To Paris, With Love

By now you have heard the news of the huge (large) fire in Notre-Dame, the Catholic cathedral (main church) of Paris, and one of the finest (best) pieces of architecture in the world.

Like millions around the world, I watched the falling spire (tower) and scorching (very hot) flames with deep sadness.

I visited Notre-Dame many years ago, but I can still remember stepping into the great church and being awed (amazed) at the sight.

To Parisians (people who live in Paris) and to the entire French people, the pain of the fire is the greatest.

But all of us have lost something in this tragedy.

Notre-Dame represents one of the highest achievements of humans in art, and for Catholics, one of their great expressions of spiritual joy.

For many reasons, then, the loss is universal (affecting everyone), just as much as if the Taj Mahal had been destroyed, or the pyramids of Egypt fallen.

Fortunately, the brave firefighters were able to extinguish (put out; end) the fire so that the building itself survived.

Most of the great works of art and precious (important) religious objects were removed safely.

And President Macron of France has promised to rebuild the damaged parts of the building.

So there is hope in this sad tale (story).

Perhaps this will encourage all of us to appreciate the beauty in our own countries and cities a bit more.


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