Help Us Win a Macmillan Love English Award for 2011

The Macmillan Dictionary company holds (has) a contest each year to determine the best English language website and blog on the Internet. This year, and the ESL Podcast Blog have been nominated for the best website and best blog!  We are happy to be nominated, but we need your help to win.  

If you believe we have the best English language website and blog, please vote for us!  It’s easy and will take less than one minute to do.

To vote for us for the best website, click here and look for “ESL Pod.” (Do not vote for “English Cafe.” That is not our website.)

To vote for us for the best blog, click here and look for “ESL Podcast Blog.”

Voting is simple: Just find our name and click on the “Vote” box.  That’s all you do!  You don’t have to give your email or sign-up for anything. Voting ends on January 31st, so vote today before you forget!

The most important reward for us here at ESL Podcast is knowing that we are able to help people improve their English. Because of this, we don’t normally pay much attention to awards, but since these awards are chosen by the users — people like you — we do care what you think!  So vote and wish us luck!

~ Jeff and Lucy


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51 Responses to Help Us Win a Macmillan Love English Award for 2011

  1. emiliano says:

    Dears Lucy and Jeff.

    Without any doubt my two votes have been done just in this moment.

    Good luck and a right decision should be to reward both of the sites
    by all means.
    I will ask to the friends to vote for the best place to learn English, yours
    of course.


  2. asmaa says:

    good luck my favourite website

  3. Michel says:

    Dear Jeff , Lucy and all the team,
    I did it.
    I really hope you will be awarded
    It’s every day a great pleasure to hear you even though I don’t write on the blog as often as I’d like. Too busy and my English is to slow. I need too much time to write an approximative English.

    Good luck

  4. marziya says:

    Congratulations! to Jeff and Lucy,
    Your hard work is recognized by others eventually. I believe that this is the best website in the world for English learners. You will win !!!


  5. Betty says:

    Dear Jeff , Lucy, Warren and every one in the team

    I am sure you know that I always think this website deserves to win a Macmillan Love English Award.

    And, Yes, I have voted for you.

    All the best of luck.


  6. Gussun says:

    Congrats! You will win:)

  7. Gen says:

    Jeff, Lucy? good morning! You really do a great job in teaching English. I love your podcast. Podcast is your middle name!
    Thank you and wish you every happniess in the new year of 2012!
    When I visit LA, I will try to drop in and say Hello and Thanks!

    By the way, I voted for you on the two categories. Keep my fingers crossed for you?

  8. Joe says:

    I love ‘s blog and website. I love nice people here. I feel very comfortable here, reading articles, replaying opinions.

    Totally deserve the awards.

  9. Denny says:

    Jeff and Lucy,

    Voting for your work was a pleasure to me. has helped me to learn English in an amazing way. Even tough you are not awarded, I would like to leave in here my recognition for your work as being very important for so many people. I wish you going on with this fantastic work for so long.

    Best regards,

  10. Rasoul says:

    I vote in favor of you because I think your intention is helping others.

    Best wishes

  11. sirjoe777 says:

    Right now… I voted!
    Carry on, Lucy and Jeff!

  12. parviz says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I really wish the ESL podcast group win the competition. But there is a problem here in my country that is we can’t enter the voting page (the blog page and website page). the government might has filtered it.
    sorry, But I along with my fellow citizens wish you luck, and be sure you will receive the maximum vote because you deserve it.

  13. John says:

    Just voted for you guys – you’re the best!

  14. Val says:

    Just voted for you, my dear favorites=)

  15. haerter says:

    Dear Jeff and dear Lucy,

    I did it too and I did it with fullest belief. I hope you will triumphantly gain the award. is an excellent English teacher and best entertainment.

    Lovely greetings

  16. Marina says:

    You are the best!
    I like your web-site and work you do. Everything is perfect.
    A lot of useful information, interesting topics, great ideas.
    Wish you luck!

  17. David Monteiro says:

    Hi dear Jeff, Lucy, Warren, and all the ESL team!

    I just voted for the best! For ESLpodcast’s website and blog! Hope you win!

    I’m very grateful to you all! I’ve learned a lot in all areas since I started to listen to your podcasts. Please keep on doing that fantastic job!

    Best regards and good luck!

    David Monteiro

  18. Peter says:

    Jeff and Lucy ,
    You got it.
    Common people we are a part of Eslpod family.
    It is not like they just win
    If Jeff and Lucy win ,it means we win as well.
    We are a family.
    Finally ,the time came that we can show our gratitude towards them with not just talk but action.
    As they say :talk is cheap
    Common people
    Time to return a minute part of their favour.
    Step up for the family
    Click the heres , and Click them all right

  19. Peter says:

    Boss,you don’t need our vote.
    You are passed the phase.
    Rest assure that You and your program have bevome so well-known in the field by now that every language lovers out there know chapter and verse about you and your one-of-a-kind lingusitic break through.
    Don’t worry chief you beat them to it hand over doubts there.

    Good luck

  20. Kelvin Vargas says:

    Wow Mr. Jeff you are the best, your web-site is good and the poscast are excellet..

    GOD Bless You always…

    i`m from Dominican Republic.. I love english thaks to you.

    I hope you Win..

  21. Andreu Martínez says:

    I hope you can win. You are the best. I voted for you.

  22. Betty says:

    I totally agree with Joe’s message above. He says:

    “I love nice people here. I feel very comfortable here, reading articles, replaying opinions.”

    Yes, I think we come to this website because we feel very comfortable here.

    Thank you very much indeed,

    Just a little reminder to everyone who can afford to keep this comfortable place, please contribute to keep it going.

    Lucy and Jeff have been working very hard, I feel they are working hard for love of us. But people cannot and must not work for love. Love cannot last if money dries up.

    I want to improve my English in order that I can make money to improve my life. But I understand I need to first of all keep the place which can improve my English.

    Thanks for your attention. 🙂

  23. Betty says:

    May I renew my thanks here again with the message below (I said it on January 8th, 2012 at 10:02 am)

    “Thanks again, Lucy and Jeff, for I have gained a lot more than I hope for from your learning guides. The GLOSSARY “to join” in the Learning Guide for ESLPOD 753 has pointed me to a very important place where I can improve my Spoken English much faster (If I can find the time)”.

    I did not want to say what place it was because I hope that people will join the membership and get the Learning Guides themselves. Life is give and take.

    I am now ready to tell our friends who have not got the Learning Guides yet where was the place which could improve our spoken English skill faster.
    In ESLPOD 753, the GLOSSARY has the following for us to learn:

    to join – to become part of a group or organization
    * Suzie joined Toastmasters because she wanted to become a better public speaker.

    I am surprised how ignorant I was that I did not know about this organization. There are 46 Toastmasters Club in Shanghai, China alone.

    Now I know why I have wasted decades and unable to improve my English speaking skill. But better late than never, I am determined to join one.

    A quote from the Toastmasters International’s website:

    “Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Today, our membership is 270,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,000 clubs that make up our global network of meeting locations.

    Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself”.

    I went to one Toastmaster club meeting as a guest two days ago, and I had a chance to watch the 2008 contest in which the champion was LaShunda Rundles.

    After that meeting, I went home, still has the song and speech in my mind, I searched the internet about this lady and I found some quote from “Six Minutes – Interview with LaShunda Rundles” I want to share with you below:

    “The theme of my speech was to speak up. People sit in silence so much afraid to express themselves and it often diminishes the quality of their lives and those that they love. The fear people have has to be overcome and the purpose has to be the passion.

    I chose this theme because growing up, I saw so many people abused because of their silence. I witnessed people be broken because they would not speak in their own defense. Most painfully, I watched my mother die from cancer. When she began to finally complain, it was too late. I am sure that she had symptoms long before she revealed it to us. She was the kind of person who would grin and bear it. She was so giving that she didn’t ever want to feel like she was imposing on anyone. I believe that her silence allowed the cancer to take [her] life because it was about one month from her diagnosis until her death.

    In addition, what I learned from her is that our words make a lasting impression on this earth. Her words still live in me and the values she instilled in me live in me and will live on through my son.

    I believe that my victory also shows something else that I believe. I believe that when you can take self out of something and uplift others, you will often be lifted in the process of lifting others. My father passed away when I was very small and my mother worked hard to raise us. I want her to know even in heaven that I appreciate her direction and her unconditional love”.


    Don’t just improve our listening skill here listening to Jeff and Lucy. Go and explore about Toastmasters Club near you. Hope you find one you like.
    Remember, don’t rely on me to tell you another good thing in the Learning Guide, get your own Learning Guides.

    Thanks for your patience if you have read so far. Betty 🙂

  24. linda says:

    Hi Jeff/Lucy,

    I voted, sure, for you. I love your script and tones which you speak. I think you’ll win it finally!

    Linda from China

  25. Dan says:


    Thanks for you advice and informations.
    I have never heard about that organization too.
    Hope you’ll find what you are looking for.
    Let us know.

  26. Cuca says:

    Hola Jeff y Lucy, muchas felicidades por vuestro estupendo programa de enseñanza de inglés, en el que además de
    aprender le considero como muy ameno y agradable. Con mi admiración por la labor que haceis, mucho cariño.

    “Hi, Jeff and Lucy congratulations for your site of English teaching because beside the best learning it is also
    funny and amusing.
    With all my gratitude and best consideration to your labour receive all my love.

  27. emiliano says:

    That´s incredible beauty Betty, thank you so much for sharing the speech with us, your friends.

    I do think it is necessary to speak, and speak aloud in the best way that means.
    Along nearly five or six years I have tried to do that from this blog that Jeff and Lucy have
    opened and consequently giving me, us, the opportunity of doing it as frequently and free
    as we like.
    Yes, I have taken it strongly doing one of the things I like more, speak and write.
    Sharing thoughts and opinions aloud with others.

    Betty I would like to go some place like the one you said, but the circunstances in my life
    don´t facilitate this form of acting.
    Be sure, my mouth have been always in good disposition to talk in English or Spanish
    at the least chance, but my pen either…always.
    All life I have been doing that from the age of twenty one when I stated to learn some
    It was funny to be considered an odd boy because here in Spain every body studied French
    as second language.

    Finally I do think it is necessary that every one of us, the one who could do it, contribute
    to support the ESL podcast as all places needs money to survive.
    Even wikipedia needs money to be free and survive so being consequently I do contribute
    to wikipedia and ESL podcast.
    Jeff, Lucy, Warren and all ESL team give us too much more than a little amount of money
    and every one of you know it perfectly well.
    So, go ahead friends.
    It is easy and after doing it you´ll feel better with yourselves.

    Thank you Betty, and luck to our Blog and ESL Site.


    (even Cuca has some words to Jeff and Lucy that I have tried to translate after. She do listen to Jeff and Lucy
    frequently….the same as Gatufo that is now on my lap…when I have the podcast aloud at home.
    For Cuca , Jeff and Lucy are like her family and she loves her family absolutely.)

  28. Myo ko ko says:

    I’ve voted for you.
    When I get into “vote” page,
    your podcasts’ status is at the top of the tier– (with 527 voted),
    your blog is with 399 voted.
    It’s fantastic to wait and see the results!
    Good Luck!

  29. Wayne says:

    I just voted for both items,ESL is my favorite English Website.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  30. Peter says:

    Toast master classes hold here in Toronto as well.
    I have been a member there for long time. Truth to be told ,for me ,attending the classes has no English purpose.
    It is a grate place to meet up girls ,not to learn English.
    At least not for me.
    The classes are not meant to learn English.
    They are meant to improve your speech rather persentation abilities.
    But,there are a lot of girls attending those classes hopping to get a good grasp of English Language.
    You run an advance English conversation with them,They get totally sucked thing you know ,you are sitting by them at a dinner date.

  31. Jose Maria Soroa says:

    A great pleasure send to day my 2 votes for you, because I think your are the best.
    Good luck.
    From San Sebastian, Spain

  32. Betty says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your message. Yes, I quite like the people in the Toastmasters Club. They are warm, welcoming and good people.

    I found that there are Toastmasters Clubs for English, Mandarin (Putonghua) Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese.

    In the past, the clubs for English were mainly dominated by more upper class educated people. Might be that’s why I had never heard of it.

    Best Wishes

    Betty 🙂

  33. Betty says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am glad to hear that you said the Toastmasters Club you attended gave you dinner dates.

    This is interesting. The club I went to did have more girls than boys. They did not have to date anyone for a dinner, they all went to a dinner in the restaurant next to the meeting venue. Apparently some of the clubs state that everyone is welcomed to join the optional self-paying dinner afterwards.

    Hong Kong has a lot of restaurants which offer cheaper dinner after 9pm. It is good bargain for people who can eat so late at night.

    I did not go to the dinner with them because I cooked dinner at home before I went to the meeting. I also did not want to eat out like that – waste of time and money.

    Perhaps the Toronto girls found you young, single and charming. Thus you attracted them like a magnet. I am an unattractive married old woman. I would not receive the same treatment as you. 😉

    If some of our blog friends’ wives read your message, they will not allow their husbands to go to any of the meetings. Better just stay at home and listen to Jeff & Lucy then. 😉

    Best Wishes

    Betty 🙂

  34. Betty says:

    Hi Emiliano

    I am so happy to hear that you are happy to be able to speak English very well. I did not try hard to improve my spoken English and so I must try to catch up now.

    Good that you agree with me about all places need money to survive. You and me have tried our best to support. And, you are right, we do feel better with ourselves.

    All the best wishes to you and Cuca, and Gatufo that love to learn English as well.

    Betty 🙂

  35. Dan says:

    Hola Cuca,
    It is nice reading from you.
    I do not know Spanish but I was able to get what you wrote.
    I only know one sentence in Spanish but it is too vulgar to write that here.
    A colleague of mine wich is from central America (San Salvador) taught me that.

  36. Peter says:

    This what I do,
    I dress up to kill for the meeting.
    As you noticed,the attendance are mostly girls.
    I observe girls for the first 30 minutes. I spot the most beautiful one who is eagerly listening and taking notes. Then,I make my move.
    They alwaystske me as sb who was born here. There you go, you got yourself a date.they love to go out with a guy who was born here that way they get practice.

  37. Peter says:

    You are funny as hell,Betty.
    There is no dinner treat here.
    People,mostly foreigners, gether once a month
    They take turn going up there speak about some topic.
    The best toastmaster clubs held in U.S.
    People attending there are mostly native-speaker AmericanS.
    No way you can get girl’s there.
    Trust me I tried.
    Here is easy, though
    U don’t need to be a charming ,or dreamy guy to meet girls.
    Just a smooth talker 🙂

  38. Meli says:

    Jeff & Lucy, I’ve voted for you.
    My English is a little abandoned but when I want to practice I always listen your podcasts.
    Bood luck.

  39. d hugo mtz says:



  40. Peter says:

    How come, You guys have toastmaster for English.
    I know you guys speak English
    But, it is not your official language ,is it.
    I mean, it is not like that Hongconk is an English-speaking country,is it?
    I m a bit confuse here
    How come you have toastmaster club in English
    Toastmasters club held typically for official languages.
    Here in Toronto, even we don’t have French toastmasters
    I head ,people in Hongconk speaks English
    I m wondering at what level.
    Do they speak like English borns.

  41. rodrigo says:

    Needless to say ESL POD and ESL PODCAST BLOG the best of the best!!!!
    good luck dear team

  42. tania says:

    Hi! We love so much our dear ESLPodcast Blog. Right in this moment we are 188 000 friends that access our blog at every 0.34 sec.


    All the best to you all,


  43. Saeed Jafar says:

    Hi Dear Jeff an Lucy
    I did it by all my heart.

  44. Betty says:


    I am so glad to hear that you actually are having a nice time in the Toastmasters Club meetings.

    I should dress up to kill as well for the meeting next time. I must put tons of make-up on, wear a pair of 5 inches high heel shoes, and mustn’t reveal to anyone about my true status as a wife and mother. And, I must join them for every dinner.

    You see? I made every single mistake last time.

    Peter You have asked me a very good question. I thought a Toastmasters club was only for English speaking – regardless of the country and location.

    It was a nice surprise for me to find some of them do Mandarin/Putonghua Chinese in Hong Kong. Because then I can learn to improve my Putonghua Chinese which is very important.

    English is actually an official language in Hong Kong. All senior staff in public and private sectors are very fluent in very good English. Every student must pass English language exam to obtain a ‘pass’ certificate.

    You probably know Hong Kong was a British Colony (they don’t mention the word “colony” any more, instead they said “British Administered”, I don’t know why.) and thus English was the passport to any good job.

    The situation has changed now, of course. Since Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997, Putonghua Chinese is the must have language skill if you want any good job.

    We were given 50 years from 1997 to remain unchanged. That’s why English is still an official language in Hong Kong.

    It depends on individual situation. Some Chinese people in Hong Kong speak English better than many native English speakers, whereas a lot more cannot speak any English at all. Of course a lot of those who speak good English speak with a “Hong Kong accent”.

    Many expats come to Hong Kong and live here for many years without having to learn a single Chinese word. All public transports signs and announcements are in both English and Chinese.

    Please do not confuse Hong Kong with Mainland China. English is a foreign language in Mainland China, but many mainlanders are mastering this foreign language very well.

    I am grateful for your questions which made me stop and think before I could answer you. I may have to make a speech about this in the next Toastmasters meeting.

    A toast to you, Peter.

    Betty 🙂

  45. Øyvor says:

    Hi Lucy and Jeff and members

    Congratulations!!! I know WE will win!!

  46. Jesus says:

    Dear Jeff

    First of all, I want to thank you for all the effort you put in this work to make this Web possible. Your web, our web is the best by far!!
    It would be great to put a more visual link in the home page recommending all the visitors to vote, in order to have more votes.

    Regards from Colombia

  47. Ziba says:


    I wish you and my best website ESL pod win, although I’m sure you will win, so i congratulate you in advance.


  48. meme says:

    Break A LEG & THUMPS UP
    Congratuate JEFF & LUCY… U BOTH deserve it I VOTE 4 U becoz U R my GURU
    Like U said ESL Podcast is knowing that we are able to help people improve their English…AND U improve MY E better than ever
    without reward I Like this Blog & web site…….


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