hi Lucy.
    My Guilty Pleasure is watch the film “Finding Nemo”. I saw him more than 10 times. I spend lot of time saving phrases of characters. Congratulations for your job and thank you.

  15. Peter says:

    Hi ,It is me writing gibberish again,

    About the movies ,

    I cannot think of any particular movie -that is a blast from past. Rembo sometimes hits the spot, but in mose cases my fair lady does it. have you ever seen my fair lady starring Adry hiporn( wrong speling). I have seen the movie like one million times . watched it over and over and over.

    Oh, I totally forgot ,another move that amazes me is Can Can by Moris Shovalie( wrong spelling) . I give it two thumbs-up .


  16. emiliano says:

    Peter, I have seen “My Fair Lady” so many times that it should be difficult to know how many. Even I can remember the first time I saw it, the cinema theater and everything about the film. Also that was Oscar to the best movie about 1965 more or less. Yes Cuca tell me it was that year.
    But to be honest I was in love with Audrey Hepburn and she was so beatiful thal all she did was incredible good to me. As a matter of fact every friend I had was in love with Audrey as she was an ideal woman on those days to most of the young boys and men.
    Never tired of seeing all her films and feeling what I felt so many years before.

    That hat she wore in Ascott, the horse raicing…….was incredible funny.

  17. elcomandant says:

    Just speaking about cinema, I have to confess that I have several movies that they are my guilty pleasures. However, the first it came to my mind was “Casablanca”. Unlike Emiliano, I will have seen it just twice or at the most three times. Anyway, I can remember that the first time I saw it, I wanted to be like Humphrey Bogart, besides I wanted to find Ingrid Bergman to get marriage with her.

    If I had to speak of another thing that was also my guilty pleasure, I would speak about travels. So, my wife and I like traveling very much, but travel on a cruise is our guilty pleasure.

    What about of food?. Well, I’m a lucky man because I can’t remember any food that I don’t like me. It’s really true. I enjoy eating. Although there are some things that I like more than other, obviously. Besides, I can be eating without stoping until bursting. However, due to this, I have had to be all my life repressing my appetite. Sometimes this can be very hard, you can believe me. But, my guilty pleasure, without doubt, is “La Paella Valenciana”. It’s really delicious, and is also very easy to cook, at least for me. Just you need, as for meat: chicken and/or duck, rabbit; as for vegetables: bachoqueta, ferradura, garrofón, alcachofa; If you want get it better you can put some snails; You can’t forget to put some little branch of rosemary.

    I eat Paella almost all sundays.


  18. gregorex says:

    One of my biggest pleasures (of course not guilty) that I give in a lot is listening ESL team 😉

  19. Bruce Lee says:

    Guilty Pleasure!

    Although I searched for the meaning of this phrase thru. the web service, there’s nothing.
    But I suppose that it’s a kind of pleasure when people do something bad or someting ashamed.

    Anyway, I’m gonna tell you my guilty pleasure.
    My guilty pleasure is to watch old movies such as “the Rock”, “Gladiator”
    and “the day after tommorrow” that make me feel very familiar with.

    And there’s one more thing!
    When my boss goes on business trip for a few days, I used to take a walk for some hours in the park where is located next by my office.
    Do you think it’s bad thing?
    It’s reasonable that taking a short relax makes me refresh & recover shortly. so I can do work hard after they come back to the office.

  20. Sam Tayalan says:

    Hi, I have a lots of guilty pleasures but the best is eating fried fish and chicken although I should stay away from it according to my doctor.

  21. Patricia Helena says:

    It is a great issue. One of my guilty pleasures is song. I’ve listened some songs a lot of time. 🙂 For instance: “Come What May”; “Your Song”; “Somewhere over the Rainbow”; “Don’t le go”. It isn’t easy to confess, I know. My daughter pulls my legs and she says: “mom, stop listen this songs”, but I can’t help it.


  22. Nima says:

    i think mine would be playing the famous 3rd person action PC game, Max Payne, from it’s introduction to market in 2001 untill now, non-stop!

  23. Cate Roberts says:

    To tell the truth, I’am speechless. The Shawshank Redemption is terrific. I’am quite young movie fan, in fact, this film appeared the same yearI was very young, and thence I’am more used to movies with astounding special effects, edge-of-your-seat action, et cetera. This film has zero of that, and still, it attracts me really much . Way Frank Darabont applies the narration of Red to drive on the story, the excellent the soundtrack utilized (note the harmonica used merely before Red finding the letter at the end). The whole film, from beginning to closing, from actions to music, is a lighthouse of desire, judgment, and repurchase. The cast is perfect, Morgan Freeman(Red) in reality brings about a refreshing feel to the film, and that is exactly what the film is, what a film should be. Really recommended for every film fan.

  24. emiliano says:

    I agree with you about this film that to me is one of the Sthephen King´s stories best adapted to the cinema.
    Great movie in all aspects made from a short, very short, good story from the master S.King.

    Another good movie from other Stephen King´s short story is “Stand by me” with a good cast and Rob Reiner
    as director.
    The short story is “The Body” taken from the same book that “The Shawshank Redemption” the book is
    named “Different Seasons” with four stories:

    * Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
    * The Body
    * Apt Pupil
    * The Breathing Method

    In the cast of “Stand by me” you could see Keith Shuterland and the unfortunate actor River Phoenix, just an opportunity of
    seen him in one of his best works.
    I recommend this movie to you too.
    From “Apt Pupil” was made another movie, but this is not as good as the other two and the plot it´s about a nazi from the
    war II who is hidden in USA, the actor of the movie who acted as the nazi is “Ian McKellen” a great actor who was Gandalf
    too. I like this actor very very much.
    The movie is good but just a little disagreeable.

    I always like to talk about movies and actors.

  25. minerva says:

    My guilty pleasure is of course see the movie of snow white, again and again , of course my husband say me : when you are to grow?

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