My Thanksgiving Dinner, 2017

1. Here’s the turkey I cooked for Thanksgiving – ready to go into the oven!

Turkey is ready to cook!

2. Now you see the turkey 2.5 hours later – ready to go into my mouth!

Turkey is ready to eat!

3. After the turkey, there is of course pumpkin pie, traditional at Thanksgiving dinner.

Time for pumpkin pie, baby!

We have lots of words in English for “eating too much food.” Here are three of them:

  • Stuff: This is an informal but very common word. It can be a verb: “I stuffed myself tonight!” or “I stuffed my face last night.”
    It can also be an adjective: “I am stuffed!” (Notice also that the word “stuff” can also just mean a group or collection of objects or simply “things.”)
  • Overindulge: This is a more formal word for the same Idea: “I overindulged at dinner last night.”
  • Gorge: “I gorged myself at the wedding banquet (party).”

You could use any of these three words to describe what I did yesterday – I stuffed myself with turkey, gorged on mashed potatoes, and generally overindulged the whole day!

To learn more about Thanksgiving, see here and here.

– Jeff

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