The Running Of The Interns

enhanced-buzz-29438-1372264124-17You may have heard of the Running of the Bulls (male cows) in Spain, especially the most famous in Pamplona, or seen it on television. This yearly event began many years ago to solve the problem of moving bulls from the corrals (a place to temporarily keep animals) to the bullring, where bullfights are held. The bulls are released from the corrals and allowed to run through the streets to the bullring. Foolhardy (taking unnecessary risks) – in my opinion – young people run in front of the bulls and try to get to the bullring before the bulls. Many are hurt every year. Occasionally some are killed.

The running of the interns (someone who works for a short time in a job in order to get experience), in Washington, D.C., solves a different problem and may seem a little crazy to some. But no one, as far as I know, has been hurt or killed.

The U.S. Supreme Court announces many of its decisions near the end of their yearly term (time of meeting) – in May and June. Some of the decisions are important enough to attract reporters from around the world.

Here’s the problem. The Supreme Court has banned (doesn’t allow) all recording devices – video cameras, audio (sound) recorders, etc. – from the Supreme Court building. Reporters sit in the press room and listen to the Supreme Court proceedings (series of things that happen). When the justices (judges) announce an important decision, reporters in the press room quickly write a report, print it, hand it to an intern, and the running begins. Every television network wants to get their report on air first.

The interns race down a short hallway and out of the Supreme Court building. They cross the courtyard (open area outside), dodging (moving quickly to avoid someone/something) tourists, protestors, and others until they make a hard (sudden) left turn at the sidewalk and sprint (run at full speed) the final yards (meters) to where they breathlessly hand the report to a reporter waiting in front of the television cameras.

The running of the interns is only for the young and fit (in good physical condition). It’s about a quarter of a mile – approximately 400 meters – from the press room to the cameras. And in June, it’s usually hot and humid in Washington.

The winning intern last week, when the Supreme Court announced its decision on Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act – was Lauren Langille from CNBC, an American television business news channel. Congratulations, Lauren!

Here and here are two articles – both with animated (action) photos – that will help you experience this year’s running of the interns.

~ Warren Ediger – ESL tutor/coach and creator of the Successful English web site, where you’ll find clear explanations and practical suggestions for better English.

Photo from The Laurel

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey Warren,

    I am not very good today.
    As I was going up for my daily walk I hurt my back.
    Do you guys know that back pain that start from the lower back and goes to the groin? that one.
    That pain that as you make the slightest move is so intense that actually makes me laugh.

    Anyway, I find the running of the interns very funny. I would love to do that.
    I am going to see If I can find some videos of it.

    Just the other day as I was watching about the court’s decision about same sex marriage, I did notice that the reporter was reading from a printed document.


  2. emiliano says:

    Sorry Dan to hear that, I hope you´ll be OK. soon.

    Never I have been in Pamplona watching the Running of the Bulls, and of course never I´ll be there in the rest of my life.
    Even more, I don´t like to see that Running in the TV. news just the same as the bullfights that are not of my pleasure
    by all means.

    Obviously never I have been in a bullring and it is sure never I will be there.

    Some people say that brave bulls exists just because they are killed in the bullfights, but some how it is a theme very
    unclear for my mind.

    Thanks Warren.

  3. peter says:

    Back in my day, there was no internet access at lease not at today’s scale. There was no Audio- books , audio files , or podcast apps. I was totally dependable to text books , and story books.I had no other options. I could not tune it to English channels , or radio stations for that matter. My only source of listening was poor quality BBC radio station that was static most of the time.
    I would study text books and would read short stories day in ,day out.
    My best friend was a paper Oxford advanced dictionary that was falling apart due to excessive use. The book was discoloured and stained with lots of dog-eared pages which contained the words I would forget most. I would dog ear the pages containing most elusive words so I could revisit them conveniently everyday. The margin of pages on the thick dictionary were full of notes I scribbled , every time I stumbled upon some juicy expressions or slangs. There was no page on the entire dictionary that didn’t bear the mark of my invasion. The mark-riddled Pages where all raggedy ,and torn.
    And This old ,tattery-looking dictionary was my true companionship ,growing up.
    I still have it dusting on the corner of my bookshelf preserving the bitter and sweet memories of an English-language enthusiast.
    Now ,
    There are tons of books ,movies , audio files, we carry in small ,ultra thin ,feather light gadgets.


  4. peter says:

    Hi Warren,
    The post is a delight!!!
    I enjoyed reading your piece:)
    Well , good show Lauren!
    I like the dash on final yards:) Man , things interns should go through for a glimmer hope of landing the damn job in the end. I have been there. I know what is like jumping throw the hoops:)

    Sorry to hear that your back is out, Dan. I have an old-wives-tale note for you (u know like a doctor not :))))
    Keep the area warm. My grandma would told me the same thing the minute I had a kink in my back. 🙂

    Get well


  5. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Dan, I have something for you. Lay down on the floor, put your legs over one couch, let your back straight as much as you can, stay in this position for ten minutes every day. One more thing, sit straight on a chair, don’t bend your back nor forward neither backward, neither left, neither right. Let your legs in a right angle with the feet resting smoothly on the floor. Your face must be at 25 centimeters from the computer screen. Don’t remain much time at the same position. Stand up and walk for a while. If this doesn’t work, see a doctor imediately. The best for you, my friend.

  6. peter says:

    Hi folks,

    First of July is finally here. The day we commemorate the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, when three colonies got united into one country : Canada. But , the day was originally merited as “Dominion day”. Then, later on in 1982 , the day was dubbed ” Canada day ” by the government 🙂
    I m still at home but I m joining a bunch of brats soon :)) We r planing on going all out! Luckily , my days of tightening the belt is over. I m starting my new job this coming Monday , you know :))


  7. peter says:

    The adds-on courses on Learn English magazine are greats. They are very hands-on courses

    By now

  8. peter says:

    There is this proverb ” Best things in life are free”
    The proverb is saying that the happiest , most fulfilling experiences do not cost us money.
    For example a nature walk , sunbeams , stars at night , ,a free trip to a museum and so on.
    I wanna add one more thing to the list-that is -our one and only” Eslpod.”
    I can’t speak for anybody else , but I get a kick out of eslpod everyday.


  9. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Hello guys. Here again reading your previous posts I learn a lot with them. Thanks for that and the best for you all.

  10. Tania says:

    I am at the public library and again I can’t listen to you.

    I miss you all,


  11. Dan says:

    Have a great 4th of July weekend everyone! 🙂


  12. Dan says:

    Hey Hi

    As I was looking at one other presidential candidate appealing to the viewers for the vote, he said:

    “If you want to rescue the American dream for becoming the European nightmare vote for me”

    I do not take offence on that, I mean, I understand that he is a politician and on that position you have to gets votes.
    Living here in Europe does not feel like living a nightmare, well, lets see what happens after the Greeks vote.
    Anyway, that’s almost funny being pointed out as a negative example.

    Thanks bye!

  13. peter says:

    Dear Warren,
    I m closely following the trace of you on “learn English Magazine” and I must say I enjoy every mark of it.

    Thanks for sharing us the insight you gleaned in the field over years.


  14. Aecio Flavio Perim says:

    Have a nice day, every one. Do you have a pain? Get rid of it by seeing a doctor, but choose the right one, otherwise you’ll have a more serious pain. The size of a pain is up to you. Fight the pain as much as you can and get the benefit of a relief.

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