Spring Break!

220px-Beach_Party_Annette_Funicello_Frankie_Avalon_Mid-1960sWe are in the middle of the spring break season. I say “season” (period of time), because in the U.S., there are no set (fixed; firm) dates for spring break, and each school, school district (collection of schools under the same management), or region decides when to take this typically one- or two-week vacation. For students, this break (temporary stop; short interruption) occurs near the middle of the spring term (period of schooling) and is a welcome respite (short period of rest).

Spring break occurs in early spring, usually near or around the Easter holiday, which is April 20th this year. The most popular dates include the week before Easter, although they may occur anytime within a four- to five-week period in spring. If you take a look at a popular student travel site, you can see that spring break occurs this year anytime between February and April.

Spring break occurs at all levels of schooling, from kindergarten (for children ages five to six) all the way through college. For younger children, spring break may just be a week or two home from school, or it is a time for a family vacation. For college-age students, it is something else entirely.

For college students, spring break is a time to go on vacation with friends, often to a vacation destination (popular location) where many other spring breakers congregate (meet; also go there). This is typically a week-long party, with a lot of drinking of alcohol and a lot of hooking up (casual sexual experiences). Not all college students party during spring break, of course, but this type of spring break activity is so popular that there are places in the U.S. that cater to (are designed for) college students on spring break, earning most of their money during this four- to five-week period each year.

Beach or lake locations are among the most popular for spring break holidays. The typical image of spring break is of a lot of young people in bikinis (two-piece swimsuits for women) and swim trunks (swim suit for men, similar to shorts). Some of the most popular in the U.S. include Lake Havasu, Arizona, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida,and South Padre Island, Texas.

Is there a spring break where you live? What are the most popular “party destinations”?

– Lucy

Photo Credit: Beach Party Annette Funicello Frankie Avalon Mid-1960s.jpg from Wikipedia

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8 Responses to Spring Break!

  1. Dan says:

    Hi everyone out there.

    I do not know you, but I am completely ignorant about parties and events such as the one mentioned by Lucy.
    I have absolutely nothing against it, but I have never been a party goer, even back when I was a student.

    I am more interested in things such as the subject of this week’s English cafe La Brea Tar Pits. What a strange and deadly place is that!
    On You Tube, I have found a beautiful presentation by the same John Harris. It is called Pleistocene Mammals of North America: Treasures from the La Brea Tar Pits

    It explains everything on details with nice photos even from the past when all that area was an oil field.
    It seems they have found even a body of a human being in there with a dog.

    Thank you Lucy

  2. Silence says:

    Hi everyone.
    In china,there is no spring break but summer holiday.Lucy’s description about Spring Break really broaden my eyes! What an interesting break. People can go anywhere they would like. The summer holiday in China is really a long time,I am always bored because I don’t know what to do when everything has been done well.If anyone give me some advice on how to spend my long holiday?

  3. rocky says:

    Hi, I am rocky from India. Here is a summer break 8 to 9 weeks. And most people enjoy these vacations on there popular destinations. There are many popular destinations in our country but rich people prefer foreign trips.

  4. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    In Brazil we are at autumn break, so next season will be winter. I think we don’t have spring break here, just because no one knows the exact moment this season starts, not even specialists in meteorology. Autumn here is kind of fresh season with no high temperatures, little rain, season of fruits, season of marriages, and love.
    From the most beautiful country in this world.

  5. Gibson Huang says:

    HI Dear Lucy

    I’m Gibson Huang from Taiwan, and we do have an activity called “spring wave festival”.

    And the participants mostly are young people as well, we are enjoy dancing, drink, bbq, music and then hangover

    in this period of time. Frankly, college student still have to class in this time, because this is not a regular holidays

    in my country. But they don’t care about the absenteeism. I think the school should adjust the regulation of school, LOL

    finally, I wanna thank you and Jeff, you guys provide such a wonderful resource for the whole world. Thanks million.


    Gibson Huang

  6. Parviz says:

    Hi everybody,
    We have a similar trend in our country as New year’s break, which last for three weeks.
    It is called so because start around a week before The new year and last nearly two weeks in the new years.
    It is the same for all kind of schooling and businesses.
    Some people take three-week vacations and take their children with them.
    Since the new year starts at the same time, families get a chance to visit their relatives and congratulates each other.
    I myself never go on a vacation for spring break, instead continue working.
    Not because I am a workaholic, rather because the roads and resorts are so busy, it seems like a competition to go fast and return quickly.
    very many accidents happen on the roads.
    And the prices are on their height.
    Nevertheless, I like the occasion very much.
    It starts with the winter ending, when almost everywhere looks green, and plants start to rejuvenate.
    There is no sight of snow and cold.
    I have many good memories from when I was a kid, with my friend taking outdoor tours to be close to the nature.
    But, we never hooked up.
    It was the mere vacation that we enjoyed, mostly.

  7. Natsuko says:

    Hello,Dr.Lucy. Hi,there.
    I’m Natsuko from Japan. It’s my first comment to this blog!
    Japanese students also have a spring break, but only for a week (from the end of March to April).
    After this break, we start the new school year.
    In Japan, not only schools but many companys begin a new business year in April.

  8. emiliano says:

    Well done Natsuko, we are interested about Japan
    so please go ahead and write your comments
    here since just now.

    Welcome Natsuko, Gibson, Rocky and Silence.

    Thank you. emiliano

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