10th Anniversary Video Episode – Happy Birthday, ESL Podcast!

It’s here – our 10th Anniversary Video!

Help us celebrate 10 years of English as a Second Language Podcast, one of the most popular podcasts on the Internet.

With more than 1,600 episodes, 500 hours of lessons, and millions of listeners in 189 countries, ESL Podcast thanks all of you, our listeners, and especially our members, for making the past 10 years possible.

We’d also like to thank the members of our hard-working team – Adriano, Jessica, Pao, Warren, LeeAnn, and Alison – for making ESLPod.com possible.

We hope you enjoy this little video celebration.

~Jeff & Lucy

P.S. All the really bad jokes in this video were written by Jeff, who is definitely not the most wonderful scriptwriter on the Internet.

P.P.S. No cats were harmed in the making of this video (well, not very many, anyway . . . ).

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24 Responses to 10th Anniversary Video Episode – Happy Birthday, ESL Podcast!

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Hi

    Cool and cute video there.

    Thank you guys

  2. Dan says:


    Since Ant-Man is out what about Pod-Man

  3. Tom Lambert says:

    Congratulations Jeff and Lucy, you deserve it.

    Your pod Podcasts are wonderful. After more ten years, my intention is greets you again.


  4. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Congratulations! I ask God to have you two in a great happiness. You deserve it.

  5. hanmi says:

    Happy birthday to Esl Podcast!!!
    You make us (on this planet) happy, it’s true.
    Long live, ESLPOD.

  6. Narges says:

    Congratulations! Lucy, Jeff , and all members of ESLPod are greate.

  7. yeshion says:

    you guys do a great job,thank you all of you.

  8. Sabi says:

    | sincerely appreciate all your team members’ efforts in achieving this great milestone. Congratulations!!! Dr. Jeff, Dr. Lucy, and all team members

  9. lili:) says:

    Many Congratulations! Dear Lucy, Jeff, and the hard-working team – Adriano, Jessica, Pao, Warren, LeeAnn, and Alison, and many loyal listeners/customers/members including myself – it’s time to congratulate ESLPod.com’s 10th Birthday!

    In Chinese, we say it takes 10 years for a tree to establish, 100 years for a human to establish, I wonder how many years it takes for a good English learning website to establish?

    Sorry I have been so lazy recently and hardly write anything. This special video has inspired me to write to congratulate you all.

    BTW, I have watched a “Learn English through Stories” YouTube video of “Pride and Prejudice” recently and really enjoyed it. I read the Chinese version of this story about 45 years ago, but I could not remember so many details. This English version of “Pride and Prejudice” has reminded me how addicted I was to reading when I was young. I loved to read stories with young girls as main characters.

    Best Regards


  10. peter says:

    Boy , 10 years already !!
    I feel old!!
    10 years of weekly “learn English Episods ” amount to sth. Right ?
    It amounts to what we are doing every week right here in our beloved blog: we interact.
    We ,from all around the world,share thoughts ,ideas,sorrows, and happiness with one another via the media of an acquired language learned by and through our dear professors jeff ,Lucy ,and Warren.
    Man ,it is something ,isn’t it.
    Now ,we are all here witnessing another milestone for jeff ,Lucy,and Warren as our educators and for us as their students.
    We did it folks. we made out a decade prepared to battle another decade of besting at English.

    Dear Jeff,
    U promised me fluency ,and you came through for that I congratulate you.
    Dear Lucy ,
    Your flawless dialogs filled with practical ,hands-on words and expressions assimilate me into North America mainstream: I flow for that I congratulate you.
    Dear Warren ,
    Your appealing ,informative ,educational blog posts has been bettered me and continue to do in all the battle fronts towards a better English for that I congratulate you.
    My dear profs ,
    For all these ,and your generosity to share your intimate knowledge and experience with us I congratulate our one and only ESLPOD
    You are true Samaritans.
    People ,
    Never loose side of the fact that
    “Eslpod is not a right ,it is a privilege.”

    Pete a eslpod student from Toronto ,Canada

  11. peter says:

    Hey Dan,
    I took in Ant man they say it came out which was last Friday!
    It is awesome!!!
    The best ever in the genre!!
    They turned an action based movie into this charming story with a comical hint throughout the movie.
    The story line is not lousy as I suspected to be.
    I didn’t feel the passage of time. I literally was glued to the big screen.
    The dude staring the movie.I mean the leading actor did look believable for a superhero when I saw the movie trailer. But ,he pulls it off.
    To me,it is the best superhero movie ever!
    The fact that they have an army of ants on demand makes it all Better!
    I can’t Waite to see the sequel or prequel whatever comes next.

    And the girl playing opposit him is hot !!!


  12. Marcos says:

    Happy birthday Dr. Jeff, Lucy and all your staff.

    ” Welcome to ESL English podcast … ”

    Thanks and have a nice day

    From Brasil

  13. Tais Cerruti says:

    Happy birthday for all members of ESL Podcast!
    Thank you so much for all you have done for us.
    You do such a great job!

  14. Winnie says:

    Great people and great podcast!for helping so many person learn english ?

  15. Parviz says:

    Congratulation on your 10th year of hard working.
    I am for ever grateful.

  16. Parviz says:

    I am a little bit surprised as to why don’t you-Jeff and Lucy- thank yourself.
    You are who made this dream come true.
    Not amount of worldly things can compensate for your efforts and time.

  17. Tania says:


    Last year we had no video celebration. It was unusually.
    But now, yes, a very nice video.
    It’s a real “impossible mission” to be in touch with more then one million people from the world and from so many countries.

    Thank you for your wonderful English lessons and for your new English magazine.

    I love you all.

    All the best for you,


  18. Tania says:

    Congratulations to Adriano, the greatest in IT.

    Congratulations to Pao, the greatest designer.

  19. Thiago Messias says:

    I thank you guys for all these years of learning and lots of fun. You are the best podcast ever. I very happy to be a member for some time now and see my devolpment. THANKS.

  20. Nermin Eminova says:

    I’m so sorry for being late. Dear teachers – Jeff, Lucy and all EslPod team members, I congratulate you all. I can never (NEVER!!!) thank YOU enough for your great job. Many many people throughout the world are grateful to you. You closer to your listeners than the ones around them)). I wish you good luck, happiness and all the best in your job and life. You definitely deserve it. Keep it up. You can never imagine how much I love you. Thanks again and again for everything. Best wishes from Baku, Azerbaijan 🙂 <3.

  21. A&M says:

    Dear Jeff
    Congrats to you for 10th happiness of hard working in a hopeful way and willingly.

    Kindest regards for you and our team
    From Nice IRAN

  22. emiliano says:

    I join myself to all the friends that have congratulated you dear ESL creators.
    Nearly ten years is the time I have been with you, every day, every lesson.
    Jeff and Lucy voices are very close to my life. being somehow like close
    dear friends too.
    Even all the people I have met in the Blog, dear friends too by all means.

    Happy to see you here Parviz and every one of you my old partners.

    The video is great till the point Jeff has hair again, BRAVO AMIGO.


  23. Yan says:

    Thank you for all your efforts. It’s an awesome site for English learners. As our Chinese say, accompanying is the most eternal way of expressing love. Merci beaucoup.

  24. Rasoul says:

    Hi Dr. Jef and Dr. Lucy

    I thank you very much for your help to improve our ability in learning English language.

    Best wishes

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