The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Like many people across the world, we at ESL Podcast were saddened to hear of the terrible earthquake (violent shaking of the ground) and tsunami (very high sea waves) in Japan last week. Our thoughts today are with the victims (those who are hurt by something) of this tragedy (terrible event).  There are many, many listeners of ESL Podcast in Japan, and we stand by them (support them) in their time of need.

As a rule (generally), we don’t comment or discuss events outside of the United States on our podcasts or on this blog.  However, we are making a one-time exception in this case due to the scale (size) of this disaster.

The situation is very dire (very serious and urgent) in parts of Japan.  If you would like to contribute (give) something to the Red Cross to help those in need there, please consider this or this website.

~ Jeff, Lucy, and the ESL Podcast Team

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38 Responses to The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

  1. Peter says:

    It is sad,
    A significant number of people impacted by the natural disaster.
    It is our moral duty to step up.
    What makes it worse is the possibility of nuclear melt down.
    It is what scare people most.
    May God helps them.
    No doubt that our humanitarian aids will make a difference
    It is Time to reach out to quake stricken people.

  2. Peter says:

    May God help them at this time agony and difficulty

  3. rodrigo says:

    My prayers are with japanese people at this moment of big distress

  4. emiliano says:

    I have no words to express my sorrow. It´s so big disaster for Japan and Japanese people that I can´t assume all the meaning of
    this terrible event for them and for the entire world.
    Never I have seen living images as those of these terrible earthquake and tsunami.
    Seeing what has happened, the houses, cars, ships, everything move like toys and humans inside or below the mud it seems to
    me that we are really nothing.
    All human ways of life can be destroyed in less than three minutes by the nature and it´s a lesson of humility for all
    the humanity.

    I am very sad knowing that all these Japanese people have lost everything which have any means in their life, their houses, works,
    environment, country sights, friends, relatives, all their life has changed in ten minutes.
    Terrible, and yes, I think it´s necessary to help this exemplary country and it´s people to face their difficult future.

    Japan and Japanese people are exemplary for me, no robberies, no disturbs, no laments, by the contrary order instead.
    Order among desolation, incredible good people and Nation, all my respect for them all and my deepest concern.

    Thanks ESL team to give us the opportunity (by the two links above) of helping, the use of the two ways (links) are easy and global.
    I would like to change the facts but it´s impossible, so lets go to contribute somehow.


  5. emiliano says:

    Thank you Jeff, Lucy and ESL team, I have done my little contribution already.
    I think it´s necessary.


  6. Yukie says:

    Jeff, Lucy, and everyone who is thinking for us,
    Thank you so much for posting it. It is really horrible and sad. Japanese people have had experienced big earthquakes and tsunamis for thousands years. But it is one of the worst in our history!!! (Did you know the word “tsunami” is Japanese. We’ve suffered from it such a long time.)
    We’re in an urgent situation, but we never forget to proceed!
    I really appreciate all the thoughts and efforts for us from all over the world.
    Thank you again, and again!!

  7. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,
    I know it is not the right place and the right time to brough up this question.
    But later on when you see fit
    Would you explain us what nuclear melt down
    It is the only thing I have heard on the news over stink the struck.
    I mean,it is the main concern I believe
    Mybe is a technical Jargan

  8. Ara says:

    May WE (HUMANS) help them at this agony and difficulty.
    We as human society should help them by our all means, as one nation, as “human kind”.

    In the 21st century we have to change how we think and react to a problem and stop hoping that something else, someone else, what ever you want to call them “God ,Prayers ,etc. “,can solve a problem or help us. They never did and they will never ever do.if they could do something this shouldn’t have never happen in first place.

    We must help ourselves.

  9. Betty says:

    Thank you Lucy, Jeff & the ESL Podcast Team, for reminding us of our social responsibility when natural disasters strikes.

    I felt myself so small and useless when I heard the news and there was nothing I could do to help.

    I was wrong, there is something I can do to help.

    I also pray to God to please help people in Japan to cope with this disaster, please give them strength to save all the victims and to rebuild their country as quickly as possible.

    Thank you God.

  10. roberto says:

    In these times of suffering in Japan, I hope that Japanese people can fight against this terrible disaster.
    All the world are with them. His suffering is our suffering and we have to support them.
    As a wise people, i think they are going to teach us how people must face a huge problem: order,calmness, aplomb and working.
    Of course, a lot of working but this is a thing that they know very well.

  11. Betty says:

    Hong Kong people usually are very quick in reaching out to help victims in the world.

    I will go to a local bank today to find their donation box set up purposely to help Japanese earthquake victims.

    I know we human must not expect God to do everything or indeed anything, I am a atheist but I will always say my prayers when necessary, it will give us human a chance to express our thoughts and give us some sort of strength to cope with life.

  12. milkykung says:

    Dear Japanese

    Please accept my deepst condolence on the calamity occured on Friday 11 March 2011. My prayers are with you all.

    May god bless you, your family and other Japanese on your safety and security 😀

    Kind regards,

  13. Jair Azevedo Junior says:

    Fight against nature is very coward. God protect japaneses and bless you in this disaster.

  14. Ethan says:

    I convey my condolences to every Japanese people.
    I wish no more disaster on Japan..

  15. Kayo says:

    I could help some foreiners to share informations about this earthquake. I tried to speak slowly and clearly like Jeff does. I realized that it was very important for us, second-language learner of English. Thank you so much for posting wonderful teaching materials.
    from Chiba, Japan

  16. Rasoul says:

    I am very sad by hearing and seeing these disasters in Japan.
    But they should be hopeful for future. These disasters happen for every country in various ways.


  17. Yutaka says:

    Thank you Jeff, Lucy, the ESL Podcast Team and all the listeners here.
    I appreciate all your kindness and support.
    My country is facing a disaster now. It’s like a nightmare, it’s like a scene of a movie, but it’s real.
    Where I live was safe this at time, but it could have happened anywhere in Japan. So my thoughts are with the victims.
    Knowing that somebody on this earth is thinking about us can make us really strong.
    And it teaches us that humanity is all around.
    Thank you again everyone. We’re gonna pull through it !!

  18. Peter says:

    Seems like, people are fleeting from the reactor ravage area
    The level of radiation to the area immediate to the reactor plant is at the harmful level
    And the plant employees out fleet the plant due to the high radiation caused by implosion
    It is chaotic down there
    Poor people
    They don’t have heat and temperature going down
    I contributed some
    Guys ,
    Time to step up and render our duty to our fellow citizens of earth in the nuclear,earthquake ravage zone ,help fellow human in our mutual land.

  19. Peter says:

    The horrendous tragedy has ravaged the disaster area and left people in shook and agony
    They has lost their homes and beloved ones
    It is time to step up my friends , it is time to make a difference

  20. Ryoichi Eguchi says:

    Thank you for your support.
    I’m sure Japan will be available again.
    And I would like to return this favor to the people of the world.

  21. Marcel says:

    Events like this are good to make people become better helping each other. All we need is love!

    God Bless Japan, Let’s pray for Japan.

    Marcel From Brazil

  22. Marcel says:

    Let’s think better about nuclear energy.

    My country (Brazil) is planning to do more 2 nuclear plants, nowadays there are 3 nuclear plants in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro.

    Nuclear energy represents a potential risk to a continent or maybe the world.

    thanks Lucie,

    I’m praying for Japaneses.

    Marcel from Brazil

  23. Rolf says:

    We, the whole world, are with the Japanese people. They suffer a threefold tragedy hardly anyone can imagine: an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear catastrophe all at the same time. Let all help to overcome that disaster.

  24. Ana says:

    Hello everybody.

    My name is Ana and I´m from Madrid (Spain).

    It´s my first time that I write in this website…, I have a good friend that recommended me this website (thank you Emiliano for your advice).

    My first opinion will be about this natural disaster located in Japan
    Since last Friday I can´t belive that I´m watching in TV and reading in the newspapers.., It´s like a terror film.

    With these class of natural disasters (earthquake, tsunami and a radioactive contamination), there aren´t any country immune its consecuences, despite Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world.

    Nobody is safe when the nature is “angry”.

    Japanese people is an example of good conduct and behaviour.
    Now Japan need help of the rest of the world.

  25. Akane says:

    Thank you, everyone.
    I appreciate all of you as a Japanese.
    Right now, I am in safe, but a half county is suffered and in danger, but we are getting more and more support from all over the world,
    so we will rebuild the country again.
    It will need long time and much effort, but I know we will get any support we need just like now.

    I want to share this link with you.
    There is some short stories from twitter among Japanese about what they experienced since the disaster.
    They are stories among Japanese, but an example of how we could be as a human in difficult or tough time of life.
    I thought you may share this with your friends who is having hard time of life with any reason,
    and your friends may be encouraged.

    Again, thank you so much.

    Akane from Hiroshima

    [We do not normally allow links in blog comments: We are making an exception in this case. – ESL Podcast Team]

  26. Ghasem says:

    I have been following the news regarding the disaster that happened in Japan in last week. Unbelievable! Suddenly a natural event changed the face of life for many people.
    It’s very sad to see people that have lost their family, their home, and everything they’ve got over many years.
    It’s our duty from any country to help our brothers in Japan. They may not need our helps but our obligations require us to help them. We should extend our warm hands toward them. Hurry up my friends from around the world.


  27. David says:

    Hi crowd!

    I think it’s very kind of you guys from the ESL team to show us (mostly me) how to contribute something somehow. I feel very, very sorry for those people! Unfortunately, our contributions are not enough, I mean, they won’t bring things back to normal. In other words, it would be great if our contributions helped them to get their relatives and all the things they lost in that disaster back. Even though it may seem impossible, I usually say that our hope must last forever, no matter what! So I hope everything gets better very, very soon.

    David from Brazil

  28. Richard ( Spain ) says:

    Hi,guys!There’s a saying that says :Actions speak louder than words.Less words and more actions.Let’s do it all together.

  29. Tania says:

    Hi! After this tragedy from Japan, on Saturday evening we watched the film “The Road” on our national TV channel. I have listened again the English Cafe 261 where Lucy presents us the book review “The Road”.
    The story takes place in a post apocalypse world after the world had been destroyed.
    And now, a real apocalypse, a nuclear apocalypse.
    But like in the book “The Road”, the goal is to continue travelling to stay alive.
    Like always, the Japanese people will be a winner , will surmount difficulties.

    Please, accept my condolences,


  30. kuong do says:

    I am praying for all Japanese people. I love Japan and its brave, intelligent people.

  31. Tomo says:

    Thank you for your concern.
    I’m Japanese, but I’m living in the US for the graduate study.
    As a person from Japan, I’m really grateful for your kindness.


  32. Kaz says:

    Reading all comments in this blog I realize people throughout the World love and regardless their native culture feel the same. For me, in Poland, Japanese people are extremely close for their special attention to the Chopin’s music, which help us understand each other without words. However, what mostly makes me sorry watching scenes from Japan these days, is the awareness that all those ruined or even annihilated beautiful homes, gardens, cars, ships were the effects of work of the poor and modest people. And their lost of family members, their most tragedy… Their restraint to show their suffering squeezes my heart… I cannot say anymore…

  33. keivan says:

    i am from iran and i am very sad about what happend in my country there is a saying that:human being are like a body that every time that a part of body hurts whole of body hurt.
    thank good people for being good.

  34. emiliano says:

    Sadness at its highest degree is what the majority of us feel seeing what has happened to this lands of Japan where everything has disappeared
    from earth´s face.
    I can´t imagine how much suffering these Japanese persons are going through, having lost everything and now having to see their world
    absolutely destroyed from a day to the following.
    There is not a possible consolation we may offer to them, only our support and help in this so bad moments that seems to be long.

    I think Ara is right, we humans have the obligation of helping our own people doing effective and concrete actions.
    Japanese people needs our material help in order of addressing their future to rebuild their lives again.

    Here in Europe every government is looking its own navel, talking about Nuclear danger, if they are sure or not, it´s time of elections and
    citizens are afraid, so just talk about danger, what we are going to do about Nuclear and giving our citizen all kind of secure actions to
    prevent radioactivity.
    Its shameful what the press and the governments are doing just these days.

    What about Japanese people who needs everything?
    Lets talk less and do more, this is the moment of helping Japan, afterward we could talk as much as necessary but this is not the moment.

    What about Libya?
    We have forgotten everything about what is happening now over there?
    If we talk about radioactivity danger we can forget other uneasy things…….. It is a shame.
    People needs help, water, food, refuges, oil, heat, and compression.
    Japanese don´t have enough resources now to burn the dead corpses which are under the mud.
    Citizens of Libya are being slaughtered without pity, being out of the news by other concerns….

    Well it´s enough, Japan needs us and we have to press and to have our minds clear.
    Not be frightened by our governments talk, this is not the moment and please don´t forget the people who are being
    killed every day, every moment, close near to us.

    I am very sorry for all this attitude beside all its happening now in Japan, North Africa and other lands.


  35. cici says:

    As a Chinese people, I resent Japan from the bottom of my heart.However, when I listened the news that Japan happened to the serious earthquake which is 9.0, as well as the terrible tsunami, I feel sad . It is true that human beings is so small compared with the nature.Mybe the bless will across the nation,I will bless for all the people in Japan.God blesses you.
    At last, I want to write down the motto of my life from my middle school.that is :If you think you can,you can.I think ,all the human beings can

  36. Dabid says:

    Hi friends!

    I must confess that I’m partly relieved to see so many compassionate people caring for our Japanese brothers and sisters and taking action, which is the most important thing to do right now!

    I think that not only me, but EVERYBODY wants to see MORE ACTION of our leaders! Come on, guys! You can do more!! PLEASE!!

    God bless you all!

    David (from Brazil)

  37. Matheus Leme da Silva says:

    May GOD protect the whole world of natural disasters!!!

  38. samer says:

    when i hear the news of jappans im realy be sad because its very important mention the role of japan in the humanity

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