How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

Last week we published an episode called Mending a Broken Heart about someone who is sad because their boyfriend or girlfriend has left them.  Most of us have experienced this at some time in our lives (and some of us, many times!).  It is one of those common human experiences that everyone understands.

While I don’t normally publish writings that are submitted (send to us) by listeners, I got a note from Kaz in Poland who said that he, too, had his heart broken recently.  He wrote a short poem about it after listening to this episode.  I put the poem below.  The English is easy to understand, I think, as well as the sentiment (emotion) behind it.  If you enjoy poetry, you may want to read it.

Good luck to Kaz!



Have I fallen in love?
They say love is suffering.
I didn’t believe, I didn’t understand.
“Love is a delight, a joy,” I thought.
And I’ve been waiting for love, all my life …
Finally, when I lost hope, I saw her …
The Princess Ag … I recognized her from glamour,
From a glow which highlighted the scene.
At first I covered my eyes. But then we started to talk …
When our souls in two months got close, she disappeared.
Heavy grief has fallen on my heart.
Did I say something wrong?
The last of my words were: “We have no debts.”
Did she understand by this, “We are through?”
I meant only I didn’t expect mail she had forgotten to send …
My heart is broken. It’s more than hankering,
That’s simply suction, day and night.
I haven’t known such a feeling yet.
Is that love?

glamour = an exciting quality that makes people appear special
glow = a soft light that comes from a light bulb, a candle, or other source
highlighted = to light or to put special attention on
grief = extreme sadness
hankering = a strong desire to do something

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8 Responses to How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

  1. emiliano says:

    Really I do not know what to say you Kaz, but I think that yes it is love as it has so many ways to feel it. Even when your lover is close to you it is possible to suffer because future is uncertain and we do no know nothing what is going to happen tomorrow.
    Best to fall in love, love, and be alone afterward that not to live such a feeling ever. Now for you is a real feeling and you make a poem like this one that is very emotive, I like it very much.
    Thank you Kaz to share your feelings with us.

  2. Linus says:

    My dear friends, you can try anything you want: poetry, gambling, drinking, anything, but don’t waste your time, as everybody knows a broken hear cannot be fixed… no way. Perhaps you can take on learning a foreing language, it doesn’t help any either but it’s funny and sometimes even useful.

  3. katherine supertramp says:

    This is the first time I visit this site and I also have a broken heart… but i must say, i agree with Linus… you should do something useful in the meantime.. like painting, like going on vacation.. o maybe, justa enjoying yourself.


  4. Amy Z says:

    What is love?
    For me , it is a rose.
    It is full of fragrance and stings.
    I resist, for it hurt me deeply

    What is love?
    For you, it could be everything
    It is according to your judgment and experience
    You hunger, but it broke your heart.

    Time could wash away something, also strengthen something.
    Ten years has past,
    My heart is still bleeding.
    You are not lonely.

  5. emiliano says:

    ¡Bravo¡ Amy Z, it’s good, I like it.

  6. sean says:

    Time is the best medicine to mend a broken heart. With the time goes by, you may forget her little by little till she disappears on your mind

  7. Naresue says:

    I just knew what is love after I was brokened heart and that was the first love too. But I really believe that love is good thing that begin in this beautiful world. We can learn many things from love both negative and positive view. Happiness teach me lesser than suffering, If you never meet sadness, how will you know happiness well. Please love yourself and take care your heart, give compassion to yourheart. Whoever broke your heart, that person could hurt you only one time, but you will be one who re hurt your heart again and again if you still think and be sad after that. I could pass hard time and got the value experience, you can so, I believe. Cheers sir.

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