Happy Banjo Thanksgiving!

This year, Thanksgiving falls on (occurs on) November 28th and I want to wish everyone in our ESL Podcast family — those who help to produce the podcast, those who listen to us and read what we write, and those who support us with memberships and donations — an early Happy Thanksgiving.

This year, I thought you might enjoy a Thanksgiving duel (fight between two people, usually with weapons) between perennial (always true; never ending) enemies: the farmer and the turkey. This is not a duel with swords (a weapon like a very long knife) or with pistols (guns). Instead, the weapon of choice (preferred tool) is music.

You’ll hear the farmer and the turkey play a classic American song called “Dueling Banjos.” (A banjo is a musical instrument with a round body, a long neck, and strings.) The song is an instrumental (song with no lyrics or words) and was composed (written) by a man named Arthur Smith in 1955.  It was played on several popular TV shows at the time, and a version recorded in 1973 reached the top of the music charts. It was also famously used in the 1972 movie Deliverance.

I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving video, which also serves as a reminder to us of the importance of music education, especially for turkeys.

– Lucy

P.S. If you’re not able to see the video below, go to YouTube.

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21 Responses to Happy Banjo Thanksgiving!

  1. Dan says:

    Thank you Lucy and have a good holiday.

    Look out for the weather especially if you are driving these day. I have heard of storms over there in the southwest.

    The video was fun. LOL at 50:00 the eyes of the angry turkey.
    And I felt so happy at the end when all the turkeys escaped from the farmer.

    Hey farmer, eat a dish of Lasagne or Pasta. Leave the turkey alone!!!

    Thank you

  2. emiliano says:

    It was never a day as today
    It is an unique marvellous day
    It is not ever lived for anybody
    It was created for liviving
    It is for you and for me

    It is a new morning
    It is not ever a light as it is today
    It is a new future to discover
    It is there to be happy
    It is for you and for me

    It is your gift from God
    It is also my reward
    It is so easy of understand
    It is new and it is untouched
    It is for you and for me

    It is to be happy
    It is to be grateful
    It is to remember
    It is to be lived
    It is for you and for me

    Some other emotions
    Full of nice surprises
    You at my side
    It is just a new day
    It is for you and for me.

    That´s for you all my friends, a new day we are alive.

    Thanks a lot dear blogers.


  3. Messiah says:

    Thank you very very much for the amazing work you guys have been doing!!!
    Nice video!! 😀

  4. emiliano says:



    Acesta nu a fost niciodat? o zi ca astazi
    este o zi minunat? unic,
    nu este pentru oricine a tr?it vreodat?
    Acesta a fost creat pentru liviving
    Este pentru tine ?i pentru mine

    Este un nou diminea??
    Acesta nu este niciodat? o lumin? a?a cum este ast?zi
    , este un nou viitor pentru a descoperi
    , este acolo pentru a fi fericit
    este pentru tine ?i pentru mine

    Acesta este darul de la Dumnezeu
    , este, de asemenea, recompensa mea
    este atât de u?or de în?eles
    , este nou ?i este de neatins
    , este pentru tine ?i pentru mine

    Este pentru a fi fericit
    este de a fi recunosc?tor Acesta
    este s? v? aminti?i
    este s? fie tr?it?
    Este pentru tine ?i pentru mine

    Unele alte emo?ii
    plin de surprize frumoase
    ai la partea mea
    , este doar o nou? zi
    este pentru tine ?i pentru mine.


    Asta e pentru voi to?i prietenii mei, o noua zi, suntem în via??.
    Multumesc mult dragi cititori.

    Emiliano…..tell me how is the translation? I don´t know of course.

  5. Nermin says:

    HaPPy Thanksgiving 🙂

  6. Myo ko ko says:

    Thanks for your wish.
    I also wish you and all there at ESL Podcast and those who celebrate it a Happy Thanksgiving.

    “those who read what we write” ??
    Don’t say like that, please! I beg.
    We’re not just reading, we’re learning from what you all write,
    we’re getting the language from your posts.
    You know.

    Many a Thanks, Lucy.
    Myo ko ko

  7. Alan A. Santos says:

    Lol very very very funny, turkey is not good only in the pan, but with banjo too 🙂

  8. Parviz says:

    Hi every body,
    I am happy that I again have the chance to say Happy Thanks giving to my friendly friends in ESL realm.

  9. Bhakta says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the staffs of ESL Podcast.

  10. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    This celebration occurs only in USA, unfortunately, I guess. In Brazil we have parties about a lot of subjects, like samba, folk lore, soccer, birthday, marriage and so forth. The parties I like most are children birthday, when I can eat tasty cakes and sing happy birthday to you, I can play with children a lot of play with hand to hand, laughter, innocently. What a good time was that when I was a child! Like today, I remember the group of kids dancing round and round, with the wind in the hair, parents watching and saying look out, all in good time. Now time has changed, everyone drinking hot liquors, smoking, looking each other with evil eyes and so on. There will never be times like those again.
    Aecio, from the place where no one lives.

  11. emiliano says:

    Nice and happy Thanksgiving to all of you dear ESL staff and every body who
    delebrates it.

    Here in Spain it is a day like onother one, not any celebration at all.

    My best and thank you very much Lucy by you good wishes.


  12. Betty says:

    Dear Jeff, Lucy & Warren and the whole ESLPOD.com team, plus all my friends in this website,

    It is my wishes to express my thanks to you all for this peaceful and beautiful Englishland for me to chill out whenever I need a place to read something interesting.

    Good music, good video and clever turkey. Run, don’t get eaten, run.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Betty 🙂

  13. Betty says:

    Dear Emiliano

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope that you can write and tell us how you spend your birthday.

    By the way, I was in London a few weeks ago and I was thinking of you in Harrods.

    I told my friends who gave me a lift to London that I hoped to see Harrods. Unfortunately my friends said there was not enough time, we needed to go home because they were too tired.

    I hope to go to London again next year when the days are longer in England. I will try to explore London myself like many many years ago when I was a lot younger.

    Don’t forget to enjoy your Birthday tomorrow.

    Betty 🙂

  14. Betty says:

    Thanks Tania for reminding us of Emiliano’s birthday.

    You are our angel here giving us hints all the time.

    You have not missed the chance to buy something on Black Friday. It is Black Friday tomorrow. Hope you can buy something you want and you need.

    Life is full of problems, just be brave and sort it out. I know you can do it because you have shown us you are a very capable person.

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  15. Øyvor says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone=)

    The video was hillarious! =)

  16. emiliano says:

    So nice as always dear Betty, thanks a lot dear.

    Yes, Tania is reminding our birth deay always, she has good memory and we are close friends since
    the begining of the blog, isn´t true Tania?.

    At home was Cuca the one who remember the birth day of relatives and friends, I scarcely could remember
    close family and clole friends only, and sometimes when I wasn´t married even I forget my mother´s
    birth day which was a big mistake having in mind I loved her so much.

    Again Thanks a lot to you Betty, we miss you a lot when some days have passed without Betty´s news.
    Next time you go to London, please tell me and we could meet each other in the town…..don´t you
    think it could be a good idea?.

    My best dear Betty. emiliano

  17. Nermin says:

    HaPPy Birthday, dear Emiliano 🙂

  18. emiliano says:

    Thanks a lot dear Nermin.
    You are very kind.


  19. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    The only thing I am supposed to say now is “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Good thing is the birthday, but even better is the birthday chocolate cake with strawberry jelly on the top, isn’t it? My birthday was on November 5th. The worst was I turned 72. Every year I celebrate my birthday I remember that I am a year older. Too bad!
    Aecio, from Brazil, the land where there is no sin because Brazil is located below the Equator Line.

  20. Betty says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Aecio. You are a lot younger than many people in Hong Kong. Many people your age in Hong Kong are doing their morning exercise in the park. Some even practice their Kung Fu in the mountain every morning.

    Life starts at 80 now. People start to have more time to enjoy life only when they stop worrying about making money. I think so anyway.

    Enjoy reading from you.

    See you again soon.

    Betty 🙂

  21. Betty says:

    Hi Aecio

    I have read your remark “Aecio, from Brazil, the land where there is no sin because Brazil is located below the Equator Line.” many times and I wonder why you say that.

    This afternoon I couldn’t help but tried to find out why you say that.

    I found something in the paper written by Francisco C. Weffort: SACRED WRITINGS, PROFANE WORLD: Notes on the History of Ideas in Brazil.

    It says:

    “As Barléus, a Dutch Calvinist, movement would comment, “There is no sin below the Equator.””

    Thank you for pointing it out to us.

    By the way, I spared the plant I wanted to take out. My neighbour saw me with my tools out in the garden. He said it’s only a shrub which should not harm the foundation of the house. I thought he should be right about it and so I just prune it to tidy it up and call it a day.

    There is so much to learn about gardening. I wonder how Jeff gets on with his lawn mowing. He has hay fever like me. I am sure he wish he could put down artificial lawns. So do I.

    Betty 🙂

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