What Should I Listen To?

Here’s a question I am often asked:

Dear Jeff,

I always study English everyday, but I feel my listening ability is not good.

Could you help me improve my listening ability?


Good question, Tim!

The way to improve your listening ability is to listen to the right things, the right materials.

What are the right things?

1. Something you can mostly (90% or more) understand. If it’s too hard, it’s a waste of time.

2. Something that you are interested in.

How much should you listen?

As much as possible! I would say a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

Start with something easy, perhaps something you understand 100%. As you get more confidence in your listening, increase the difficulty of the materials.

I would suggest you start by downloading and listening to some of the ESLPod.com podcasts or get our sample lesson here.

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Thanks for the question!


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