Summer Vacation is Here. Who Wants to Go Camping?

July and August are traditionally (usually) the most popular months for people to take a vacation.

Some stay in hotels. Some stay with friends. Some rent an apartment or small house.

But many Americans like to take vacation by going camping. In the U.S., that often means traveling in an RV, or recreational vehicle.

An RV is a large vehicle that people can live, cook, and sleep in while they are traveling (see photo).

Some people call these RVs “houses on wheels,” because large RVs have everything that one would find in a house – a bathroom, kitchen, and even a TV!

RVs are expensive to buy and maintain (to keep something in good condition). They also use a lot of gas, but many people like RVs because they’re cheaper than staying in hotels, even after renting them or buying them.

There is a large group of Americans who even choose to travel around in RVs during their retirement (the time in life when older people have stopped working), sometimes living permanently in them.

Some campsites (places where people can stay overnight, usually in tents) have special sections for RVs.

But many with RVs choose to stay in RV parks that are exclusively (only) for RVs. RVs need water and sewage hookups (connections to receive water and get rid of waste water), and RV parks offer these for a small fee.

Even if you’re not going to rent an RV this summer, you can still combine your vacation with learning English. A good way is to listen to some of our lessons about vacations and camping. Start with these:

You can also try watching some popular movies about RVs and long driving vacations.

National Lampoon’s Vacation, for example, is a comedy where the Griswold family goes on vacation driving across the country. They have many problems on their vacation, such as getting lost, having accidents, and running out of money.

Another, more recent movie about RVs is simply called RV.

In this comedy, a family rents (pays money to use something for a short period of time) an RV to go on vacation. They have many problems with the RV, including its brakes (the things that slow down or stop a car) and its water and sewage hookups.

But life isn’t a movie (unless you live here in Los Angeles). Lots of Americans enjoy their time seeing different parts of our vast (huge) country in an RV.

Are RVs popular where you live? Do a lot of people go camping?


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