Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea? Give the Gift of English!

SantaAre you wondering what to buy that special someone you know for the holidays? How about giving them the “gift” of English with an ESL Podcast Basic or Premium Membership? It’s much better than candy or a video game; it tastes sweeter and is much more fun than either of those things!

You can purchase a 6 or 12 month membership on our ESL Podcast Store. After you purchase the membership (either Basic or Premium), email us and we’ll email you a coupon code that you can then give to the person you’re giving the membership to.

How about some nice business or personal English courses for your loved ones?  We currently have 5 different courses, including English for Business MeetingsInterview Questions Answered, A Day in the Life of Jeff, A Day in the Life of Lucy, and our English Though Stories’ mystery, Deadly Letters.  You can buy a gift certificate for one of these courses right on our ESL Podcast Store.

~Jeff (also known as “Santa Claus”)

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Canadian Pharmacists Association

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6 Responses to Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea? Give the Gift of English!

  1. ESLPodcast Google Group says:

    wow.. “Santa Claus”.. I always suspected… Don´t forget my iPHONE! I was a good guy this year… LOL
    but if Santa Claus is Jeff who is Lucy ?

    Mrs. ? (question)

    Take care friends…


  2. Henry L. says:

    Hi Jeff, Lucy & all of you,

    I did try my best effort to introduce to my friends, and family. Some of them very glad to know about ESL Podcast. Hope they would learn more English from your Podcast. For me, I do have much benefit since I joined your membership. It is very worthy. I’m so glad.

    Wish your all have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous coming year!

    Best ever regards!

    Henry L., Edgewater, NJ

  3. Dr. Lucy Tse says:

    Lucy is an elf.

  4. Giuseppe says:

    So are you fairy and immortal like Tolkien’s creatures? Then we’ll have to put up with you for a long long time…
    Bye Lucy!!!

  5. Dr. Lucy Tse says:

    No, Giuseppe, no special powers. I just make toys in Santa’s workshop. And sadly, for me and for Eduardo, the only phones I can make come with two metal cans and a string…

  6. emiliano says:

    Jeff, Fairy Elf Lucy …did I see you at Lothlorien?, all ESL staf, and all ESL friends, I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and my best wishes for the new year.

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