Do or Die for Hillary Clinton

HillaryToday is a very important primary election in the states of Texas and Ohio (see my explanation of the U.S. election system here). One expression that you can read in the American newspapers today is “do or die.” People are saying that these elections today are do or die for one of the candidates, Hillary Clinton.

When something is do or die, we mean that if the person fails now, their chances of winning or succeeding are over, that they will not win in the future. This is often said of situations where the person has one last chance to try to win something. Clinton has lost 11 primaries in a row (one after the other) to her competitor, Barak Obama. If she loses in Texas and Ohio, it will be almost impossible for her to win the race (election) to be the nominee of the Democratic Party in the November elections.

We’ll know the answer to that question by tomorrow morning.


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  1. Steen Hestehave says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Should “looses” not be spelled “loses” though pronounced with a long “oo”. You have a “loose” fit but a poor “loser”.
    Best regards,

    [It was a typing mistake and thanks for pointing it out. We’ve corrected it.–ESL Podcast Team]

  2. Nice expression Jeff. There is a music with that expression.

    See you.


  3. &rey says:

    US president elections seems to be sort of performance. But it is interesting to look after this elections. We really don’t know who wins.
    In Russia we had president elections last sunday. It was very predictable and we really had no choice.
    But it’s very unpleasant to read american newspapers where they critiseze our elections. They blame Putin all the time. But most Russian people really respect him. It’s true.
    I’m not fan of Mr. Putin but i think we can make decision by ourselfes.
    I wish americans to elect the best person to be the president.

  4. Juan says:

    My friend Jeff:
    The race to U.S. Presidency is very, very interesting this year. In my opinion, Democratic Party’s candidats have been fighting clearly and honestly.
    I hope impatiently the answer to that question tomorrow.
    By, by.

  5. Patrick says:

    Dear Jeff and Lucy

    At first, what is happening in the United States is a perfect example of democracy. A woman and a man, whose origin is African, taking part in the same race for presidency shows us how the differences between races and genders are getting smaller and smaller. But, there is something making me feel less enthusiastic and, unfortunately, it’s just a matter of money. This might be making a big difference. Why didn’t they start the campaign with the same amount of money?

    Patrick (France)

  6. jacky(france) says:

    Hi,Lucy and Jeff,

    The time has come as Barak Obama said ,to change,and mainly forget the exportation of democracy , i.d.,interventions of United States like in Irak,South America,Columbia last saturday,etc..

    i agree with Rey,no more lessons;we also know that money is doing a lot in the american campaign but it’s true everywhere and lobbies play also with all their forces

    I have a dream and hope Obama wins ,not to fully do what he said but mostly to improve a little bit the life of everybodyin this divided world

  7. emiliano says:

    It should be good if she may continue the race and I hope that, because I just prefer her, I don’t Know why as I am not there but It is my feeling.
    Also I prefer a woman with her feet on the ground that wonderful words, and I think Obama is a specialist. In fact I am fed up with those wonderful words without sense or meaning inside.
    We have another specialist in nice words here for the last four years and next sunday we are going to vote, probably it should be elected same president…..what a pity, but that is democracy. Sincerely I wish you onother thing that we should have for the next four years…….probably, I cross my fingers by the other option so remote there as here.
    Good luck Hillary.

  8. Sergio Pinheiro Rodrigues says:

    I would like to know the meaning of the expression Momentum, often mentioned in the news about American elections. Doest it mean a momentaneos advantage or a boost in the campaing or it is just one more political neologism.

  9. emiliano says:

    I can’t forget what happened in Europe sixty years ago when United States exported democracy fighting with fascist on the lands of France, Italy, Holland, and other many nations. Thousands of american’s soldiers died on that years, just fighting for democracy and helping us in the Second War.
    So I am always thankfull to these men and also to the exportation of democracy by the United States, as they stoped the fascist and helped Europe in bad times.
    If the U.S. President on that years has being like Obama and didn’t wanted to export ideas or democracy to other lands, we had beeng alone to fight against fascist.
    That’s my way of thinking and I’ll be always grateful to that people that gave their lifes, like now they are doing, to support their way of living with freedoom.
    Thank you to all them.

  10. Nikolay says:

    I wish Good Luck to Hilary. Democratic party seems to be elected in november and if it is let it, be the first woman.
    Temporary live in the sate of Ohio and had some conversations wtih the americans I work with who are mostly respublicans. And their opinion is that if Democratic party fails the election they want to see Hilary as a president). But I should tell that all of them are white (caucasian) americans and may be that was the reason. Prety sure that black ones will vote for Barak).

  11. chan bo says:

    the republican guy will win, that’s true. Many people vote Hillary because they don’t want democratic party to win at last. I am just wondering what’s the matter with the democratic party.

  12. Darren says:

    Wish Hillary good luck to let the race continue.

  13. emiliano says:

    She did, good for Her. I look forward other elections. emiliano (spain)

  14. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you, nice post, very informative. Regards.

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