The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

2008_Sturgis_Motorcycle_Rally,_street_at_nightAfter work today, I’m slapping on (putting on quickly and without care) my helmet (hard hat worn for safety while riding a bicycle or motorcycle), jumping on my hog (slang for motorcycle), and riding 1,300 miles (2,100 kilometers) to Sturgis, South Dakota.

Why?  Because Monday is the start of the annual (yearly) Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. A motorcycle rally is a gathering or meeting of motorcycle enthusiasts (people who are very interested in an activity or a subject), and this famous motorcycle rally is held each year in the first full (complete) week of August. About half a million (500,000) people attend this rally, some bringing their family, including children.

For the small town of Sturgis, which has a population of under 7,000 people, this annual event is a major help for the local economy (businesses located there). Of course, a gathering of motorcycle riders of this size cannot occur without complaints of noise, drunkenness (drinking too much alcohol), and theft (including some motorcycles). I will try not to be too rowdy (noisy and annoying other people).

The first Sturgis Motorcyle Rally was held in 1938. If you attend these days, you’ll see motorcycle races and stunts (dangerous and/or difficult tricks).

Some of the races are quite involved (complicated). One race, for example, requires riders to crash through board walls (walls made with thin wood), jump ramps (slopes or inclines you ride up that takes you off the ground and causes you to fly in the air before hitting the ground again), and meet head-on collisions (hitting something while facing it) with other vehicles. Sounds like fun, right?

You’ve all seen my very impressive high-powered motorcycle in the Eighth Anniversary Video. So if you want to join me, hop on your hog and let’s head to Sturgis!

~ Lucy

Photo Credit: 2008 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, street at night from Wikipedia

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13 Responses to The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Lucy

    I do not know why, and what kind of image my brain put toghrder about Lucy over these years, but as I was reading this I thought- That’s impossible- Lucy a rider?

    I better see Lucy, like in the video, reading a book on the couch.

    Well, if you really are enjoy your trip. I do not believe that till I see Lucy on a motorcycle with my own eyes.

    Personally, I have never own a motorcycle ’cause I do not care and I do not like it.

    Over here, every year it’s a massacre of riders. As the spring season start, almost every day only in my province there is an accident.

    Thank you

  2. Parviz says:

    Hi Lucy,
    Please don’t do that. It would be dangerous. I had a motorcycle many years ago. And I had some terrible accidents now and then.
    It could be partly because I am not much of a rider. At least not as good as Lucy. I would sit dull on my motorcycle, and go where it went.
    Sometimes I had head-on collisions. And other time fell in the river, slipped on the road. I was more of a burden to the city than to be doing my errands with my hog.
    If you saw me on the street you would understand instantly that I was barrel of laugh.
    Dear Lucy, I insist you not to go. But if you love it, so wish you Luck.
    But, I look forward to see the ramification.
    may be at some point we can have a hog-rider blogger here. Who knows. Teaches us a lot about how to win a hog rally.

  3. Parviz says:

    Unfortunately, You tube is blocked here. We are going to have to use IP to get into it.
    But most of the time that doesn’t work either, because the internet is so slow that goes no where.

    So, I didn’t get to see either of your videos. Still I haven’t seen Lucy, either.

    I don’t know how far someone has to go to see his teacher.
    I was wondering if You could put your video in another ways, so we could download them.
    Many thanks

  4. Betty says:

    Dear Lucy

    Wow, I love the idea of riding a motorcycle in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I want to do that. It will make my life complete!

    I am not surprised to hear you love to ride a motorbike. However, the 8th anniversary video for gives me an impression that you have always wanted to ride a motorbike. But you probably have never ridden one yourself. Am I right?

    I have never ridden a motorcycle myself before, but I should do it before too late, really. Do you know which motorbike is good for me? A small moped should be quite safe. Am I right?

    Lucy are you serious about going to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? If you are, I wish you a very nice time there. Come back and share your experience with us soon.

    Best Regards

    Betty 🙂

  5. emiliano says:

    Where is your cat Lucy when you ride a Motorcycle Rally, is it also on the moto?.
    It seems the cat likes also to be on the motorcycle with you but it is posible there is not helmests for cats?

    Dan, Italy is the first country with more champions wined of the world, followed by U.K., and third Spain
    more or less the list it is so.

    By nationality, Italy has a significant speed advantage to any of its neighbors. His runners have made ??a total of 75 books, divided
    among the five categories. United Kingdom would be the second country with 44 championships, while Spain sum 38, ranking third.

    Much is left to the fourth power, Germany, which has 18, to reach the podium.

    Sorry Lucy but EE.UU. with so much people driving and running on a motorcycle doesn´t figures, how is it posible having a champion
    girl like you?.

    Please, tell us.

    Yes, riding a motocycle it is dangerous, but it is really an incredible experience and I know it perfectly well.

    My best dear Lucy.


  6. Peter says:

    Lucy , no frigging way you are yanking my chain?
    You and motor bike
    It is wild !!!
    There is no way you can pull it off
    You are pulling my leg.I m sure of

    Are you saying You are that cool ,and I didn’t know about it all along
    Well,I must say ,good job hiding it over all these years.

    Let me get it straight. You woke up
    This morning, threw on your motor bike gears ,hop on your own motorbike ,and off to the function?

    It is sick . I mean it is rad. You riding a motorbike.
    Cool !!!
    Flashing news guys
    We have a cool professor!!!
    Lucy go!!
    It was beyond even my wildest dream that one day I must boggle my mind trying to picture our very own Lucy on a motorcycle :)))
    I knew it. I knew you are not that stickler I initially took you for.
    Well , sis , tell me something
    be honest with me
    Do you or you do not pull wheelies:))))))
    Man , you had me going for such a long time.

    Thanks ,fun-Lucy
    For such a cheerful news

    Guys , let me tell u , it is just a matter of time before Jeff comes out and tell us a story about his latest tandem skydiving :)))))))))
    It is hilarious
    Even picturing it making me go belly -laughing
    Thanks Lucy for such a fun post

    Ride carefully ;))

  7. Dan says:

    Me again,

    There are some English words that at times make me confused.

    On of those is -helmet-. That is because in Italian the helmet (It. elmetto) is the one used by soldiers or the yellow one used by workers especially on construction sites.

    The one used by motorcycle riders is called -casco-.


  8. emiliano says:

    Casco is in Spanish too Dan, but of course it is the helmet in English.

    Friends I am really surprised with your credibility, do you really think that our dear teacher and friend
    Lucy are going to ride in a Motocycle Rider?

    She is kidding us and you are fallen in her trap?

    Lucy´s humor is her idendity card always may friends and only Betty got it. Bravo Betty you are
    really Smart my dear Hong Kong girl.

    Just a pity Parviz, you can´t see also my videos of London and Madrid that are in YouTube, also
    Gatufo´s videos are over there.
    Be sure that I have seen also Lucy riden a HARLEY DAVIDSON bigger than her.

    He Lucy, you have done a good trick making a fool of US.

    Ciao Dear.


  9. Lassana says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Great and funny entertainment. Seeing people participate together in this kind of event, I think that that gathers people and allows them to share together a very nice experience.

    There in France there is a same experience, but a little bit different.

    During one day of year, there is what we called ” the day of bike or bicycle “. During this day people make bike since the morning until the night. All people can participate at this formidable event, so many families participates at that.

    It’s like a national feast, each suburb and village hosts these people.

    As they pass there, they can take a break and eat or drink some specialities (food or drink like beer for example) from each village because there are food and drink stands.

    This is also an opportunity for them to get to know and share interests they have in common, not only about hog or bicycle and many other subjects.

    Thanks Lucy for this sunny topic 🙂

    See you soon.


  10. Parviz says:

    Dear Betty,
    Excuse me, if I may add some notes here about riding a motorcycle?
    I had a HONDA cycle for almost five years. Initially I didn’t know how to hold on to the steer.
    But, since I had ridden a bike for so long, it didn’t take me long to get the hang of riding a motorbike.
    The difficult part is to start moving (momentum). At the same time you have to do two different coordination, Release the clutch, Turning the gas handle. At first you must fail a few times.
    But perfection comes through practice.
    When you start moving, you are still an amateur, so you should avoid highways or crowded streets where there are traffic lights.
    Flat empty area are good places to practice in.
    Of course you may fall or hit into something, because initially you may make mistakes between turning brake and gas handle.
    SO, Betty, we might as well see you in the Rally.
    To your success

  11. Willy says:

    Hello Lucy.
    I didn’t think a sweet and tender woman like you was a rider.
    When I was reading the post I though it was of Jeff or warren, I surprised when I saw your sign 🙂
    Enjoy your really Lucy !

  12. Peter says:

    Ya know , I used to ride mororbikes and I was trained by my uncle to do some simple stunts. Back in the day , it was all fun. I likely it merely because a hog and an open road would give me a sense of freedom. Sigh , those were the day.
    I loved everything about it,but not anymore.
    Well, I have mellowed over time. There is nothing left of that rowdy , rebikious boy in me.
    Reading Lucy’s post reminded me of a simpler time when I was a care-free boy

    I wish I could join u sis, in the rally
    It is ashame that we are miles apart

  13. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    Unfortunately I have never ridden a motorcycle. When I was young (I was one day in the past. Golden days!) a friend of mine offered me a ride on a motrocycle and I just said no. The problem is that I think that on two wheels it is very easy to lose balance and fall down. Hitting arms, head, knees and something is something that hurts a lot. But I don’t blame people who are fon of a ride. It seems to be very exciting.
    Aecio from beautiful green and yellow Brazil.

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