A Very L.A. Thanksgiving

turkey-218742_1280Welcome! We’re so glad you could join us for Thanksgiving. Come in out of the cold. It’s dipped below (fallen under) 70° F (20° C) outside. Brrrrrrrrr!

Jeff has been slaving away (working very hard) in the kitchen all day baking a big turkey (see photo). It’s free range (raised in a natural environment that allows movement) and pasture-raised (with some of its food coming from the natural environment). Its feed (food for farm animals) has always been non-GMO (not genetically modified; without their genetic material changed to make it better), of course! It has received no  antibiotics (medicine to stop the growth of bacteria (germs)) or hormones (a substance usually used to make animals bigger).

Jeff also asked the turkey if it would mind (dislike) being cooked and eaten, and it said it didn’t mind as long as Jeff took a selfie (photo of yourself, taken by you) with it and remembered to put up the photo on the turkey’s Facebook page.

Jeff has also made mashed potatoes, stuffing (bread and seasonings cooked in a turkey or out of it), and cranberry sauce (a sweet red sauce made from a tart (sour) berry). It’s quite a spread (large number of dishes)!

The table is set (prepared). There is a cornucopia (horn filled with food) centerpiece (decoration for the middle of a dining table). There are enough place settings (sets of plates and bowls for use by each person) for all of us, along with polished (with a bright shine) silverware (knives, forks, and spoons). Here’s your seat.

Lucy would have helped with all of the preparations, but she is recovering from her latest (most recent) nip and tuck (plastic surgery; surgery to make her look better). She noticed a new wrinkle (fold of skin) on her left knee (joint connecting the two parts of the leg) and had lifts (surgery to pull the skin tighter) done on both legs. She won’t be able to walk, but she’ll look marvelous (wonderful; amazing)!

But, in all seriousness (not joking), Thanksgiving is a time to remember all of the good things in our lives. Here, at ESL Podcast, we are very grateful to have wonderful listeners and readers like you all over the world.

From the bottom of our hearts (very sincerely), we wish all of you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!

~ The ESLPod.com Family

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14 Responses to A Very L.A. Thanksgiving

  1. Jader says:

    Thanksgiving for you too!!

  2. Marcos says:

    To ESLPod family

    Thanks. And happy thanksgiving day.

    From Brazil

  3. Yaroslav says:

    I wish Happy Thanksgiving to all Eslpod team!

    I think it’s the best opportunity to express my
    gratitude to you guys. Thank you for producing
    your excellent podcasts and helping people from
    all over the world improve their english.

    Although we don’t celebrate this holiday
    in Russia I heard quite a lot about it.
    Probably my main knowledge about
    thanksgiving day comes from famous
    sitcom Friends where they have special
    thanksgiving episode each season.
    In fact I’m gonna watch again a couple
    of my favorite episodes such as
    “the one with all thanksgivings” and
    “the one where ross got high”.
    They are absolutely hilarious!
    And it’s very appropriate today)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  4. Peter says:

    Gobble , Gobble , Gobble , quite a post u got there :))

    Eslpod family,
    seems like this year around u have gone all the way to make sure u will have a celebratory thanksgiving with scrumptious food made by our one and only Jeff.
    Good show eslpod family.
    I would order in a big thanksgiving combo as back up though. U know ,just in case things didn’t go as planned with Jeff as head of food committee in the kitchen :)))

    Happy thanks giving folks


    A premium member of beloved learning guid

  5. Peter says:

    U know what I like best about thabks giving is
    The Macys thanksgiving parade

    A premium member of learning guide

  6. Tania says:


    Yummy, yummy! Such a delicious turkey! It’s a chef d’oeuvre! And Jeff such a good chef!
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear ESLPod.com Family!

    I like all jokes and all new words.
    Thank you.

    Best wishes,


  7. emiliano says:

    To the ESL.Pod.Family my best wishes for all you.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving.

    Here we do not celebrate it, but may be in future
    as everything is coming from EE.UU.
    Now here in Spain there is also a Black Friday, just
    incredible but for lot of little shops are really good
    and they sell lot of products.

    I have been in big-very big Shops and it is
    a fraud, they put 30 per cent of discount
    in large letters, but in very small letters
    they write “up till”
    You see a nice good dress or shirt and ask
    for the price and they have a discount of 10
    per cent or even less.

    Really a big fraud and very disappointed.

    Again, happy Thanks Giving to all of you
    dear ESL staff.


  8. peter says:

    black Friday is here

  9. Dan says:

    Thank you guys.

    I spent my day binge watching dozens of episodes of Three’s company.
    And after that reading Dan Brown’s Angeles and Demons.

    Thanks Ciao.

  10. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Invite me to help you eat that turkey with red wine. You have to ask help to do that.
    From Brazil

  11. Mary Carmen says:

    Hi, I am here again

    Yesterday, it was one month left to Christmas Day. I don’t think i will end up celebrating Thanksgiving Day eating turkey. The reason is that I usually eat turkey in Christmas Eve, so it seems to me that is too soon to taste it again. I don’t know, perhaps I am prejudging, maybe, why not.

    I can manage to prepare that deliciuos dish by myself: it is nothing but to organize in the kitchen and coordinate helping hands. The thing is moving it in the baking sheet. It’s so heavy!!

    I love roast turkey. Why? Not being itself one of my family’s traditions for Christmas, I think that an Spanish black and white film of the late fifties or early sixties had an influence on me, so I cook turkey since my youth. In one scene of that film, the grandfather gets home from the market and says: “It is what i met, a turkey. It is not much big, but it is properly a turkey”. The title is The Great Family (translated, La Gran Familia), and part of the main story ocurrs in Christmas’ time. A little bit of tearjerker? Well,who knows, maybe, but who cares, I don’t mind.

    The appearance of the turkey, is associated to me with wealthy, or not exactly wealthy but lack of hunger. A Spanish character of the early seventies called Carpanta was always thinking on a roast chicken or turkey. (When I am hungry, I say “I am hungrier than Carpanta”). He was always greedy, I think that Carpanta represented a remaining feeling of need for food, about the famine and isolation after the Civil War that required here the aid from the United States through the Plan Marshall.

    Have a nice weekend
    Mari Carmen

  12. Peter says:

    Look at u with all fancy book reading and being watching

    Seems like u r well ahead in your pursuit. Taking on Tv shoes and books.

    Kudos on that

    If u ask me , being watching is a new front for picking up a language.but , never forget the power of learning guide

    Keep up the good work


  13. emiliano says:

    Mari Carmen, yes I remember Carpanta so well always hungry thinking with a great roasted chicken or turkey, it was one of
    my favorite tebeos, or comics as say in English, but for me always called them “tebeos”.

    Capanta was so much hungry as millions of Spaniards after finishing the Civil War and even worst when the Second War
    was finished too.
    The regimen of Franco being neutral but in mind with Italy and Germany and what is worst with the horrible fuhrer and
    Mussolini paid a high price when the Marshall´s plan left Spain out of it.
    What is not known is that the Spanish diplomacy save thousand of jews from the Nazis giving to them Spanish passports
    as Spanish Shepherdess, one of them was Angel Sanz Briz, “The Angel of Budapest” who saved thousands of jews in
    Other like him saved as much as they could, in Rome and other cities but when the Marshal´s Plan came to Europe nothing about these Spanish diplomatics was said or mentioned.

    Carpanta, Zipi and Zape, Hermanas Gilda, and so forth all my heroes when I was a young boy.
    Thanks Mari Carmen to remembering me them.


  14. Dan says:

    Hey Emi.

    About jews in Spain.

    I am reading this fascinating novel by Ildefonso Falcones, Cathedral of the sea.
    For those who do not know the book it take place around the year 1300 during the construction of this beautiful
    Cathedral in Barcelona called Santa Maria del Mar.

    According to the novel, antisemitism in Spain at the time was, let’s say, “rampant”.
    I haven’t finished the book yet. I am at chapter 14, page 175.

    I am not aware if at the time around Europe they were hated so much..probably yes.

    Poor Jews. I love them. They have all my support and respect.

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