Listeners in Iran

To Our Listeners in Iran:

Some of our listeners in Iran have reported that they have been unable to download our audio files for the past few weeks.  It appears that the service we use for our audio file downloads, which is owned by Google, is being blocked or interfered with in Iran, although we don’t know exactly what the problem is.

We have had problems like this before in Iran.  One of our entries on our blog from 2007 talks about accessing the website from Iran. You can find it, along with suggestions from Iranian listeners, here:

If listeners in Iran have other suggestions on this issue, please post a comment below.

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16 Responses to Listeners in Iran

  1. Roberto says:

    It is a pity that Iranian people can not listen to Jeff, Lucy and Warren but my knowledge about computers, websites… is more below than zero.
    If we could help them, we would do it.
    I am very astonished because when I have selected the link, I have found a wise comment of Emiliano in 2007.
    Finally, I hope that this problem can be resolved soon.
    Our best regards from Spain.

  2. mahsa says:

    Dr.Jeff and Dr Lucy
    i miss u:(
    i didnt choose to live in this country
    i didnt choose to face these…
    iam really really saaaaaaaaaaad
    mahsa from iran

  3. Peter says:

    Sorry to hear that,
    Jeff it has nothing to do with the Internet provider,or Internet services
    Let’s just say,
    It looks like that the atmosphere down there is not conducive to a full Internet connectivity.
    What seems to be a problem is at the receiving end.
    Maybe the system is a bit slow down there

  4. Peter says:

    What is the mood Jeff?
    Has The problem been lifted?
    It is sad

  5. Behzad says:


    I am Behzad from Iran. I can download your podcast with the aid of antifilters such as puff, ultrasurf,…

    Best Regards,

  6. Yasser from Iran says:

    Tnx for paying attention to this issue guys
    unfortunately , this is sad fact that Liberated Syndication has blocked Iranian user IPs in order to not download any from its server
    the idea is using programs or tools which change users IP and help them to connect internet and surf the web with a new IP maybe from a new country
    my suggestion is using this app
    Ultra Surf , i’m sure all Iranians know this one

    [We do not normally allow links in blog comments, but we are making an exception in this case, because this link may be helpful to our listeners in getting access to the podcast.–ESL Podcast Team]

  7. Farah says:

    I really thank Eslpod Team who are considerate. I hope that the problem will be solved and everything goes well.
    Best regards,
    Farah (from Iran)

  8. sara says:

    Thanks to all of you for your concerns about us. Yes we do have serious problems in downloading podcasts and we have faced it since last week when our government has put powerful internet access restrictions. hope one day all of us live in a free country.
    I should say my special thanks to Dear Lucy & Jeff for sharing it.

  9. emiliano says:

    To my own the problem use to be always the same “censorship” because the powerful want to control the people and they
    block google, ESl Podcast, and which ever other site which may inform citizens about what is happening in the world now.

    If we send our sight to North Africa and see what is happening now because citizens of these nations have a better way of being informed
    the block explanation is easy of understand.
    It´s really a shame for us to leave these persons alone, they are being slaughtered mercilessly and Europe does nothing, as usual.

    Years ago in 1989 it happened the same in Tiananmen and nobody did anything while people where ruthlessly suppressed.

    Actually what is the mission of the United Nation Organization ? linked to what and why for ?….
    It could be to ensure oil supplies to the rich nations only?
    and what about human rights? or what is the reason to the poverty of the people who have the oil in their soil ?
    As Hamlet said, something stinks to rotten in the world but not in Denmark as it said in the play of Shakespeare.
    It is so awful to listen to the news now seeing that no body do anything to help the slaughtered people and
    the oppression exerted on them.

    Reading my post written four years ago I could see how much a person could improve his style and his English knowledge, it is
    incredible how awfully it´s written and how good learning emiliano has received along these last four years.
    Thank you so much Jeff, Lucy and Warren, it is an incredible transformation that I have to thank to you.
    That´s the proof to everyone, yes emiliano has been writing everyday in all the blog and to me now his post
    of four years ago is incredible bad written.

    Please, my thoughts now are with all good people from North Africa and other lands of the world where there is not
    freedom with the web and the news censured, it´s a shame for the rest of us.


  10. keivan says:

    i am from iran.i can download your useful podcast and enjoy of them.thank you very much for being in this world.
    you can download with software getbot with can download antifilter from
    good luck.

    [We do not normally allow links in blog comments, but we are making an exception in this case, because this link may be helpful to our listeners in getting access to the podcast.–ESL Podcast Team]

  11. Mazyar says:

    The problem is the government have filtered iTunes Store and you cant download anything from iTune in Iran. there is a solution here and it is when you want to download podcasts you have to connect to a VPN. and in duration of download you shouldnt disconnect the VPN. it’s reduces your download rate but it worth it. thanks ESL pod. i’m a 24 years old student from Iran and i use this pod for improving my speaking skill. i have planed to participate IELTS exam, and i’m gonna move to canada.

  12. Peter says:

    Hang in there Saha
    Things are looking up my friends
    You are just passing a rough spot!!
    Passed the bumpy road, you get your free access to Jeff,then like me,you can go nuts:))))
    Just a quip,

  13. Peter says:

    Emiliano ,where are you hiding?
    Betty, we have seen neither hair nor hide of you on this post
    What gives?
    My old cyber friends,I can’t over state this that I always love to see your presense on this very page.
    Betty ,your notes are inspiring for me ,I can’t speak for sbelse:)
    And Emilliano ,I always enjoy reading your comments. I learned a lot from you my man.
    I Wish one day ,we holds an Eslpod convention , so Eslpod ‘s student can get together from all over the world to meet up and pay tribute to our Dearest profs: Jeff,Lucy,Warren, and all the backroom boys.
    I really love to meet you guys all in person.
    It feels familiar,

    Love you guys,
    And I have this greatest respect for our dear profs.
    God bless you guys that you fulfilled my childhood dream of understanding a Hollywood movie like 100 percent.
    You made an impossible ,possible for me.
    Jeff ,
    What you set forth will live on way after we are all gone
    Sorry,if I am outof line here
    I got too emotional again
    Jeff , u know what every day on you tubes you see video clip of this amazing guys who do majics.
    But,I believe the greatest magician of all time is no Hoddiny, the greatest magician of all tome are:Dr. Jeff McQuillan,and Dr. Lucy Tse.


  14. Peter says:

    Way to go Maziar,

  15. sara says:

    Thank you peter for being here for us.

  16. Hadi says:

    Dear All
    i want to propose another way to bypass the current problem which restrict Iranian access to services

    my suggestion:

    we can view and download new episode of via new feature(browser) which included in latest revision of Realplayer (Realplayer SP)

    I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate kindly efforts of Jeff and Lucy for their sharing

    Best Regards

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