What Yo Yo Ma is Up To Now (English Cafe 111)

Yo Yo Ma

Today’s Cafe 111 talks about the American celloist Yo Yo Ma. Ma is one of the best known classical musicians in the U.S. If you are interested in what he is up to (what he is doing), take a look at an article in this week’s U.S. News and World Report, one of the three popular newsmagazines in the U.S.

Ma’s latest project is the Silk Road Project. The article describes part of the project as:

a children’s workshop…to bring the sounds and instruments from the historic Asia-Europe trade route to the international scene.

A workshop is a type of class or training program. A trade route refers to the path people used to transport goods from one country to another. Ma is training a group of young musicians to play with the instruments that were found on the trade route between Asia and Europe several centuries ago.

If you want to become a great musician, you may want to study at the Julliard School. Today’s Cultural Note in the Learning Guide will tell you more.


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3 Responses to What Yo Yo Ma is Up To Now (English Cafe 111)

  1. ESL Podcast Google Group says:

    Yo Yo Ma looks to be a simple person and I he plays really good.
    Into us google group; we cited a link about the Top 10 Yo Yo Ma Album and an article from Times magazine about he.

    Take Care Listeners,


  2. Pedro says:

    There is another avenue to be recognized as a musician. If you merely want to be famous (or notorious as the butt of a joke), you may want to audition for American Idol.

    – Pedro

  3. Vicent Ibanyez says:

    How good to read about Pau Casals who is more famous abroad than in Spain, except in Catalonia. Here is in the last years of his life, at the United Nations: [link deleted]

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