Buyer’s Remorse and the American Elections

Barak and HillaryWell, the results are in (are available): Hillary Clinton won the elections in Texas and Ohio that I discussed in yesterday’s post, and so the fight for the presidential nomination in the Democratic Party will continue. The next big election will be in Pennsylvania, seven weeks from now.

So far (up to this point in time), neither Barak Obama nor Hillary Clinton has enough votes to win the nomination. For the Republicans, John McCain will be their nominee (the person who has been named or nominated as the candidate) for president. I talked about McCain a few years ago on English Cafe #40.

One expression that I heard watching the election coverage (news) last night was buyer’s remorse. A buyer is someone who buys or purchases something. Remorse is when you feel sorry for something you did, when you regret doing something. Buyer’s remorse is an expression we use when we buy something (a new car, a new house, a new MacBook Pro with a 15″ screen and 250 gigabyte hard drive!) and then later regret our purchase. We wish we had not bought it.

So how is this related to the election? Well, Hillary Clinton’s opponent, Barak Obama, has become very popular, very quickly in the past two months. He has become so popular that some people think that he has not been as carefully scrutinized (examined closely) as Senator Clinton. For this reason, some news commentators (people who give their opinion on the television and radio news shows) were suggesting that perhaps voters were sorry for supporting him earlier, that they changed their minds and instead are now supporting and voting for Hillary Clinton.

Of course, no one actually buys a political candidate. We should probably say “voter’s remorse.” We will have to see what happens in the upcoming (future) elections to know if the commentators are right.


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5 Responses to Buyer’s Remorse and the American Elections

  1. emiliano says:

    We need an explanation as yours, because even newspapers here misunderstand or doesn’t translate so clearly things or evens as you explain to us day by day, and that frase “buyer’s remorse” is very confusing.
    Jeff it is a pleasure to read your coments, thank you again.

  2. chan bo says:

    Hi, Jeff, would you please give us readers more information about the American Elections in future. As emiliano mentioned, our newspaper and websites can’t give us the detail, sometimes even the right news about it. Thanks!

  3. emiliano says:

    Just in this moments we have our elections here in Spain. This morning (my wife, my daughter Fátima, and me) we have arrived to the place where votes may put in the ballot box. There were hundreds of people voting, and we have to queue up for a long time. It has been very exciting to see so many people voting despite two days ago terrorist has killed another person in the north of Spain, trying to affect elections. Yes, elections has been affected and more people have gone to deposit their votes.
    Even my wife Cuca that has some incapacity has wanted to go, and my daughter has came to help me in the way of going with the wheelchair up to the ballot box.
    As my daughter Fatima is census with us despite she lives out, we have voted in the same place, which has been really a pleasure.
    I’m now happy because domocracy goes on in this country despite terrorists.

  4. Thank you Jeff for your great explanation.
    you and Lucy a GREAT.

  5. I don’t like the way the election in The U.S goes. In Egypt we have only one president for over 27 years, and we are waiting for His son to be his Calif.
    In our election you will find 99.9% are voting for him. Surprisigly, you can hardly find a man or woman walking on the streets the day the election is held.
    I think one day our country will have another nomination. It might be ” The Arab Republic of Mubarak”. This is the true election.

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