And the Academy Award Goes to . . .

Academy_Award_trophyAs you no doubt know, the Academy Awards are given out each year to films that the movie industry (business) considers the best from the previous year. This year’s ceremony (event) will be held on February 28th.

I have a confession to make (something shameful or embarrassing to tell you): I haven’t seen any of the nominated (proposed to win) films. However, I will probably watch at least part of the Academy Award ceremony on TV, so it’s useful to know at least something about the nominated films.

If you’re out of it (not informed) like I am, here is a list of the seven nominated films for the coveted (wanted very much) award for Best Picture (film; motion picture). I’ve taken the very short synopses (brief summaries) of each of the nominated films below from the popular movie ticket website Fandango.

“When four outsiders (people who do not belong to a group) saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global (world) collapse (complete destruction) of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short.”

To sell short” means to borrow stock shares from someone else who owns them, sell those stocks, and pocket (take) the earnings. But at some point, you must buy back the stocks to give them back to the owner. If the price of the stock falls in the meantime (in that period of time), you can buy them back at a lower price and you make money, but if the price goes up, you will have to spend more money to purchase them back, losing money. I believe that’s what the film’s title is referring to, but of course I haven’t seen the film, so that’s just my guess.

“James Donovan, a Brooklyn lawyer, finds himself thrust (pushed forcefully and suddenly) into the center of the Cold War (the period between 1945-1990 of political problems between the U.S./other Western nations and the Soviet Union) when the CIA sends him on the near-impossible task to negotiate the release of a captured (taken by force) American U-2 (type of airplane that can fly very high and is used for surveillance (spying; secretly watching)) pilot (person who operates an airplane).”

“‘Brooklyn’ tells the profoundly (deeply; greatly) moving story of Eilis Lacey, a young Irish immigrant (person who has moved to a new country to live) navigating her way (finding her path) through 1950s Brooklyn (one of five boroughs or areas in New York City).”

“From director George Miller, originator (inventor; creator) of the post-apocalyptic (related to a period after a major disaster, such as nuclear war) genre (type of entertainment) and mastermind (intelligent person who plans something complex and clever) behind the legendary (very famous) Mad Max franchise (with many films, parts, or locations), comes Mad Max: Fury Road, a return to the world of the Road Warrior (fighter), Max Rockatansky.”

“During a manned (with a human in control) mission (assignment, usually involving travel) to Mars, astronaut (person trained to go into outer space) Mark Watney is presumed (believed to be) dead after a fierce (very strong) storm and left behind by his crew (group who work together). But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded (left without a way to leave) and alone on the hostile (unfriendly) planet.”

Inspired by (take from) true events, The Revenant is an immersive (making you feel like you’re there) and visceral (involving deep inner feelings) cinematic (film) experience capturing (taking and expressing) one man’s epic (involving a long journey with many parts) adventure of survival (trying to stay alive) and the extraordinary power of the human spirit (inner strength, thoughts, beliefs, etc.).”

The word “revenant” means someone who has returned, usually after a long period of time, and who was believed to have been dead. This is not a commonly-used word, however.

“Both highly suspenseful (making you feel like you really want to know what happens next) and deeply emotional, Room is a unique (not like others) and touching (making you feel strong emotions) exploration of the boundless (without limit) love between a mother and her child.”

“A group of Boston Globe reporters uncovers (shows to the public a secret or something hidden) a shocking (causing surprise in a negative way) cover-up (attempt to prevent others from knowing something bad or illegal that one has done) that would rock (have a major effect on) the city and cause a crisis (terrible trouble) in one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions (long-established organization).”

Now that I’ve read more about these films, there are several I want to see. But I’m usually very behind (slower than others) in seeing movies.

How about you? Have you seen any of these contenders (people/things that could win)? Any you haven’t seen that you’d like to see? Any films you think should have been nominated but weren’t?

~ Lucy

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14 Responses to And the Academy Award Goes to . . .

  1. Adriano Galeno says:

    Great post!

  2. Dan says:

    Hello everyone.

    I haven’t seen a single movie and the only thing I am waiting for is to see
    what this year’s host Chris Rock is going to say about that stupid controversy of the “Oscars too white”.
    My hope is that he is going to use common sense and make fun of those jealouse bitter whiners.
    I have watched some of his old sketches and he can be funny especially when making fun of what is wrong with the black community.
    And there is a lot to criticize there.

    Probably Peter is the one that has seen most of the movies.

    Thank you Lucy

  3. Pete says:

    Pshycoloigical pricing to me is the stupidest thing to do.
    I got a pair of jeans last month.with that purchase I was given a $25 coupon for the next purchase.
    So far , all good !!
    Happy pappy.
    No ,No
    Listen to the rest of story first

    The coupon activated today ,so I swang by the store on my way back home to see what I can find for the price of $80 above.
    Well , the coupon was conditional. I mean, i could use the coupon only if I get sth of a $80 value or above.

    I found a pair of khaky pants for the price of , get that , $79.99.
    I mean what is that ?
    It has never occurred to me to round down $79.99 to 79. No
    In fact , I always round it up to $80.
    I mean , who in sane mind see $79.99 as $79.
    It is the stupidest psychological technique I ‘v ever heard.
    Sorry , but I m totally pist.
    why ?
    Here comes why!

    U know , I grabbed the pair of pants and went up to the check up counter and the rep behind the counter didn’t ring it up for me saying that it was 79.99. And that it had to be $80 for the coupon to work. I got furious !!!
    I responded, u gotta be kidding me.
    How do u expect me to find sth around the store that is worth a nickel.
    He sheepeshly responded
    “Sorry lad , store policy ”
    I splayed furiously
    ” store policy my A.s ”
    Sorry my French folks.
    Then he said
    “Sorry ,It must be $80 or above ”
    I left the pants on the counter and murmured ” unbelievable.”
    Long story short
    I ended up getting a pair of slacks for 100 plus tax.
    It is outrageous!!!
    It is an absolute rip-off
    For one cent short, I ended up shelling out almost 30 dollars above my budget.

    Sorry folks ,
    It is the only place that I can voice my concern.

    I m soothing !!!!


  4. Pete says:

    Get to it bro

    U r missing out on a lot.
    Catch up , will you?

    I have watched almost all Lucy listed up there and my prediction is “the Revenant” will finish first strong.


  5. Pete says:

    Yup Lucy ,
    I must say, I have seen them all.
    I think , there is another movie name ” Joy” amidst the is a biopic movie.
    To be more precise, It is a biographical -comedy-drama.
    It is a strong movie about a family. The movie , though , mostly developed around a Yong woman in the family who survives whatever life throws at her. She , a single mother of three , stops at nothing to get upper on the food chain.
    In a dog-eat-dog business environment of 90s , She eventually becomes a matriarch : a self made millionare with an enterprise to run.
    I really enjoyed the movie as I perceived it as some sort of cultural cathersic.
    It is an amazing movie of survival , fight , and hardship.

    I always watch the entire academy award ceremonies. Last year, I found the host very entertaining and funny as he mixed his entire performance with a touch of Magic that kept the audience on their seats till the last minute. At least , I saw it that way.
    We always watch the ceremony in a group of close friends, inner circle of friends , if u will.
    Our academy award parties circle around though. 🙂
    Every year we get to gather at the place of one of our friends. It is sort of padlock party. Everybody , brings sth. Mostly tv food and drink.
    However , the theme of the party is strictly watching the show and make comments.sometimes things get out of control and we get into this heated tiffs :)))
    But all in good fun.
    You know , in my opinion , it is not the kind of show u wanna stay at home and watch it alone. I mean , what is the fun of that?

    Well, I m a movie goer and the academy award is a big part of it.

    Dear Lucy ,
    I like the fact that how shrewdly u described ” the spot light”. In a very smart way you avoid a very convroversial discussion that might have ensued otherwise on the blog. :))

    You are very smart , sis
    Have I ever mentioned that?

  6. Dan says:


    I am afraid to admit the following, but my in part self inflicted “solitary confinement” lifestyle is preventing me the pleasure of contributing more on the blog.
    As you guys see I am perfectly aware of that.
    It is kind of reassuring the fact that I am in good company when I say that I haven’t watched any movie. And by good company I mean Lucy.


  7. Tania says:

    I have not seen any movie above mentioned.
    My option was for The Revenant, but I’d like to see all movies as all are very good.

    Thank you for the elevated vocabulary used in this topic.

    Best wishes,


  8. Tania says:


    Dan and Peter, your stories are very funny and we learn a lot from everyone.

    Good joke with the difference between $79.99 and $80 price.
    “I ended up getting a pair of slacks for $100 plus tax.”
    What kind of tax is about? Can you explain us?
    Thank you.

  9. Tania says:

    Interesting and topical interest the podcast with the topic “Air and Water Pollution”.
    As the main characters are Julia and Robert , we think at Julia Roberts from the movie
    “Erin Brockovich”. It’s about of the Erin Brockovich’s true story.
    She finds evidence that the groundwater is contaminated with carcinogenic chromium.
    A good movie in my opinion.
    In fact, Julia Roberts won her first Academy Award for 2000 “Erin Brockovich” movie.

    Can we say a topical topic?

  10. Thiago Messias says:

    Awesome post. Cheers!

  11. emiliano says:

    The oscar goes to: The Revenant and the Oscar to the Best actor (finally) goes to Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Thank you Lucy
    Thank you Tania for your nice words to me.

  12. Pete says:

    My dear friend emiliano from the first days of Eslpod ,

    I couldn’t be agree with you more !

    I watched the movie myself on the big screen.
    Man, he did it
    He pulled the charactor off perfectly well.
    In fact, there is one scene in the movie that is trending man
    It has become trending big time. The scene had popped up in a lot of you tube video clips ,and a lot of tv talk shows out there. people talk about it.

    He , in deed , deserves the academy award for the best leading actor.
    He earned it with his meticulously impeccable performance

    Thanks bro


  13. Pete says:

    Dear Tania ,

    You are too kind my friend.

    You know , Canada; every where you go shopping; regardless the type of store, wether it is a clothing ,furniture ,electronic , grocery stores or all else;you pay taxes on top of the price you see on price tags on sell products. In Europe ,it is different ,whatever price tags read that would be it. That is the price u end up paying at the check out counter. But , in North America , by-laws ,business owners must calculate the tax Levies on sell items once customers are being rung up at the check up counter. The tax incurred is a combination of %13 federal taxes and %5/6 provincial taxes of the actual price u see on the tag prices.
    Proventil taxes varies from one province to another.
    Say , you are getting a pair of jeans. The price tag on the pair of jeans reads ” 65, 99.”
    What u end up paying is not , in fact ,” 65,99″, but it is 65,99 times 13 percent of the amount plus the 6 percent extra for the provincial tax.
    So ,every time u go out there shopping, U need to have a calculator with u to compute what is it you actually paying.
    The price tag on the slacks was a stupid “$99.99 cent ”
    Let’s round it up to 100 and save us a lot of hassle , shall we?
    So , 100 times 13 percent is: 13 dollrs
    And,100 times 9 percent is 6 dollrs
    Therefor , you end up paying 120 not the original 100 dollars on the display.
    Now ,good luck calculating the inflicted taxes for the stupid ” 99.99 ” price tag.
    Now ,magnify the problem ,as it is the story of your life every time u go shopping.

    Well, in all fairness , essential food goods are tax free. The rest you will cough up the tax.:)
    The only exception here ,I think ,is on alcohol beverages the tax is already embedded ,rather added ,to the original price.
    So ,the price tags on them is what you pay.

    If you wonder why has the weird Method ,rather policy ,been practicing in Canada ever since I remember,well ,I must say ,I have no clue.
    I m out of my depth here. I don’t know why.
    Well my friend ,my guess is as good as you.



    P.S. I do agree with you.Dan is funny as hell.

  14. Pete says:

    Hello world

    Harper lee passed away
    Her passing Is sad
    She was an iconic American novelist: the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
    In my book , it is one of the best novel of 20th century.

    I love that critically acclaimed novel.
    The novel earned her a Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
    It was a publishing sensation at the time it published back in 1961.
    She was 89 years old


    The book is fictional.
    I strongly recommended it.

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