Noncompete Clauses

Job_interview_0001People who work for high-tech (using technology) and highly-skilled jobs may be accustomed to (used to) noncompete clauses.  Noncompete clauses are requirements in a person’s employment contract (agreements) stating that he or she will not go work for another similar company for a stipulated (stated) period of time, anywhere from (between) six months to two years or more.

This makes sense for some companies because although physical inventions (new creations) or products stay with the company, the inventor may carry plans and ideas elsewhere. These noncompete clauses are a way for companies to protect their intellectual property, the thinking, mental plans, ideas, and more that went into that invention.

Now, noncompete clauses are being found in other industries (fields; areas of work), including service industries (areas of work that serve customers, not make products). According to a recent news report, yoga instructors (people who teach yoga, a type of exercise), chefs (professional cooks), book editors (people who fix problems, confirm facts, and are responsible for the final version of a text or manuscript to be published), and even camp counselors (people who lead children in activities, children who stay all day or for several days/weeks, often to experience the outdoors during summer vacation).

People who argue against noncompete clauses say that they stifle (stop; limit) innovation (new ideas) and competition, both of which are bad for the economy. Proponents of (people who support) noncompete clauses say they are necessary to protect their investment (money spent on something with the expectation of earning more in the future).

Are there noncompete clauses in the employment contracts of the companies or businesses where you’ve worked? Do you think they are necessary and would you want to sign one?

– Lucy

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11 Responses to Noncompete Clauses

  1. Dan says:

    Hello everyone,

    I do not know, looking at what happened in recent years with the Edward Snowden case, that almost looks an unnecessary precaution.

    If that guy could get away with all that amount of information from the CIA, everything is possible.

    I guess you cannot stop the flow of information between people. And that is even more true in this age of connectivity/communication.

    It seems it is becoming harder to hide something nowadays.

    I am going to chew on the subject more; maybe tomorrow while running, and see if I can write down something more.

    Thank you Lucy and have a nice week.

  2. Fernando Lima says:

    Hi folks,

    I’m not sure but I think noncompete clauses are not allowed in my country.
    Brazil has one of the most restricted work laws against companies and I suppose the law protect the workers to change of job regardless any kind of internal contract.


  3. Dan says:

    Hey guys.

    Over here it is a little bit chilly. Between Monday and Tuesday we had a large storm with heavy downpour that brought the temperatures down.

    I did went running this morning. I just have discovered that at a nearby town they have turned an old and dismissed railway into a cycling line. You can also walk and run there.

    It is very nice because it runs through wooden areas with rivers, old bridges, tunnels little towns. I love it.

    Well, I run and I chewed on my thoughts, but I afraid I cannot deliver anything more than what I wrote yesterday.

    Bye and thank you all.

  4. emiliano says:

    Yes Lucy, I had them in the Bank when I was working if I wanted to ask for a free period of time
    wanting to return to the financial institution after being free, one or two years, it was necessary
    to work on other kind of work but not a financial bank´s work or similar by all means.

    We could change of company, bank, without any restriction but some how we could not talk
    or revail the other bank´s method and of course it will be impossible to return back to the
    first if we have been, as I said above, in othe Bank institution.

    I didn´t sign anything because I have been in the same Bank all my work´s life. Yes, I know
    it could be boring, but it was a nice work, some how confortable, earning enough money to survive.


    Thank you Dent, be sure about that, you are my grandson as in fact I have not any till the moment
    and it is nearly sure I am not going to be in future.

    My three daughters have not any children, and they don´t have any idea of being mothers, but I
    could have you like my grandson from Iran.
    It is nice good idea Dent and by your age you could be.

    Thanks again.

    My best dear Lucy.

  5. Dent says:

    Hello every one
    I don’t have any opinion about this passage because I don’t have more information about this but I just can say I learned definition of some important words!
    Thank you Lucy also dear Emiliano.
    Have a nice time

  6. Parviz says:

    Hi every body,
    I have never asked to sign a non-compete contact, since I have never worked for any one or company.
    I have always managed to remain self-employed.
    Because I always fear of getting wasted (you know my essential asset Time).
    I have had a little life, without going to the extreme.
    But I know of someone who are employed and required to sign a none-compete contract.
    Generally speaking I am in the shoes of employers, because they invest money on their people and projects, thereby they want their money back.
    It is also true that work conditions get bad now and then,
    As competition heats up, manager become more tense, and so competitive. They should somehow find a way to survive.
    One way is to put pressure on employees, mostly the good ones.
    I have never liked competition, or the way they look and competition through limitation.
    Creativity is one that I always adore.
    Ben Franklin once said:
    “If a person empties his wallet into his head, no one can steal it from him…… Investment in education always pays the best interest back.”
    These are not Franklin’s exact words. But the question is:
    If every one of us had a unique quality (which I am sure we have), and took good care of that quality, Will we be still trying to steal other people’s?
    What if there were only Edisons, Writhes, Teslas, ……, Lucys……?



  7. Parviz says:

    He emiliano
    You are my grandpa too. Good bless you.
    I never had the luxury of grandpa, he passed away many many years before I was born (Both paternal and maternal).
    But I do remember My mom’s mother when I was just three to four years old.
    I loved when I jump off the sofa into my Grammy’s legs. That always lives with me.


  8. emiliano says:

    Thank you Parviz, now I have two from Iran, that´s really good.
    Good bless you too dear Parviz, to me you look a really honest

    So like me, you neve had the luxury of grandfathers and I think
    it is a big miss.
    Looking my father with one grandson and four granddaughters I could
    see him really happy.
    My mother looks the same, really a nice happy grandmother giving
    care and love to all the children.
    We used to be all the family together in a house my parents had
    in the mountains, close Madrid, my sister´s family and mine were
    together with my parents nearly every weekend of the year.

    It was a very very happy time that looks never was going to finish,
    and now that evrything is over, my parents died some years ago,
    and the house is not any more present, I miss this time so much
    that you can´t imagine.
    My mother is the one I miss more, every single day of my life
    I miss her, but also my little daughters that looks so happy among
    us, my Cuca, the grandfathers, their cousins, uncles, and me.
    Times goes off mor fast than no man or woman could imagine.

    Be happy every day of your like dear Parviz, every second when
    you could be among the people you love or love you.

    Bye dear.


  9. emiliano says:

    Sorry, Parviz I write so fast at the same time my dreams goes out
    my mind.



    Once you lost these moments you are very conscious these days were the best
    of your life.

  10. Betty says:

    Hi Dear Emiliano

    I am moved by your message and I can’t help writing a message here, to record something in this cyberworld.

    It is 3 o’clock in the morning, but it doesn’t matter. I am staying in a very big 2 stars UK seafront hotel which certainly is extremely cheap and “Classic”. I was woken up by a false alarm an hour ago, plus the disturbing loud noise from a night club nearby forced me to sit up and write some English before going back to sleep.

    Emiliano did you not have grandfathers? I didn’t know that. I didn’t have grandmothers. They both died was my parents were very young.

    I think losing a mother very young and then having stepmothers who are not the same as biological mothers is a very bad experience for young children.

    My grandfathers were very traditional Chinese men who never talked to me like those kind grandfathers I saw in films. I don’t think I have any memory of any real conversation with my grandfathers.

    I did try very hard to make sure my own children gain some fond memories of their grandparents. Now my parents both gone, I hope I have managed to implant a good memories of kind grandparents in my children’s mind.

    Right now I am thinking of a very kind grandmother who died two days ago. She’s a very kind mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. I have known her over ten years and I am very fond of her. It broke my heart to hear the very shocked and sadden news that God decided it’s time for her to join her deceased husband. Poor children and grandchildren of hers ………..

    Time for bed for me now.

    Look forward to reading more from you all.

    Best Regards


  11. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    I think losing a mother very young and then having stepmothers who are not the same as biological mothers is a very bad experience for young children.
    Hi Betty. I am going to use your own words to tell about my bad expirience having a stepmother. My mother took her life away by drinking arsenic acid. I was told that she didn’t manage to handle a gossip in the vilage on her name. She left two young children without mother. They were me and my sister at 6 months only. My father got married again when I was 4 and my sister was 2. My stepmother in the beginning treated us kindly, but as her first child was born, things changed. She used to spank us for little things. It hurt the body and the soul. Fortunately, time passed and we turned grown up and free. Let me end this story now because the rest is not for to make anyone happy.

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