Chefs and Bartenders: Put On Those Gloves

800px-Restaurant_Order_WheelWith the start of a new year, new laws go into effect (are now required to be followed). A new law in California has chefs (professional cooks) and bartenders (people whose job it is to serve drinks, especially alcoholic ones, usually at a bar) seeing red (angry; upset).

The new law requires anyone who handles (touches) food that is ready to eat — that does not need to be further (additionally) cooked or reheated (made warm again) — wear disposable gloves (rubber covering over the hands that are thrown away after one use) or use tongs, scoops, or other implements (tools). No bare hands (hands without any covering or protection) are allow to touch the food, even if the hands were just washed clean. The law is intended to improve the health and safety of food served to customers.

This means that bartenders who prepare drinks and add small pieces of food, herbs (plants used to add flavor), or garnish (piece of food added for decoration) must wear these gloves when preparing and serving drinks. This also applies to (is required of) chefs.

You may know that sushi — a type of Japanese cuisine (type of food) that includes rice and raw fish — is very popular here in California. Well, sushi chefs will also need to wear gloves or use implements, and they aren’t very happy about it.

Note that in most places in the U.S., food handlers (people who touch food before it is served) in places like restaurants must also wear covering over their hair and (for men) facial hair (that is, mustaches and beards). Both men and women usually wear a hairnet over their hair and facial hair or a close-fitting (tight) hat.

Are there laws of this type where you live? What types of laws are required of food handlers and food servers?

– Lucy

Photo Credit: Restaurant Order Wheel from Wikipedia

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  1. Dan says:

    Hi everyone

    Something I hate, is when the same person handling the money serves the food.

    The supermarket where I am used to buying my grocery, has this space where you get bread, made in a way that anyone pick up its own
    after wearing disposable gloves well visible over the counter.

    Still, there are a few individuals not wearing the gloves. What do you do?

    I would like to get a baguette and hit them on the back of the head! Unfortunately we cannot, so I swallow my anger.

    To tell you the truth, this is an issue does not affect me because it is extremely rare I consume/eat something outside.

    One other thing I hate is shrimps. They put those everywhere nowadays.

    I remember one of those rare occasions I was having something out, four years ago, as I approached the counter where all the dishes where exposed
    I almost throw up because of the smell of spoiled shrimps. Do you know the smell of death? it was just like that.

    I am not crazy/control freak on hygiene, in fact in my house I allow the cats on the table where I eat.

    But, you know, when you go out at a public place, you want the high standards on cleanliness.


  2. Parviz says:

    Hi Lucy,
    So many new words and expressions, I am impressed.
    Thanks Parviz

  3. elcomandant says:

    It seems very well to me. I think that everything can help to get things better is a good idea. However I understand that the food handlers must use gloves for handling food. But, bartenders? chefs? waiters? Haven’t they got tools to touch food? In my opinion, if some of these workers touch food with their naked hands, their bosses would get angry and would say to them that there are some specific tools to use.

    On the other hand, maybe somebody can think that this measure is close to a former slaves. I have a friend of mine who is learning English like me. That is, we both are learning English together. When we have read this post my friend told me something about the gloves that slaves wore in slavery times.

    I remember American movies that owners force their slaves to wear gloves 🙁 . In spite of the apparent differences, this point of view becomes the clients as owners and bartenders and chefs as a slaves. At least for a short period of time, meantime they are in the restaurant. Curious. 🙂


  4. emiliano says:

    Lucy, there is a long time I don´t go to a restaurant or a bar, so I can´t give any clues about
    what is happening here in Madrid, or Spain, but I doubt that in the bars or cafeterias whenever
    something is served the bartenders used disposable gloves or similar.
    To be sure about the subject I would have to ask friends for information if they go to these
    sites or know something about the matter.

    I do think it is a good idea such a law in California or every where to avoid as much as possible
    the spread of germs or bacteria to the foods served at customers of the sites where food are

    All caution is low when it comes to food consumed by people in general, so yes welcome the
    new law.

    Thank you Lucy. emiliano

  5. Betty says:

    Thank you Dear Lucy. I am very happy to read your article which is very good in stimulating student’s discussions.

    Dan has written something which is interesting. It is true that sometimes we let our pets eat from our plates. Why? Because we see them as our best friends. Domestic pets should pose no threats to our health and safety. Am I right, Jeff?

    The Health and Safety regulations are getting tougher everyday, I think it is good for everyone.

    Some people may not like it because it means changing their habits. But they should understand that a higher standard of hygiene will certainly bring more customers through the door.

    Jeff if you pay attention to where I submit this comment, you will know I’m in the peace and quiet place called England.

    You may also noticed that I visit your website from iphone, ipad and Android phone.

    In fact I like my Samsung Note3 more than my iphone 4S because it is a lot bigger and I can see better. I am using ipad because it enables me to see better with it’s bigger screen. My eyes are getting worse everyday and I hope the new gadgets will help.

    The problem is, I have become smartphone-dependent. I can’t remember passwords even just 5 minutes later. All I have to do is to reset it online. Will my brain grow bigger or shrink to smaller if I continue using my smartphones like this?

    Many thanks again, Lucy, look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best Regards
    Betty 🙂

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Betty!

    How did you find your home up there? under water?
    I have heard they had record rain this winter, we had a lot of it too down here.

    I should say that I only allow the female up on the table, just because she is special. She is a princess.

    I was thinking that disposable gloves maker would be making jumps for joy. That piece of regulations add billions of gloves into the market.
    And unfortunately into the landfill.


  7. Andre says:

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks, jeff and Lucy for your articles…
    Dan, I’m little bit confuse, when You say, that You are piss off when you see in a place where people handle with food, without gloves, but you don’t care if you cat eats on the table? As medical doctor, I don’t figure it out. Either situations can be harmful…( sorry my english)

  8. Parviz says:

    HI every body,
    I am very happy that I got a chance to stop by for a while and enjoy reading your posts.
    What is this world coming to?
    Nowadays wearing gloves doesn’t make a difference, as long as the food they serve us is not as safe as they used to be.
    I used to eat at dinners now and then, but not any more. Since I visited a factory, where they were making sausages many years ago, I have had aversion of fast food or eating outside whatsoever.
    Maybe it is just me that revive the picture of factory-workers handling the meat in a very dirty place, that looked like it hadn’t been washed for years.
    And also there are very many factories, restaurants and fast foods out there which make the job difficult for regulators to oversee their operations.
    Sometimes restaurants and fast foods use workers who can’t find a way to earn a living otherwise. Which means bring about people who have no education or training…..even worse people who may suffer from many diseases, or allergies.
    I had a friend once owning a very small cafeteria at a university. Very few good people were willing to work there, because the salary was low.
    Therefore, my friend ended up hiring workers who had never even gone to school. They opposed to every safety measure my friend told them to adopt.
    Because It was the way they had been raised.
    I once saw one of the workers going to the bathroom, with still having the disposable gloves on.
    I didn’t know if he really replaced the gloves, But it had a bad impression on me.
    What the governments are imposing on Cooks and bartenders are praise-worthy, and will benefit all.
    Dear Lucy,
    Do you think, at some point, you and I can Open our own restaurant?
    I can make an omelet, what can you cook? Nothing!!!!! Ah, Don’t worry, darling.
    You will write the recipe and I will cook.
    And I will eat, and you wash! fair enough?

    Thanks to all of you Dan, Emiliano, Betty, ….. And Lovely Lucy.

  9. Parviz says:

    Dear Lucy
    It’s Ok if you feel shy to say “yes” in front of others. I don’t mind.
    Let’s communicate telepathically.
    You know, In our dreams……… .

  10. Parviz says:

    Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well.
    And yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really.
    How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four, or five times more? Perhaps not even that.
    How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless…

  11. Betty says:

    Hi Dan

    Thank you for your question. My home is not under water, thank you, and thank God for that.

    However, the storm last Friday brought down a tile from the roof of my house. It has been repaired now.

    I hope you are keeping dry in Italy, although it is not possibly to completely avoid the wet weather during this rainy season.

    About the disposable gloves, I think it is hard to calculate the cost and benefit in this matter.

    I have seen the medical professions use disposable everything in a very large quantity. Sometimes we have to waste a lot in order to save even just one life.

    In fact I am not totally confident that disposable gloves are good for our body. The industrial dust on the gloves might kill us faster than the bacterial on people’s hands.

    What can we do?!!

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  12. hanmi says:

    Hi, people the legislative might be required to make improving standard in public health in California.
    Someday I could see a cooking show which cooks putting on gloves perform their recipes on youtube.
    Making susi needs delicate tactile sense,I think.
    We use a word “HAND TASTE” in Korea, one means a drilling sense of hand when you are fishing(exciting)
    and another means “good cook”. It says bare hand not using gloves.
    But things will be changed, social evolve, earth evolve, and I should evolve?

  13. Parviz says:

    Hi Andre,
    You know what they say: People are afraid of things when they are out of control.
    NO offense Dan, but in biology we have something called “adaptation”.
    The reason Dan feels comfortable with his cats, and not with eating food outside, is partly because he gets used to living with his cats overtime.
    His cats have been part of his life, or better part of his situation.
    He can’t conceive his life with out them because they deeply affect his being, and life .
    That’s an inseparable hallmark of human being, You know, to adapt to the situation (Am I right, Dan?).

  14. emiliano says:

    Once more we continue with the story……


    Incredible, how two persons that know nothing about each other could be so pleased being together, walking, talking or going to a cafeteria. It doesn´t matter what they do or where they go, it is only the fact of being close, one from the other, just looking at the eyes, smiling, listening the voice of that person, it is enough to be happy.

    Just this is what feels Emiliano being at side of Maria Jose, but now the same feeling is going through the soul of the girl. Who is this boy to give me so peaceful feelings, why I am so sure being at his side, he has something that soft my soul and I can open my heart to him, telling lot of things I don´t tell anybody before.
    He seems to understand which ever subject I could tell him, that is new for me, I am so pleased with him that it is better to enjoy his presence day after day without thinking anything about future.

    These are the thoughts of Maria Jose once she is at home and goes to her bed that night of 23rd of December.
    The evening at the California 47 has been perfect to her, nothing to be with the feelings she felt before with Jose Luis, this is different, and now she is in peace with herself.
    Nothing to think about future, only live the moment is her purpose and be relaxed about this new situation with Emiliano.

    Next day I am going to see him will be Christmas, it is funny that after a year of talking so short with him now we have full afternoon to be close one from the other, talking and watching a nice film.
    He hasn´t take my hand yet, he is so serious and kind that is a pleasure to be at his side, I feel myself sure being close to Emiliano, why? I don´t know but it the reality of my feelings, I think this boy it is just different of the boys I have met before.

    Emiliano doesn´t think, he only feels, he feels what happiness is, he doesn´t feel alone now. At last he has found a girl that please him all the ways, the one that he feels could be for him absolutely, the one to respect, to love, to be his/her friend for long, it is so clear that this boy doesn´t need to think about it.

    His feelings are up his skin as soon as he is beside Cuca, even if he could imagine her so close as to touch her face, her lips, her eyes, her nice little ears, her small hands. Everything about Maria Jose likes to this boy, not now it has been always so but he has not allowed himself to dream with her. Now he is dreaming awake the full day.


    The Shoes of the Fisherman

    Once again Emiliano is going to meet Maria Jose by the subway, it takes forty minutes to go from his house till his girl house.
    But who care, he not of course, time goes fast being in the high spirit form he is now. He has taken the tickets yesterday morning after an hour in the row as this movie is the one now in Madrid´s theaters.
    Everybody wants to see “The Shoes of the Fisherman” with Anthony Quinn in the body of the Pope Kiril who is going to make an important role in the “Cold War” that in those times the world is suffering.

    All is fiction by it is taken from the reality fights of The URSS and The EE.UU., this cold war could finally conduct to a nuclear war and The Pope Kiril has to go to Russia to talk with the Russian President Kamenev searching for an agreement.
    Cuca is telling Emiliano the plot while they are walking to the subway station of Goya, after a while inside the train the get off in Bilbao Station. Close to this subway station there is the Paz Cinema where the film is exhibited. It is a long film, near to 170 minutes, so it is necessary to be early at the entrance.
    Maria Jose is absolute interested in the movie, it is a spectacular film where you may see The Vatican city, the incredible Basilica of St. Peters, the Pope rooms, and all the cardinals with their purple garments.

    Now inside the cinema Maria Jose is enjoying the film, even more than Emiliano that is watching her by the corner of his eye sighs. She is at his right and the boy could see his face so gorgeous and quiet.
    The girl is really nice thinks Emiliano looking at her and he is conscious of her ears adorned with two earrings hanging two or three centimeter.
    The earrings are beautiful and fix with splendor Cuca face, so without thinking they are in the Cinema he says to Maria Jose; “You look so beauty with that earrings they are brilliant and nice hanging from your ears, yes you are really beautiful this evening”.

    That is all but enough fo the girl to realize that she likes to emiliano, now is clear for her only with this phrase of him she knows that Emiliano is not only a friend, he wants to be something more for her, it is clear now for her.

    Well she is pleased with the idea, so he has been so silence all this time when in fact he looks me with loving eyes, that´s very good indeed, this boy is like a box of secrets to me, he is not boring, what could be inside his soul so serious, quiet, calm and attend with me. Yes, nice, he is really nice with me and to me, I am looking him with good eyes from this moment.
    After that day everything between Maria Jose and Emiliano starts to change. There is another feeling coming beside friendship little by little love is opening its way inside their minds and hearts.
    In less than two months they are really in love, one with the other absolutely, being also like the best friends to talk with every day, at mornings when they are going to the Bank seeing each other ten minutes before going into the office and at evenings when Emilianos is waiting for his love in the Nice´s corner near Maria Jose´s house.
    Retiro´s Park is the best site to walk, to talk, to kiss each other and have their feelings under the skin.

    Let stop the story in this Christmas day of 1968 as events since now between Maria Jose and Emiliano will be going very fast.

    To be continued…..

  15. Dan says:

    Hey, Hi Andre,

    Sorry, but I did not see your post.

    Yes, for me it kids works that way. I know it sounds a contradiction but I do not care my princess going on the table, while I DO care about other people’ bacteria.

    Do I have to see a therapist?

    Hey Parviz.

    That is interesting, I want to know more about “Adaptation” I think that during the week end I will have my little research about that.
    I am not sure you got that right or not, sure is, I love all kinds of animals.
    That is one of the most important reasons why I do not eat meat anymore.
    See, when I go, I want to have caused less damage possible to the environment so that who comes after me find a Planet not devastated by his/her predecessors.

    Thanks guys

  16. emiliano says:


    Happiness on earth, that is the world of Maria Jose and Emiliano when they walk together through The Retiro´s Park in Madrid, spring is coming and the park is full of roses, there is specially a site called “La Rosaleda” where hundreds or roses of different colors are opening every day filling the air with their nice odor brighten by the sunset.
    The love to walk and taking a seat they could be talking for hours, time pass without sense of anything more that their presence and voices. Cuca is a shy girl than doesn´t want any physical care outside as some body could be watching, she says, so Emiliano is quiet with his hand holding hers being really close to his girl.
    Everything has changed in their life and them can´t see future without being together. Retiro´s Park is their site, it is close to Cuca´s house and they could be hours walking or sitting among the large trees of the park.
    It could be a time of social movements in Spain but the dictatorship doesn´t allowed anything like strikes, meetings, political parties, and so forth.
    In the Bank they were asking for salary increase but the Banks Corporation offers very few benefits and a low salary increase. Workers would like to be in strike but it was not possible as strikes in Spain were forbidden by law. So, instead of strikes workers do which ever other thing they could done. Some days close the office´s door and not customers were allowed to enter as there is not any kind of work inside. Other time workers start to shout or to make noise with their hands clapping them or hitting the table strongly at the same time they shout “Collective Agreement” once and again.
    Inside the Head Office there were two thousands of workers, may be more, and they all go to courtyard of Bank operations and make as much noise as possible shouting and clapping their hands too.
    They make the noise for ten minutes, three of five times along the morning, and afterward they go to work very slowly. Strikes were forbidden but the results of doing these movements and manifestations were nearly the same. People joining together to fight against the Bank Corporations looking for a better agreement.
    Maria Jose and Emiliano participates also in these turmoil that give them lot of excitement. Even some day the little turmoil’s have been in Alcalá Street and the police have begun to hit the people and detain them for doing that.
    Hard time for the dictatorship after last May of 1968.


    Here they are watching to a film called “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, the songs are from Paul Simon, and it is one of the first movies where Cuca and Emiliano find the good actor Dustin Hoffman.

    The plot is about a Graduate young, Dustin Hoffman, that start loving affairs with a married woman, Anne Bancroft, when he returns home and are looking for an University to study or to work. Mrs. Robinson, the woman is the wife of his father´s law partner, and try to seduce Bejamin once he drives her home.
    She invites Benjamin inside and removes her clothes to seduce him and says she finds him attractive and wants him to know that she is available to him anytime he wants.

    Once the film is over Cuca and Emiliano walks up Gran Via Street and talks about the movie’s plot as they have time enough till tenth hours at nigh, today they have gone on the first hour to the theater to enjoy the film and a walk later.
    Cuca doesn´t like to movie, doesn´t like the plot, doesn´t like Benjamin attitude even less Mrs. Robinson’s behavior but Emiliano likes the movie and he says he understand Benjamin´s behavior if he is not engaged with any girl, afterward when he starts to date Mrs. Robinson´s daughter he stops his sexual relations with the woman and that is right. Even so Cuca doesn´t agree and after a while it seems to Emiliano that Cuca´s mind is not as free as him self’s mind. That phrase is enough to have their first argument after four months dating. Just a silly argument, but before getting Cuca´s house they are again more in love than before their argument.
    It is so beautiful to have a loving soul beside you that the two lovers are happy and life seems their own heaven in that moments they are going up Gran Via Street towers Cuca´s home.
    Tomorrow will be another good they for them.

    First I think in doing one or two post only but at the end it has been like a little boring story, not for me as by my side it is the most marvellous
    story I have ever live or think and the best of everything is that the story still continues.

    Again thank you so much to all of you by you patience and if you have read it even more, it is a honor, as I know it could be boring, it happens nothing, it is
    the normal life of a girl and a boy that meet and follows with their life till now. emiliano


    It´s coming May and Maria Jose has her holidays in her work. She is thinking in going to the beach with her mom, she thinks in going to Salou, a little village in the Mediterranean coast. At the end of April the two lovers want to say each other good bye and have long walks through the Retiro Park, but today they are waking down Castellana Promenade in Madrid, one of the most beautiful promenades of downtown the Spanish capital. After a long walk they seat in an open bar in the middle of the promenade, it is hot and they take a seat under the promenade´s trees and talk peacefully.

    They are very close touching one to the other with their sights. Emiliano asks Maria Jose how is she feeling close to him, how has ben these four months going with him and what does she thinks of their relationship?, in fact three questions in one that more or less he knows her answer but he wants to listen it from her dear lips.
    She says to him, I feel really very good close to you, in fact I would like to be closer, the four months have been like a dream for her, and she thinks their relation is going absolutely well.

    Why do you ask me so, Emiliano? Easy to reply you my dear, because I want to ask you if you like to marry me.
    Yes Emiliano, I do, I´ll will be with you for the time you want. But let us live the present because I feel myself happy, very happy. I love you so much that I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
    Thank you so much my love, I love you as you cannot imagine Cuca, it is such an incredible dream what I am living that it seems like impossible to me. Yes, my dreams come to be reality, I will love you forever, I will care you till my last breath of life my dear love. Thanks so much, never will you regret saying me you love me so.
    Emiliano, we have nothing, no house, no furniture, our family doesn´t know anything, it is so fast that result like incredible to me.
    That´s the same to me dear, but it doesn´t matter, the way is ahead of us, we have all our life to walk for it, always together and never will we be in a hurry for anything.

    When you return from your holidays, next summer we will look for our house and all what we need will come after the house. Enough to live together without luxuries as to me the luxury will be to have you close me every day, every night, all the time my dear love.
    It is so good, we have promised and nobody knows anything, not your family, not my mother, not my sister or brother.
    Yes, that is true Cuca, but we have time enough to let them know about our love, my family has confidence on me and they know I am dating a nice, very nice girl, so it will be not a big surprise for them.

    Be sure Emiliano that for my mother and brothers will be a great surprise, never they ask me anything about you my love. I don´t know why, but it doesn´t matter for me. I love you my dear.
    I love you too, so much, you can´t imagine how great it has been my love just from the first moment I saw you in the academy sitting in front of me. Do you remember?.
    Yes, of course, I do perfectly well Emiliano. Never I could forget how brave I was asking you so.

    Talking so, the couple spend the evening, close one to the other, thinking on their life together just since this day of the end of April 1969 in Madrid.


  17. Betty says:

    ?Parviz Says:
    JANUARY 3RD, 2014 AT 11:29 PM
    Another thumbs up for you.
    I know you are not a yes-man to your wife, and also Cuca is not a nagging woman.
    That is why you have been able to get along well for long.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, I might give you 9.
    please don’t be angry with me for giving you a 9.
    I know you married the right person, and you have lived up to that. and so has Cuca.
    For an advice, would you just tell us how did you get to know Cuca and what were you thinking when you chose her (may be she chose you).
    Did you hesitate?
    Thank you,

    The above question from Parviz to Emiliano has been the reason why we have such a powerful LOVE STORY from Emiliano.

    Thank you Emiliano, and thank you Parviz.

    So, Did you hesitate, Emiliano?

    Of course not!

    Well Done, Emiliano, Well Done!


    Betty 😉

  18. emiliano says:

    “I am I and my circumstance”

    These were the words of a Spanish philosopher when he said:”Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia”
    He suggests that there is no me without things and things are nothing without
    me: “I” (human being) can not be detached from “my circumstance” (world).

    Jose Ortega y Gasset was born in Madrid on 1983 and he had a great influence in other
    Spanish philosophers and thinkers.

    Betty, I have taken this phrase and the man who said it because I do think your words
    are a good example of that.

    Without Parviz post and request emiliano had never written his story, so yes, we are
    oneself and our circunstances. Without circunstaces the human being it is nearly
    Our life, decisions, way of doing, and what make us what we are it is a fruit of
    our living circunstances in a great messure.

    Yes Betty, what you said it is the truth, so thank you Parviz, thank you emiliano, and thank you
    all of you that make such a lot of good circunstances to write what I wrote.
    Reading the last post I am happy, it is so real that it seems I am living those time again.

    As always Betty, you are also real, a real kind nice person who gives us the best of your own
    personality, thank you so much dear friend.


  19. Parviz says:

    Hi Betty,
    You make me feel proud.
    Maybe I should ask you the same Question?
    Thank you Dear Emiliano?
    It was very interesting love story.
    And I more loved the part when you said “there is a difference between being grateful and loving somebody”.
    You were really right about that.
    It takes time for me to get the complete sense of your story or I should say autobiography. It’s too deep.
    You were really patient and you got what you deserved.
    Thank you,

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