Cute or Butt-Ugly?

At the world headquarters (main offices) of ESL Podcast, there was recently a fierce (very aggressive; with strong emotions) disagreement about a very important issue. I emailed Jeff a story with photos about a self-proclaimed (saying about itself, actually its owner saying about it) cutest dog in the world.  When we both looked at the pictures, we had very different reactions. One of us agreed that it was a very cute dog and the other said that the dog is “butt-ugly.”

Butt-ugly is an informal insult used for something we think is very unattractive, extremely ugly, so ugly that it looks like a butt (the part of the body that we sit on). While this is not a vulgar (offensive) term, it’s not a term you want to use with your mother or boss.

Since we have such different opinions about this dog, I thought I’d ask you. The name of this dog is “Boo” (the sound ghosts and people make when they want to scare someone).  You can see pictures of Boo here and see a video of him here.  Tell us what you think.


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By the way, here is a list of the most common pets in the United States.

1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Fish
4. Hamster
6. Turtle
7. Lizard
8. Guinea Pig
9. Gerbil
10. Ferret

Do you have a pet?  Other than dogs and cats, what types of pets are popular in other countries? Have you heard of or had any unusual pets?

~ Lucy

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16 Responses to Cute or Butt-Ugly?

  1. mohammadreza says:

    hi Dr.lucy
    I’ve got a gray hamster , I also have some experience of keeping birds (canary) in the past. I like to keep dogs with me although it’s against of law in my country :(.
    By the way there are some black markets that you would find a Various species of animals and there isn’t any law against you, here everything are reverse :))

  2. elcomandant says:

    I took a look at the Boo’s pictures and I have to say that I have seen, as far as I remember, at least two dogs butt-uglier than Boo.

    Both were small dogs. One of them looked like a black rat with its poor hair like needles. The other one looked like a small white monster with its face peeled and wrinkled with red eyes and its legs like chopsticks.

    So, if I had pictures of these two dogs, I wouldn’t send them to you because you and Jeff would be able to fight each other. 😀

    I love animal’s world. If I had to choice one pet, I would like to get a horse. It’s the animal I like the most but I know this is complicated to have got a horse in my flat.


  3. jalex says:

    Hi, Dr.Lucy
    It’s very, very nice dog, indeed! 🙂


  4. Maryam says:

    We keep some animals, including: hens, roster, turkey, rabbit. But other animals like being in our house, too. if you go to our backyard, you’ll see them. For example, 4 cats have been living there for more than one year. Two of them are little and have been born there too. We feet them, but we don’t let them to come inside the home.

  5. HILARIO says:

    WOLFSTEPPETS.- I’ve got a dangerous pet at home, a very talkative one indeed, and very fond on TV’s gossip shows, she watch them all the time, both in the mornings as afternoons. She speaks even while eats and she only should be able to shut up under deep water and only for a moment. Recently I had almost to buy a special muzzle for her after having a real attempt to be injured myself .. just kidding, as everybody knows, a much barking dog never bites. The good thing about, the only relieving one, is that I’m sharing her care with my wife and only submitted to season periods, then another brother in law takes his turn in her caring. The best thing about is the great peace she leaves behind when she departs and after her staying everything goes back into harmony, we might say that she really shines a lot in her absence.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Looks like it’s wearing a hat. I think it is cute and I would pick it up and kiss it.

    We also have a Butt-ugly expression but it sounds more like Butt-face.

    I am against buying animals. I have always owned pets, mostly cats, taken out from an animal shelter or picked up from the street.

    I would never buy a pets. That means creating a market and exsploitation of animals.


  7. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff ,
    I just listen to the part you reel off the name of your siblings including you at the end. It is funny!!
    You are a funny man!!
    I like it funny.

    Dear Lucy,
    The doggy is adorable!!!
    Don’t mind Jeff , you know him. He truly hates pets except cats:))
    As we all know , he loves cats :))
    I am myself not a pet person either.
    But, in all fairness , he is one cute poodle.
    Not ,but ugly by any means; it is a bias judgment.
    What is his breed?
    There is one thing about the dog that is weird,though. I didn’t spot any ears on him.
    I ,once, saw a guy in the subway train with a long snake Sitting around his shoulder.
    I know ,the possession of exotic animals are prohibited and punishable with fine and perhaps imperisonment.
    I know how on earth that guy owned a snake. I didnt know how he managed to get away with it.
    It was very creepy !!
    I literally jumped out of my skin when I saw the snake arond his shoulder.
    You know, rodent of any kinds give me the willies,and I m pretty sure that I m not ont on a limb saying that


    The Pat peeves :))

  8. Peter says:

    Dear lusy,

    I stand corrected!!
    I just saw the pic of the Dog!!
    I must say, he is butt ugly!!
    He looks like a cod than a dog
    I m with Jeff on that assuming Jeff commented “butt ugly” on that one.
    the video clip of the dog pictures a cute dog for what he is doing which is keep sticiking out his tongue and arpund hos mouth in a adorable way. I must say , that part threw me off.
    Sorry sis!!
    But ,on the scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being the ugliest dog ever ! I give him 7 out of 10.

    Hope you don’t mind my honesty on the matter.
    You know as you said it is a crucial matter that you put up for the discussion :))( joking )
    So ,how can I live with myself if I wasn’t completely honest about it . The last thing I want is to see a cat and dog fight between the two of you,and we , your students , get caught on the crossfire :)) ( good one )
    Talk about being relevant :))))
    I m joking sis ,hope you don’t mind my dry sense of humour 🙂

    By for now

    The jokester :))

  9. Dan says:

    Let me guess…Jeff said that was cute and Lucy said that is butt-ugly, am I right?

  10. mohammad says:

    Hi everybody
    I love fishes and I have 7 kinds of fishes in my home!
    I don’t like dogs but in my opinion boo is very cute!
    In my country(iran) I think fishes and birds are more popular!

  11. Dan says:


    Can I say something cute my pet does at bed time?

    I am talking about the female cat named Princess. What she does, expecially when it is cold, as soon as I hit the sack she jumps up
    going from the head side of the bed and with her paw she scratches my head in order to make me rise the covers.
    After that she dives under the cover and her spot is between my feet, isn’t that cute?

    And you should see her face (can I say face talking about a pet?) in the morning when she comes out.


  12. Peter says:

    Hi Mohammad,
    It is nice that you take care of 7 fish.
    I m wondering where you keep 7 fish.
    In a fish tank ,I suppose
    Taking care of 7 fish is not much of a task , is it?
    Just feed them everyday and they are good to go.
    The most difficult ones is dogs. Regardless the weather , You must walk them out to do their things and scamper around. Also ,after they do their business you must clean after them. Comparatively Cats are easier to take care of since they don’t need to be walked out.
    But ,supposedly the most convenient pet of all is fish ; That is why you can own 7 fish all at the same time. Imagine u have 7 dogs instead.
    Man,it willgo out of hand ,for sure!!

  13. Betty says:

    Dear Lucy

    Thanks for posting this cute animal for us to enjoy.

    Life is so different in the modern day world.  When I say life I mean life of all living things including human and animals.

    Some dogs are having a dog’s life in some countries.  Some dogs are living like a king in other countries.

    Some countries do not allow to keep dogs as pets (as revealed in our friend’s message here), but some countries have no law regarding dogs as pets.

    I know England has laws regarding Dangerous Animals.  Dogs that attacked human will be destroyed straight away.  Sometimes it seems unfair to the animals as they do not have thinking capacities.  But laws exist to protect human as well.

    I have been very busy recently trying to improve my English and thus do not have time to write much.

    I just worry that my writing skill has gone backward.

    Please let me quote something I read from an article recently:

    As Arthur Schopenhauer said, 
    “genius and madness have something in common: they both live in a world which is completely different from the world that others exist in”.

    Best regards

    Betty 🙂

  14. mohammad says:

    Hi peter
    Yes you’re right taking care of fishes are easier than dogs,by the way my fishes are small and I keep them in an aquarium.
    they’re nice

  15. Val says:

    This dog is nice. I think all the dogs are nice, all the animals are nice. People sometimes are pretty ugly, animals are never. And they are by far more kind and loyal than people.

  16. Andre says:

    We have 2 cats, brother and sister.

    Even I don’t like dogs, the mentioned dog looks nice, but not like a real dog. I guess, it’s only a toy bear

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