On the Edge of Your Seat (325 – Describing People’s Moods)

In today’s podcast, 325 – Describing People’s Moods, we talk about being on edge. In the “What Else Does it Mean?” section of the Learning Guide, we also talk about the different meanings of edge, and what competitive edge and cutting edge mean.

Another very common idiom is to be on the edge of (one’s) seat. We use this to mean that we feel very interested in something and that it is very exciting. If I thought that a movie was very good and had a lot of action, I might say that I was on the edge of my seat as I watched the movie from beginning to end. At an exciting basketball game, the fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see which team will win.


Are any of our listeners on the edge of their seats waiting for each new episode of our podcast? I doubt it!

~ Lucy

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8 Responses to On the Edge of Your Seat (325 – Describing People’s Moods)

  1. Vaclav says:

    Lucy, I am not on the edge of my seat but I am just looking forward to them. They are excelent.

  2. Miguel says:

    Lucy, your scripts are cool. Well done. Were you in strike?

  3. ESLPodcast Google Group says:

    Of course Lucy. We are on edge of our seats waiting the next podcast episode.

  4. Anushi says:

    Lucy, thanks very much for your excellent service. I do look forward to your podcast episodes. I came across your site 04 months back and I am really benefited. Thanks a lot again.

  5. Bryan (from Korea) says:

    It’s first time for me to write some reponses in this blog. Actually, I am the one of your listener on the edge of my seat for new episode which is interesting stroy written by Lucy and have a lively voice of Jeff. What I wanna tell you is that many people in the world are looking forward to … meeting you. ^^ improving their Eglish skill through here with Jeff and Lucy…!

  6. emiliano says:

    Yes, Lucy, I am on edge every morning waiting to listen a new podcast episode, but I am not siting on a chair or similar, sometimes I am listening the podcast doing the bed, or sweeping up the dust, or washing up the dishes and it is very amusing. It makes all more easy and laught at some of the stories. At the begining was a little difficult to bring sweeping or washing up into line with listening to Jeff or you talking about other different things. But I have enjoyed a lot doing both things. And I have in mind to continue doing that for long.
    But at night, when I am alone… then, yes, I am sitting on edge waiting a new podcast charging in the Itunes, or searching on the blog for new things. Thanks a lot for that momets.

  7. Igor Grivko says:

    Hi Lucy!

    I must confess that I am NOT on the edge of my seat waiting for the new story of ESL Podcast. Usually I download 5-10 stories and then listening to them many times, Today I was listening to a story about a mugged woman (describing face features), two days before I was listening to a story about “enjoying here and now” – not to be stressed out.

    These stories are from the past but I enjoyed them now. So I want to comfort you as a writer – we are listening to ALL of your stories, not to only to the last ones!

  8. anas says:

    I am on the edge of these very beutiful lessons and waiting for the rest of them

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