Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff McQuillan!

Join us in wishing Dr. Jeff McQuillan a very happy 29th (??) birthday–again!

“Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear Jeff,

Happy birthday to you!”

Birthday 2

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83 Responses to Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff McQuillan!

  1. Shayan says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff McQuillan,

    Happy birthday to you!

    In my language they say:
    Tavalodet Mobarak!

    By the way, is it really your 29th birthday? So why did you put a couple of question marks after 29th?!! It’s a little bit confusing…

    Anyway, I’m so proud to be the first one who put a comment on this blog and especially say happy birthday to you.


  2. Fabio says:

    29th ?… Were you born in a leap year?…
    Anyhow, the best birthday to you and to the… beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA (though I prefer Minneapolis much more).


  3. Vaclav says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Happy birthday and thank you for everything you have been doing for us.
    I am happy that I found out your website.
    Thanks, Vaclav, Czech Republic.

  4. Javier says:

    Hello, Jeff:

    I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I’m listening to you from Andalusia (South of Spain, Europe). I would thanks to you because you are helping a my a lot to improve my listening skills. You, and Lucy, are doing a great job! Congratulations,

  5. Patrik Krebs says:

    Happy birthday Jeff, I wish you all the best. Many people don’t like birthday, but I hope you will take it as a nice excuse to organize great party, which might inspire Dr.Lucy Tse to wright nice podcast for all of us. If you want, you could tell us something about all those nice presents you have obtained so far. Anyway, thank you for all nice work you have done and I wish you a lot of energy to continue in important mission you have: a teacher… Patrik, colleague from Slovakia

  6. Antonio Alves says:

    Hi, Mr. Macquillan.

    I´m brazilian.
    Happy birthday to you!
    God bless you!
    You help me a lot with your podcast. I love it!

    More time: Happy birthday!

  7. Rita says:

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Thank you for your pod cast.

  8. franco says:

    Actually 29th birthday? I’ve seen in your website a picture of
    you. I thought you were 25!!! You are doing a great job, happy birthday

  9. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for all your help to learn english. Thanks thanks thanks! Enjoy this day for 100 years!!

  10. Eham says:

    “Happy Birthday to you!” , and Many thanks for your helpful website, I found it so useful to learn English.Thanks, Jeff!

  11. Tatsuya Ogawa says:

    Happy birthday, Dr. Jeff McQuillan.

    I’m Tatsuya Ogawa from Japan.
    I’ve been listning your ESL Podcast for almost two years.
    I’ve been studying English as hard as I can.
    But, Unfortunately, My English is not enough to speak fluently.
    I think I must study harder than ever.

    You are the greatest English teacher.
    I wish you good luck.

  12. Benjamin says:

    Hey Jeff!

    Thank you for your great work which helps me every day to improve my English. I don´t want you to get older because i need at least 50.000 podcasts from you until my English is perfect so please don´t retire 🙂

    with best wishes

    Benjamin from Germany

  13. Jerzy says:

    I want to join all those people wishing you Happy Birthday.
    I love your podcasts. Jerzy Hebda from Poland

  14. Bartek says:

    Hello Mr Jeff McQuillan,

    happy birthday and all the best, many happy returns!

    And many thanks to you (and to all the staff) for all the wonderful work you’re doing for ESL learners.

    Happy birthday!

    Warsaw, Poland

  15. shaghayegh says:

    Happy Birthday Dr.Jeff McQuillan
    with the best wishes

  16. Pavel says:

    “Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday, dear Jeff,

    Happy birthday to you!”

  17. Robert says:

    Happy Birthday Dr.Jeff McQuillan
    I’m studyng English every evening with U. Yours lessons are very helpfull. I really apreciate it.
    Thank U again. Great job.
    Robert from ???? Moscow, Russia

  18. Jacy says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Happy birthday to you! And many many thanks for the poscast! Appreciate your work. It does help a lot.
    By the way, would you like to talk more about seeing dentist and dental insurance?

  19. Yeonhoe says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!!
    I love your lesson, so keep it up.
    Will you post your birthday photo, please?

  20. erkin says:

    I hope u will lead very happy and healthy life during the rest of the life .

    erkin from turkey 🙂

  21. Giovanni says:

    Hi Jeff

    Happy birthday to you!
    I wish to you all the best.
    Giovanni, Italy

  22. Franciela says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff McQuillan,


    from Brazil

  23. Berron Marie says:

    Happy birthday to you ….. Marie from Brittany France

  24. Anton says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Jeff.
    Your voice is really magic. We’ll never forget your “…from beautiful Los Angeles, California”.
    Best wishes. Let all your dreams come true!

  25. Philippe says:

    Hi Jeff

    I wish a very happy birthday to you and I can say that i like study English by yout podcast i ll hope you shall continu to help to improbe my english. Thanks again.

  26. Sandra says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I wish you all the best. Happy birthday to you and thanks so much for all your explanation. You are my best teacher. I said all the time you are my morning teacher because I am listening to you every day in the morning. Your explanation has helped me a lots.
    Thank you very much for everything.

  27. Eduardo M. de Oliveira says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Ive just learned about your amazing site- say, a couple of weeks now- but it’s been enough for me to listen to a few podcasts and so I’m told( by you yourself) you’re just a bit older than 29, but I guess that it’s just all right, isn’t it? I couldn’t let it go without telling you how nice a job you along with Lucy have been doing. This one more year of life must really be celebrated in style for it is reflected thru your work and generous spirit on the lives of so many people around the world, THANK YOU VERY MUCH- AND CONGRATULATIONS !
    May God make all your wishes come true and bless you today and forever,
    Happy Birthday,
    Eduardo- from São Paulo – Brasil ( although it sounds like Z (Brazil) the corect spelling is with S )
    P.S- Tell us : How does it feel to be embraced by the WORLD ?

  28. Alena says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Happy Birthday to you from Prague, Czech Republic and thank you (and Lucy, of course) for your great work!!! I love your sens of humour, your style…You are the best Teacher.
    I know, California is realy beautiful, but let me invite you to my Prague. Seriously.

  29. Ricardo Nunes says:

    I just want to thank you for your great job in ESL Podcast and say that it helps me every day to improve my english skills!
    Best of luck in your life and have a happy bithday!
    Ricardo Nunes
    from beautiful São Paulo – Brazil.

  30. Jose Ailo says:

    Hi Dr. Jeff McQuillan !
    This is Jose Ailo from the amazing Sao Paulo, Brazil!
    You are doing a good job.
    Happy birthday to you.


  31. Danilo says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff McQuillan!

    this podcast has helped me a lot, keep up the good work!

    all the best,

    Danilo, from Brazil.

  32. Marie says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Dr. Jeff McQuillan !
    May your life is full of love and pleasure !
    I am 61 and I love your voice/your English !
    I have been learning English for about 3 years because I want to be able to speak to my son-in-law (from the UK) and now to my cute granddaughter.
    I was happy when I found you on the Internet 3 months ago. Since that day I have listened your (and your colleagues) lessons almost every day.
    Thank you very much !
    Czech Republic

  33. Jordi says:

    Hi Jeff,

    From Catalonia (Spain), Per molts anys!

    Best wishes, Dr.Jeff McQuillan and thank you (all the staff) for your great work.

  34. Vinicius says:

    Hi Dr. Jeff,

    Congratulations for your birthday and thanks a lot for everything.
    You’re an excellent teacher !

    Remember to send a piece of cake to me, ok? 🙂

    Vinicius – Brazil

  35. Sabine Jung says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I wish you “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag” (~ all the best to your birthday) from Germany.
    Thanks for all the great episodes so far and for giving me a laugh now and then!

    Looking forward to the next episode from beautiful Los Angeles/ California,
    (from nice Marburg, Germany)

  36. Richard says:

    Happy birthday Jeff!
    You (and Lucy of course too) make excellent work form my English.
    Make this to the of World and one day more!

  37. Roman G. says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff McQuillan:

    I wish you everything that makes you happy on your birthday and always.
    By the way, the ESL Podcast definitely is the best. Thanks a lot!

    Sincerely yours,
    Roman G.
    (from Germany)

  38. Alvaro says:

    Hola Doc,
    Como dices que hablas español, pues un feliz cumpleaños en el idioma del manco de Lepanto! Que te concedan mas para que nos sigas gratificando con tus enseñansas.
    Que disfrutes tu torta.
    F E L I T A C I O N E S ! ! !

  39. Happy birthday Jeff. Feliz Cumpleaños Jeff. I wish you the best of all. Keep going on what you are doing !!
    Thanks a lot for all the ESL podcasts.

    Frat Quintero – Bogotá – Colombia – South America

  40. Leandro says:

    Dear Jeff: I´ve started to listen your classes just a few days ago….. but you´re like family already.

    Happy Birthay!!!!!

    Take care and continue doing what you do….. It´s great.

  41. Joanne Trudel says:

    Happy birthday,

    I wish you a BEAUTIFUL day !

    Bonne fête et passez une belle soirée en compagnie de votre épouse !

  42. Leyla Betancourt says:

    Doctor Jeff McQuillan: Thank you very much for all the podcasts, I find them very interesting and useful, I just want to wish you a wonderful and full of joy day, your work is really important to people who are learning English, a good friend of mine told me about this great website and i´m glad to listen to these programs, happy birthday to you with my respect and admiration.

  43. David says:

    Hello everybody,

    I think is not Dr. McQuillan’s 29th birthday, I remember in one of the podcasts he said he have around 43 to 45 years. So probably is another of his jokes he is used to saying, you know when he says that he has a beutiful voice. I can only say that he has an excelent sense of humor.

    Dear Jeff,

    Thanks a lot for you dedication, please say hello to Dr. Lucy.
    Finally, probably is not your 29th birthday, but whatever your age is, if your birthday is around this time HAPPY BIRTHDAY! lots more with excelent health. Cya dude cath you later, lol.

  44. Hairu Chen says:

    Dear Dr.,

    Happy birthday to you

    I listen to your eslpod everyday, it helps me a lot, thank you so much.


  45. Ochiroo says:

    Dear Dr. Jeff

    First of all, I’d like to say that I really appreciate your English podcasts. Actually, I’m a new one that means I’ve been listening your pods since last wednesday. I think my english is getting better since I listened your pods, so let me say you are the best teacher. I wish you all the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  46. Naomi says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Dr. Jeff McQuillan !
    The opposite of your birthday is my birthday.
    It looks like Japan and Brazil.
    I ‘m fan of your English.
    I cheer for you !!
    Thank you for ESLpod !

  47. Renny Arcia says:

    Happy Birthday from Venezuela. Have a nice day

  48. Olex Dranov says:

    Dear Jeff

    Happy Birthday!
    Herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag! (D)
    ? ???? ????????! (RU)
    ? ???? ??????????!!! (UA)

    I’m very appreciating what you are doing!
    Keep it up!

    Thank you,
    Olex, originally from the Ukraine, now living in Germany

  49. cristian says:

    Hi Jeff and Happy birthday,

    your sense of humor during the audio transcript is very funny! Great job 🙂 I appreciate it. Also thank you to Lucy Tse.



  50. marco says:

    Dear Jeff,


    Beautiful Los Angeles and BEAUTIFUL PODCASTS!



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