“You Can’t Gobble Me”

Today is Thanksgiving Day and we want to give thanks once again to all of our fantastic listeners, especially our members and donors, who make it possible for us to continue our work here at ESL Podcast.

In past years, we’ve talked about Thanksgiving in regular podcasts and Cafes ((ESL Podcast 91 and English Cafe 60).  We’ve also talked about it on the blog, here, here, and here.

This is a happy holiday for everyone, except perhaps for the poor turkeys.  For them, we play this song. We hope you like it, too.  (You can also access the video here.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Lucy

P.S. Gobble has two common meanings:  It means to eat a lot of food very quickly, and it also refers to the sound that turkeys make.

“You Can’t Gobble Me”
(Original Song:  “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes)

Keep way (far) back,
I’m not your meal
Plan another meal
Hear my appeal (plea; serious request)

You can’t gobble me
on Thanksgiving Day
Why not eat tofu
feed yourself the vegan (without meat) way

You can’t gobble me
try as you may (even if you try)
Fill up on veggies (informal way of saying “vegetables”)
have yourself a deli tray (a large plate of cut meats and cheeses, often served at parties)

Now why can’t I find a place
to live in peace
Where I’m not a part
of someone’s Thanksgiving feast (big celebration meal)

Don’t want my giblets (heart, liver, neck and other parts of a chicken or other bird before it’s cooked) touched
Don’t want my drumsticks (lower part of the leg) gnawed (eat slowly with one’s teeth)
You know we turkeys think
It’s a major faux-pas (socially unacceptable behavior)
(Hear my appeal)

You can’t gobble me
on Thanksgiving Day
Why not eat tofu
feed yourself the vegan way

You can’t gobble me
try as you may
Fill up on veggies
have yourself a deli tray

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20 Responses to “You Can’t Gobble Me”

  1. Betty says:

    Thank you so much, Lucy, for giving us a funny Turkey song video again for Thanks Giving.

    I still remember last year’s Turkey lady singing the song “I Will Survive”.

    It has been one whole year’s interesting English lessons since last year, still enjoying listening and reading.

    It is my turn to say thank you to you, Lucy, and Jeff, and Warren, and everyone in the ESLPOD.com team.

    Happy Thanks Giving Holiday. 😉

  2. Tania says:

    A happy Thanksgiving Day!

    Thank you for this funny and nice video.


  3. Tania says:

    Hi! I have read in our newspapers about Occupy Black Friday movement. Thanks to you I could understand the meaning.

    And at a stores, in my little town, I have seen an announcement in English:
    “Discount on Black Friday”.

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Lucy,
    How is black Friday coming along.
    All splurge are you doing ?:)
    shopping spree and all ?:)
    It is on the street that In California, some women used peper spray to fend off other customers to get the deal she had her eyes on.
    Stores opened at midnight, U.S. has gone crazy today.(joking of course, figure of speech)

    Lucy ,
    If you are in line to get into a mall or something, I urge you to be on look out for any spray of any kind.
    The last thing I want is to get you pepper sprayed.
    After all, you are my personal hero.

    How is Jeff doing?
    Following his wife from one store to another?:)
    Poor Jeff.:)
    I feel for him
    Sometimes being single pays off :))

    We Canadized Black Friday down here to nice Friday.
    The weather is ideal , 13 degree above Zero , all sunny. At this time of the year is a record guys.
    All quite ,and crispy

    Happy Shopping Lucy,

    A huge fan


  5. Peter says:

    I have been always my doubt about “faux pas.”
    I used the word in several occasions in the past.
    But ,no body quite get it.
    So I figured perhaps the word is one of those ancient words that nobody uses,one of those dust-covered words.(all serious)

    Thanks for clearing it for me
    So,you Guys use the da.n word
    Good to know that is common ,and that is the beauty of Eslpod: clearing the non-clears

    Don’t get caught in the cross fire between frenzy shoppers.

  6. Betty says:

    Hi Peter,

    I always thought that Canada has the same Thanksgiving Day as the U.S.

    I did not know much about Thanksgiving Day until now. Canada had its Thanksgiving Day last month, right?

    Lucy told us two years ago in her blog on 26th Nov. 2009 that she had never shopped on Black Friday, mainly because she was too lazy the day after Thanksgiving when she, like most people, ate far more than was good for her. She was also not too fond of crowds.

    You see, Lucy love eating, although she’s a terrible cook. I cannot imagine Lucy eats far more than is good for her. I thought that she was very sensible and always be careful with controlling her weight.

    I prefer tofu to turkey. I am not 100% sure but I think Chinese (at least Chinese in Hong Kong) do not eat much turkey. We do not know how to cook it nicely.

    I know people in the U.S. or U.K. roast turkey in their oven, nice and easy. Living accommodation in Hong Kong is very compact. Most people do not have an oven in their flat (apartment) and thus cannot roast a turkey. Hardly any Chinese food restaurant offer turkey neither.

    So, don’t worry, turkey, you are quite safe in Hong Kong.

    I don’t like shopping much, so I don’t miss the sales in the U.S. on Black Friday. But for all people in the U.S. who enjoy shopping, hope you get what you need and what you what.


  7. Walter says:

    Turkey is another word with several different meanings, that can cause confusion:

    “Stuffed turkey” doesn’t mean the country of Turkey is obese.
    He is “on cold turkey” doesn’t mean the person sits on a frozen animal.
    She “talks turkey” doesn’t mean she speaks the turkish language.
    A “turkey stone” is neither from the country nor a gallstone from the bird.

    By the way, wouldn’t this be a topic for a podcast, “words with multiple meanings” ?

  8. emiliano says:

    Dear ESL friends,

    I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving
    and also don´t spend too much money on this
    black friday.

    On these days we use to buy several things
    only because they are cheaper.
    Which one of them do we real need?

    That´s the point.

    Lucy, Jeff, and Warren, my best wishes for you and
    all your family and my great “THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    All of you are real friends to me and you know it
    perfectly well.


  9. Peter says:

    No ,Betty ,
    Thanks giving here is in the mid October and there is no black Friday for us .
    Instead,we have Boxing day which is the day after christmass eve.
    Store owners slash their prices.
    And, some items get knocked off significantly.
    The best day for getting some elcteronic stuff ,or appliances.
    I don’t know anything about the fashion part of boxing day.
    But ,there is this popular electronic store here in Toronto called “Future Shop.”
    They usually have very good deal on computers,laptops,videos , games , tv shows and etc on the Boxing Day.
    “Future Shop is a chain store (Franchise)across Canada that carries electronic gadgets like iPod and iPad ,and so on.
    Every year ,Future Shops ,on its website ,lists and categorizes the items they gonna have on sale on the Boxing day two or three weeks a head of time.
    People usually go check the list ,and then ,on the boxing day ,they line up in front of Future Shope stores thorough out the country.
    The lining starts to form literally around 2 or 3 Am.
    Let me tell you ,it takes courage to go out and line up at that odd hours here , in this subarctic country. With no strecthing of the truth , the temperature some tomes drops to – 20 without wind chill. but, with the constant wind chill ,it feels like – 30 or 35.
    As you know , Toronto is a windy city.
    Sorry ,I digressed.
    Anyway , the lines start forming at wee hours In front of Futuer shops’ close doors nation-wide.
    The reason why people go line up at all hours of the night is ,” Future Shop’s Boxing Day policy.”that is-
    “First come first serve.”
    So , whoever steps in the store first gets the best of all the slashed prices items.

    Call me crazy , but I do it every year , I mean my friends and I do it every year.
    We go stand in line. The weather is harsh and brutal . There is no way you can stand the freezing weather anything more than one hour or so.
    As a result , we go all together ,as a team, a team work:),with two or three cars and take turn standing in line.
    Everbody does that .
    It is some how an unspoken ,unwritten rule.
    In a way, it is fun, but I m telling you that kind of freakishly cold weather is not for a fainted-heart.
    How ever,that way we save our place in line.
    And every year we get good deals.
    I have an IPod with the capacity of 160 Gigabit. I got that three ,four years ago on the boxing day merely because I was gonna have Eslpod all the time with me , right in my pants pocket.
    I was the second person in line. I got in line around 2 am.(with my friends of course)
    I got almost frostbited ,but it was totally worth it.
    I got the classic IPod (160 Gig) for 150 dollars including tax.Bback then, the original price was 380 dollars and sth plus tax
    I was in line till 8 Am when the door was finally opened to the public.
    I stepped in I purchased the iPod ,and I rushed out. I vividly remember, the first thing I did when I got home was: downloading all the episodes of ESLPOD.

    This year plan for Boxing Day is hunting a clothing washing machine for my friend. He got married just recently and apperantly his wife does not like their current washer.
    Sigh, women!!
    Well, my friend rounded up his posse 🙂 to go hunting for a clothing washing machine on Boxing Day.
    We are all totally looking forward to this year’s Boxing day.
    Totally psyched about it:(

    By now ,

  10. Betty says:

    But for all people in the U.S. who enjoy shopping, hope you get what you need and what you what.

    I mean: “But for all people in the U.S. who enjoy shopping, hope you get what you need and what you want”.

  11. Betty says:

    That’s wonderful, Peter, you have written such a vivid account of Boxing Day Sales in Toronto. 😉

    It is as good as a film for me. 🙂

    Thank you for that. 🙂

    I have never gone to queue up at midnight for a sale before in my life. Some of my friends do it in England. It is not so cold in England as Toronto, but I still would not do it. I prefer my sleep in a warm bed. 🙂

    Nevertheless, queuing up for ESLPOD.com is worth it. Well Done, Peter, I am very happy for you. 🙂


  12. emiliano says:

    Hi Peter, congratulations you did it.

    Incredible, thrilling, crazy story about “Boxing Day” in Toronto and you have written so good and vividly
    experience trying to buy the “classic I pod” for such a good price that it has been absolutely amazing
    for me.
    Just from now when I see my own “IPod” the same like yours, I´ll be remembering your coldest night
    waiting hours to get it for a nice good discount.
    It´s true, two years ago it costed me the price you said it cost without discount, but in euros.
    I have always thought Apple does not make any discounts, it´s funny.

    I think you deserve it after passing such a freezing long night awaiting with your friends to get it for
    such a lower price.

    Good writing Peter, I have enjoyed it absolutely and it is quite interesting to know something
    different from other countries.
    Congratulations Peter, that is the way to be a good writer.


  13. sara says:

    Dear Lucy,
    thanks for this amazing video.me too wish you a supremely happy holidays.

  14. Peter says:

    It is funny that I see the touch of British English on your works.
    It is cute ,you use queue instead of line.
    Koudos on that
    All I pictured there ,is the goasple truth:) Accept it with no grain of salt. I mean there is no strech of the point in what I tried to depicte there.
    We do go out at full stretch( one houndred person british-English:)
    Thanks for your as-usuall ,heartfelt ,heartwarming words of encouragemt.
    Your words are endearing. Seriously , they do.
    Indeed, you are the spirit of this blog
    Betty ,
    The way you carry yourself around the blog suggests a loving , and caring person with a big Heart.
    I pictured you well:) ,didn’t I? Huh? Homey :)(pal,a dear friend)
    Thanks for the kind words Betty
    It is very nice of you.
    I m just trying sis.
    Happy you find my nonsense interesting
    It means a lot to me.



  15. Peter says:

    Dear Emiliano ,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    It is very nice of you.
    Thanks for all the encouraging words.
    It means a lot to me.
    After all , you are Jeff’s under-study,you have the seniority here among us. By that I mean you have arived first in the Eslpod land.
    You are the first pilgrim in here :)(sorry my man ,just joking,hope you don’t mind)
    I mean you are like Christopher cloumbos. You were the first or at least amont the first group who set food in the Eslpod realm:)
    I always enjoy your works ,English wise.
    And more importantly, The trace of wisdom and insight that i always find in your comments.
    Thanks bro.
    I am just trying.
    I tried not to exaggerate.
    Noether about the wether,nor about the early line-ups.
    It is nice that you got an iPod. It is very practical , in terms of Listening to Jeff’s or reading Lucy’s.

    Dear Emiliano,
    Seems like ,Jeff must call the headquarter of Apple compony,and demand some commission. Seems like Eslpod has boosted the sale of IPods world-wide ,big time!!:))

    Seems like Jeff is on it ,as we write here:))

    Emiliano , if you found my gibberish interesting. Well,my man , let’s not forget the hard fact that we are all made of Eslpod,a revelutionary ,linguistic,education system that knows no limits.

    Best regards,


  16. Myo ko ko says:

    Ever wonder, Lucy
    I can watch your video right here, but pause after pause due to slow connection here in my nation!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Lucy, don’t gobble turkey too much. 😀

  17. emiliano says:

    Dear Peter, all the merit is yours.

    Seriously friend, you have done one of the best comments I have read here in the
    Blog, it is amazing how much progress it means about your constant work in
    the English language and what is even better you have write a funny real story
    about a living experience of your life giving to it the appropriate bit of humor and
    interest that makes it so attractive of reading.
    Working so hard as you have done till the moment I am sure you are in the good
    way to write funny interesting stories.

    Reading english books for more than four years (it cost me a lot by the way) I
    know that is really difficult to write in a good English but it give me also a clue to know
    who has the chance and the ability to write good stories in future.

    Go ahead Peter, you have the potential to do it if you work as hard as till now.

    I really think that our teachers Lucy, Jeff and Warren are doing a real good
    work with persons like you Peter.

    Take care of yourself next Boxing Day Sales of Toronto, I can not imagine
    so much cold my friend, my teeth are chattering just thinking about it.

    All my best, emiliano

  18. emiliano says:

    I agree with you also, Peter, about our dear friend Betty.
    Your words:

    “The way you carry yourself around the blog suggests a loving , and caring person with a big Heart.”

    are mine too.

    Yes, she is just the friend I would like to say “Hello Betty, how are you” in person.
    Note……..”you have write”….NO….it must be “you have written”…sorry.
    Yes, English is such a complicate language.

    Good night, it is 2 a.m., really very late.

  19. Peter says:

    Thanks Emiliano for bringing “have write ” to my attention.
    Thanks for the attention and care.

    Be well bro

  20. YONGHO CHUN says:

    Ah~ ! I don’t know exactly why people eat only turkey meat on Thanksgiving day. Could they cook another meat on Thanksgiving? Why only turkey??? Is there some kinda history hidden behind about this???

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