State of the State of the Union Address

On Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama gave what is called the State of the Union address (speech). Our constitution (most important legal document) requires that the president give a report to Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives) on the state (situation; condition; status) of the union (that is, the country) “from time to time” (every so often; once in a while). This has been interpreted as meaning once a year and is usually done in January.

In the speech, the president gives his priorities (what is most important) and goals for the coming year. The entire Congress attends (is present), along with the members of the Supreme Court (the country’s highest level of judges) and the heads (leaders) of all the major government offices (called “secretaries“). (Actually, since 9/11, one of the secretaries does not attend in case there is an attack on the Capitol building (where the Congress meets and where the address is given) and the president and members of Congress are killed. If such a terrible thing did happen, then that secretary would become president.)

This year, the Wall Street Journal published a list of the words President Obama used most often in his speech. These words give you an idea of his priorities and what he thinks is important to tell Congress and the American people. Here’s part of the list, from the more popular words to the less popular (less used) ones:

  • Jobs
  • Business
  • Work
  • Government
  • Future
  • Nation
  • World
  • Dream
  • Law
  • Tax
  • Teachers
  • Afghan (related to the country of Afghanistan)

As you can see, his focus was mainly on the economy and jobs, something most Americans are very concerned about.

For those of you who live outside the U.S., how might this list be different in your country?


Photo of President Obama delivering his 2011 State of the Union address: Wikipedia CC

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49 Responses to State of the State of the Union Address

  1. Alvaro says:

    Well, I think we always listen to these words mainly during the elections time, but I haven’t that much to complain nowadays here actually cause, although we are not living exactly the way we would like and should live, still we are improving year after year. Here in brazil, we had last year the smallest number of unemployment in 9 years. The average salary is bigger then before and we’ll have two of the greatest international events this decade. My personal life has improved the same way, so I’m happy with all the promises and dreams of my country coming true!

    About the list, just the last one (Afghan) wouldn’t be on a brazilian list.

  2. Alvaro says:

    Ops…I’ve made some mistakes”

    Where you read “The average salary is bigger then before and we’ll have two of the greatest international events this decade” please read “The average salary is bigger than before and we’ll have two of the greatest international events taking place in Brazil this decade, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the World Soccer Cup all over Brazil”

  3. Roberto says:

    There is no doubt in Spain: unemployment
    Almost 20% of Spanish people are unemployment but, what happens? Nothing, it is incredible. But you know the saying “Spain is different”.
    I suppose every country has their own problems but economy is the main problem in Spain.
    I think about our economy problems sometimes and I wonder, What will think about economy (work, unemployment, tax…) in Ethiopia or in Haiti for example? We think about our problems as if they were the main thing in the world but we only have to look at other poor countries or people to understand that we are fortunate people. We should live in these countries during a little time and come back home after, I am sure that the majority of our problems would disappear.

  4. peter says:

    HI Guys,
    We have this communication course, today,totally impromptu,our prof gave us this assignment that we must write one paragraph in 15 minute time on the experience we had before in respect to culural conflict here, in Canada.
    I came up with thew following:
    I can’t think of any cross-cultural conflict simply because I have never had any.
    I guess ,I can fabricate something here.
    the story goes like this :
    I am coming from a culture in which elderlies have a high place in the society. every body looks at them with respect. they are never interrupted while talking. And,most importantly(Eslpod),people get up out of courtesy and respect as they enter the room.
    Well, I was 45 years old when I first came to Toronto. Needless to say( Eslpod) ,that I was pretty much set in my ways with a totally established mind set both culturally and socially.
    Back then,I once happened(Eslpod) to attend a gathering that included people all of British descent( Eslpod). I arrived there pretty much early, and as my upbringing would tell me, I stood up and bowed my head to every single person that looked like to be above 60 years old.Funny enough, of all the attendance, almost half of them were above 60. I am telling you ,it was quite an exercise.Back to the story(Elspod, I guess this one is Jeff signature), The first two times went unnoticed. passed third time ,people started getting uncomfortable and looking at me with the indicative of , ” Jeez, who is this wacko,” every time I would make the gesture. Long story short , The night came to an end with me making a big clown out of myself without me even noticing it.later on that night while walking back to my place ,I had just one thought running through my mind,” British are weired! why did they stare at me every time somebody entered the room.
    It is funny ,isn’t it?
    worth 5% percent of the whole mark.
    However,it is not the point ,The point is check how many times I loaned from Eslpod Material in a very small paragraph. Without Eslpod ,I couldn’t come up with that in 15 minutes.
    Thanks Eslpod

  5. peter says:

    I must add here ,before Eslpod I couldn’t write such a thing with the sentence structures I utilized here .5 years constant listening to Jeff ,and Reading Lucy’s canon some how injected me the structural frame I come up with inadvertently every time I wanna write something whether it is one paragraph or a 10 page-long essay or report.
    I couldn’t write at all, another words ,I didn”t have any style before singing up with Eslpod.Eslpod made us stylish:)))
    And ,that my friend is the miracle Eslpod works every day

    Thanks Eslpod

  6. LEE says:

    It’s not like the list is defferent from my country’s.
    I want to add two things.
    1, “Unification” of North and South (Korea),
    2, “Welfare”

    Maybe it’s similar to “Dream.”

  7. Chris Taus says:

    I don’t see what’s the point of promising all the clean energy and high speed rail stuff
    when the republicans in office don’t believe in it and will just kill all the program in five years.

  8. Meggy says:

    People’s well-being , it’s obviously in China, will be add in this list.

  9. Betty says:

    Thank you, Jeff, for bring our attention to Obama’s Speech with this ‘State of the State of Union Address’ of the United States.

    Thank you also for leading us into a discussion about all of our own countries’ priorities for our own governments.

    In Hong Kong, the government has been battling to keep the forever rising price of properties under control. That’s in the news headline almost everyday.

    Since Hong Kong is only a small place in China, and it is a special region enjoying autonomy to rule for another 36 years, we are enjoying having only small problems.

    On the surface, the list is not directly totally relevant to us, but underneath, the list is as important for USA as the rest of the world. The whole world is connected somehow.

    One item I want to add to the list is ‘Health Care and Quality of Life for the Aging Population’.

    Old people have contributed their whole lives to the society, they should get the same treatment as ‘babies’.

    When a baby arrives, this baby will not survive if he/she does not get help from all those around him/her. It was today’s old people that help the new born babies of say more than 40 or 50 years ago to survive.

    Today, these kind hearted people become old and frail themselves, just like a baby needing help to survive, they still want to remain solemn, and do not want to accept a helping hand if they can, but they truly need our helping hands. Please help the aged, treat them the same as we would a baby, give them all the love and care they deserve. Thank you for caring.

  10. Karl, Austria says:

    Just drop “dream” and “Afghan” and it’s our list, too. A politician speaking of his own, or the nations’s dream would certainly not be taken serious.

  11. emiliano says:

    Well, Roberto has said the same I could say now so thank you Roberto I think we have in mind the same ideas about our own country but our problems seems nothing compared with the troubles of other nations close to us.
    Only seeing what is happening in Tunisia or Egypt those days we coud hava an idea of how big the crisis could be out over the world.
    Here or in Europe could be bad but in other countries of Africa or South America it coulb be a drama.

    In fact we are the richest of the world, we have drinking water at homes (all the water we need even to do laundry or cleaning every day our bodies)
    what is incredible some other lands, electricity, gas, central heating, and food.
    The cities are more or less clean and we have a good way of going every place we like or need to go.

    So I don´t have any right to complain about my life if I send my look to other places, that´s the real truth.


    Another question is if I look inside this country without thinking about other problems outside Spain.
    This is my country, the same I have to look inside my own house or my family.
    Thinking about what is happening here I could only have in mind more that 4.5 millions of persons without work.
    1.2 millions of families where no body is working.
    Several Thousands of people going to be fed at Caritas, the Catholic Church Asociation of giving help to the poor or the needy.
    More than 40 per cent of the young people without work
    Thousands of our best prepared youth going to work outside Spain, because here they have not a good job.

    and so on……….

    Dreams, jobs, nation, future, law, business …………? NO, nothing about these words.

    Lot of people fed up about their lifes and without any hopes.
    Millions of euros wasted along the last years.
    Thousands of high salaries of people (friends and relatives of the politicians who are in the power) that are doing nothing.
    Duplicity of Administration`s Charges and Salaries.
    Thousands of Administration Official Cars and Drivers.
    Thousand of Counselors, High Secretaries, Sub-Secretaries, Administratives workers……
    17 Presidents and 17 Parlaments with all the senators, secretaries, and so on….

    Just incredible to a country like this.
    We have been living too high for our posibilities, and It´s necessary to finish this expesive way of living.

    AUSTERITY……..this is the only word we need to have in our spaniards minds for long.

    Also another words could be:


    It could be possible, we have been through another hard times and we have survived, but it´s really difficult.

    All the best.

  12. Rolf says:

    Re-Unification of East and West (Germany) was the top issue in my country for a very long time. Now, 20 years after we have achieved our unity it is deleted off the list. Instead we are now working on European Unity.

  13. Peter says:

    How off I was:))))
    Every time I would hear stat of union address I was totally certain That US president of the time addresses the head of unions in different industry:)
    An assembly of union top men and The president:)
    Now,I have it straight

  14. Peter says:

    All the same here in Canada
    The top concern is to improve the bad economy that has lingered for quite long while. The challenge mostly here is to create new jobs ,and every once in a while radio stations and never tv network announce the number of new job added and that how many people can be housed by those jobs jobs. And also a report of some initiatives if there is any
    The temperature is rising Here. After a couple of weeks of battling a hard cold weather finally we got a break; the temperature jumped up to 0
    Cross your fingers please
    I don’t wanna to get caught in another way below freezing point temperature. It took a lot out of me

    Hope it will revolve around Zero for the rest of winter.
    I am talking from my hip ;I better, stop daydreaming and brace myself for another harsh , tyranny cold wave that is called for the days to come:)
    I am tired of layers
    Jeff ,u know how good you have it.
    This morning it took me half an hour to scrape all the frozen morning dew ,and snow off my car
    But, Lucy has no clue:)

  15. johnny says:

    what a miserable worm i am . i have been typing in more than 400 English words towarding as Betty and alimiano your did,
    but something contingency appeared in my writing process, I clicked a wrong button resutting in my holistic post disappeared.

    real estate it will be put on the top of the list , that is the theme of what i am going to say.

    that’s it this time.

  16. emiliano says:

    I know nothing about the State of Nation in USA, but I know just a little about our state of nation….

    I am very sorry, I am so furious when I think about us, about this country and the way we have been living so higher and out of our
    posibilities that my English is really bad.

    Thousand of millions euros wasted by these disastrous politicians and all the 17 parliaments with their presidents and
    hundred of senators, living by the fairy story, without giving a hit to the water (sin pegar un palo al agua), doing nothing
    to remedy the crisis.
    Denying the facts until the last moment when all was so evident.
    Also we all living our lifes, spending so much money withouth thinking in future, shaving nothing and asking for
    all kind of credits to buy silly things.
    Paying hundred of thousands euros for flats that doesn´t have real prices, hoping to pay them I don´t know
    how, and so on.

    Yes, we have also too much responsability about what is happening here. We do believe all the lies repeated once and
    againg, also that we were a rich, very rich country.

    Foolish, yes we were foolish.

    This incredible Mr. Rodriguez saying not so long time that Spain was playing in the “Champions League” that we
    were going to be up from France or even from Germany………. I get so mad that my English is too bad to write
    seriously, too much mistakes.

    Sorry friends, I need to see Tv. series or read a good book to be out of the reality.
    Again, all the best and to much patience and all my solidarity to the people who are going through great difficulties, serious difficulties
    not like these of us, nothing to be compared.

    Thank you Jeff, as always a good topic where our friends could tell us something about what is
    happening in their own countries.



  17. kuong do says:

    No Emiliano once again. A very big absent!

  18. emiliano says:

    Thanks Kuong do, don´t worry as long as I could I´ll be always here as all of you are really kind about my opinions.

    This topic touch me very strongly and I have too much things to say about the subject.
    So I need a clear mind to say what I want in a soft form, not too harsh.

    Betty, you are incredible warm and tender with the old people, and it´s true ……… I am very close to be one of them in future.
    Thank you.


  19. elcomandant says:

    In Spain the list would be different. First thing would be unemployment, for sure. We have around 20% of workers in this bad situation. Here in Spain there are many things that could be improved, as all countries around the world, I guess. Ones of them more things than others, obviously. I know there are many countries are worse than Spain,(like Haiti or Ethiopia) However, we can’t compare ourselves with these countries, but the other way around.

    What is also true that eight years ago Spain was head up of Europe and now, as everybody know, Spain is at the end of the list.

    What’s happening in Germany? It’s easy to understand. Everybody knows that Germany was also hit for this big crisis, like Spain was – and nowadays is still hitting -. We shouldn’t forget that the President of Spain called “unsuccessful” to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel in the year 2005. Nowadays, Germany is head up of European countries. That’s happened because “unsuccessful” Angela Merkel, never lied denying the crisis and worked from the beginning to solve it, unlike our socialist president that took many years to accept the bad situation, even he told us that France was worried because Spain went to achieve a better place than France. That was ridiculous!.

    We are at the end of the list due to our – in this case we certainly can use this word -“unsuccessful” socialist government.

    This is my opinion. I’m sure there are a lot of opinions different at mine, all of them as respectable as mine, of course.

    I’m waiting for the new elections.

  20. Peter says:

    Obama is a good speaker
    But,I don’t know if he just read through an already proof-read material edited like thousands times,or he comes up with the whole thing off the top of his mind
    I never figured this
    They just go up right in front of a nation and address some sensitive,controversial matters offhand. Or all is just a kind of Pre-prepared speech
    The speech that doesn’t come from heart but directed words

  21. Peter says:

    Don’t take it the wrong way!!
    I have always admired Obama
    He is a man of integrity
    It is a kind of perceptual thing. I mean I sense it that way
    That they are all dictated stuff
    Sometimes doesn’t come out natural
    Peace out
    Don’t mean to be disrespectful

  22. emiliano says:

    To me lot of spaniards are looking forward new elections as elcomandant said above, next may there the municipals and next year will be the
    generals to have a new goverment and president.

    It would be difficult to have a goverment so bad as the one we have now.
    I think it is the bad we have after the end of the dictatory.
    Never a single man have said more lies that this one who is our president.
    Nearly everybody would be happy when this man goes as far as possible.
    Even the people of his own party are fed up with him.
    Always smiling nobody konws why or for what.

    He got the elections after Spain had a very bad terrorist attack in Madrid where 191 persons were killed and more than 1850 were wounded.
    It was called the 11-M and it has been the worst in Europe and in Spain along all Europe and Spain history.
    Spaniards were afraid and lot of people changed their votes, as the attack in Atocha Station was three or four days before the general elections.
    Till the moment the events has not been clarified as the alleged perpetrators committed suicide after the massive attack.
    All was a big tragedy, similar to 11 september in USA, but also odd and incredibly suitable for
    change scores and win a general elections in a country.

    Millions of spaniards would like to know what happened in reality but it seems very difficult after seven years.
    But the history changed and a party that was not supposed to win the elections won and just from them everything in my opinion started
    go bad for this country.
    The inappropriate man sorrounded by inept ministers in the worst moments of crisis.
    So now we would like to have another change for good…….future is ahead but nobody knows
    who is really good to save us from the disaster.

    Afer all that a lot of spaniards are paying a strong price of so bad politicians and a change in history.
    Propriciated? no body knows but there are lot of suspicion never clarified.
    We need to be always conscious about our votes and not be afraid about any similar actions that
    could change our previous intentions.

    A very sad story, but it´s true and real.


  23. Myo ko ko says:


    I have no doubts that these words are friends indeed of every “world leader”?
    Who can complain about what I said ? 🙂

  24. Myokoko says:


    Creating “jobs” in every part of “business” is one of the major ” priorities” of all of the “work(s)” of a “government”.:)
    And every “government” says they take care of the “future” of the “nation” and, also that of the “world”,maybe.
    No doubt that every citizen in every country is “dream(ing)” about justic “law” and evenly posted “tax(es)” and I think,
    ” teachers” are ahead of those,who are dreaming most, right ? ,Jeff !? 🙂

  25. elcomandant says:

    I’m very glad to read what Emiliano thinks about what is happening nowadays, that without any doubt, is the worst period of Spain history.

    It’s coming to my mind an old Spanish saying “Whatever starts in a bad way, has an end wrong”. In our mother tongue we’d say “Lo que mal empieza mal acaba”. This government arrived to the power unexpectedly (as all the opinion polls foresaw) as a result of bigest terrorist attack happened in Spain. It’s also the truth that the result of the elections was legal, however, in my opinion, this was influenced by the shock people felt at the time, and a lot of confusion in what the news was saying. Because of that, people changed their vote.

    Nowadays, opinion polls give again a big advantage to the right political party. I hope not to happen anything as then did. If something to happen, it would have a very difficult explanation.

  26. Roberto says:

    As el comandant and emiliano said, we are expecting elections for 2012 in Spain. Our political class is very bad, specially our president, but I think that we havent been lucky with our authorities because this financial crisis would require a good goverment and we hadnt it. However, our problems are going to be very complicated to resolve and I believe we have a long, long, long road of sacrifices, especially for poor people.
    Thanks democracy to help us to exchange goverment when we dont agree with it (some countries cant do this).

    Of course Myokoko, every leader uses the same words, maybe they had gone to the same university…

  27. Tania says:

    Hi! The same political problems like in Spain, maybe even worse.

  28. Tania says:

    Hi! Interesting the rating system of the movies: G, PG, R.
    We use only PA (parents accord) for the age up to 12 and for violence movies over the age of 17.
    The erotic movies can be watched TV only after midnight.

  29. Tania says:

    Hi! I like very much this kind of English Cafe like English Cafe 269 on minimum wage indexed to inflation, inflation, CPI (consumer price index), unemployment, The Great Depression.

  30. Tania says:

    Hi! For 20 years we try to reform the studying system in Romania. Every year with a new approachment.
    From the memorize education (practiced by us) to the progressive education principles there is a long way for us.
    We learn a lot and still … where is the West and where is the East, generally speaking on culture, civilization, science, welfare…
    Where is the truth? Nobody knows.

  31. Tania says:

    Hi! I was listening “Outdoor Advertising” when I realised that and we use all the types of outdoor advertising. We have a big digital billboard in the center of our town.
    We use the billboard, the mobile advertising and the wraps. Less the bench ads.
    And the sky writing… as it is very , very expensive… well, I could watch it only at the seaside at the Black Sea in the summer time.
    I was very excited when I saw it for the first time. I waved my hand to the pilot like all children on the beach.
    Sometimes I enjoy to have a childish behaviour.

    All the advertising words were new for me. Thank you.

    All the best for you all,


  32. johnny says:

    I run into a problem that i cannot figure out it’s meanning . so I post it here for guidance . As follows:

    They ate quite a bit of the casserole, but you can have what’s left.

    the latter sentence i don’t know…

    thanks the person who would like replays me in advance.

  33. Peter says:

    From the second we emerge to the second we die,in pursuit of happiness we turn up every stone; we check every corner totally negligible to the the fact that
    Happiness doesn’t exist and never will be!!!


  34. Peter says:

    Hapiness is a myth ,and it always will be!!!
    Never live your life distance from your deepest feeling. Reach down ,grasp it ,and let it flow in all over your body. Let it be you ,not just a part of you
    let it be you

  35. Daniel says:

    Hello Folks,

    I would say that Mr. Obama’s list is good for Italy as well.
    He gave a good speech, I’d like to have a tongue like that.
    Good luck Mr.Obama, a lot of work to get done.

  36. Tania says:

    Hi! Please, watch TV the European Figure Skating Championships Bern Switzerland 2011.
    It’s a delight the ice charm.

  37. Bill wang says:

    i think, in china, there’re different topic words for different peoples, at least there’re two layers in China, one layer is the government and the peoples relevant to the government, what they concerned are power, stability, privilege, advantage. another layer is the common citizens, just like me, what we concern are: house, wedge, inflation, tax, truth, transparency, human rights,life, dignity, liberty, demacracy reformer, end of tyranny.

  38. Bill wang says:

    i’m supprised to heard you committed the education reform in Romania, i’m interested in what’s the situation of your education system after 20 years reform.

    i want to tell you in the past 30 years, the same thing done in China, first all all, education is strictly controlled by the goverment, but in the 1980’s, there’re more freedom in college and university, the educated students have more own ideas and thoughts, that’s the best period of eductation system. but after 1989, the freedom has gone out from campus, campus is more like a prison, students have been washed their own thoughts and been stuffed with the ideas the devil party wanted, from the later 1990’s, campus have been changed to be like company, college and university collected much money from students, and the money finally went to the pockets of the school leaders. now i should say, the compus is the combination of prison and workshop, since there’re so many complaints in the society, the government enforced the controll of students’ thoughts, spent more time to “wash their brain”, what they need is obedience, they don’t care what knowledge students can got from college, they only conern whether the students are obedient citizens. in the other hand, the compus collect many money and produced the students without own thoughts, just like a product line. so China’s eduction reformed is backward, that’s true.

  39. Bill wang says:

    dear Jeff, i need to say it’s really a nice topic, i have much words to say about it.

  40. Paul - Beguim says:

    Hi everyone,

    Last year the European Union has establish a presidency for Europe. Our President has already encountered his first difficulty with defending the euro-monetary system which has been overcome through collaboration with the euro-partners especially Germany as leading partner.

    On several occasions the present has already out spoken that his task only contents coordinating and management of the European Parliament.

    I’ve became member of eslpodcast to improve my English language skill, so if there are any mistakes made would you have the kindness to be indulgent.

    Kind regards,

  41. Betty says:

    Hi Johnny, the word ‘left’, apart from having many meanings, is also a past tense and past participle of ‘leave’. It is a very simple word but has so many meaning and usage that it is very hard for me to explain and be confident of making it understandable.

    I will look very silly if I answer your question wrongly, but please let me try my best to see if I can help.

    To find the meaning of the latter part of your sentence: They ate quite a bit of the casserole, but you can have what’s left.
    Please search my old friend for ‘left’, it will say,
    left v. Past tense and past participle of leave.

    Now search for ‘leave’, your will find:
    2. a. To go without taking or removing: left my book on the bus.

    So, in your sentence: …………..but you can have what’s left means:
    …………but you are allowed to have (to eat) what they did not eat (the food that was left behind by them).

    Please also note the term ‘left over’ in the dictionary:
    Left over: not used; extra. For example: When everyone took a partner there was one person left over; We divided out the left-over food.

    I hope I have not confused you more than before I started.

    Please excuse me if I explained wrongly, I hope someone else here can help and give a better explanation than mine. Thank you.

  42. emiliano says:

    Welcome Paul – Beguim

    Have in mind that all of us make mistakes here, we try to learn that´s the point and the best ways to improve and write is
    telling other our opinions about nearly everything.
    Always I could see my mistakes once the post is in the Blog and it´s really instructive for me.

    All the best Paul and go ahead as frequently as you wish, we do like to have new members.


  43. Roberto says:

    Welcome to Esl Paul – Beguin!
    Dont worry about mistakes, we are human beings and we usually do them.
    Step by step your English will improve. We have fantastic official teachers (Jeff, Lucy, Warren…) and no official teachers (Emiliano, Betty) who will help you with your problems about English language.
    So, I recommend you to participate in this blog, it has been very interesting for me to improve English and to talk about.

  44. emiliano says:

    Hi Johnny, what Betty has told you is a perfect explanation of the meaning…..

    “So, in your sentence: …………..but you can have what’s left means:
    …………but you are allowed to have (to eat) what they did not eat (the food that was left behind by them)”.

    Thank you Betty.
    Another examples may be:
    Verb…….to leave, left,

    to let remain or have remaining behind after going, disappearing, ceasing, etc.: I left my wallet home. The wound left a scar.
    to allow to remain in the same place, condition, etc.: Is there any coffee left?

    All meanings are taken left as the past perfect of to leave, the verb is used with an object…..–verb (used with object) –

    But left could be also: an adjective or a noun….

    ( often initial capital letter ) of or belonging to the political Left; having liberal or radical views in politic.
    To turn to the left……..or to the right…..when you are walking…


    the Left……..
    the complex of individuals or organized groups advocating liberal reform or revolutionary change in the social, political, or economic order.

    To turn toward the left….or to the right …when you are walking
    Make a left at the next corner.
    An Idiom also:

    get left, to be left stranded…….

    to miss an opportunity, objective, etc.


    Take it easy Johnny, everything is going to your mind little by little.
    It´s necessary to read and to read very much and don´t try ever to translate what you are reading
    or do it as less as possible, only when it is really necessary.
    Only try to understand the gist, that´s enough.
    We are learning a different language of the one we know and it´s a lost of time to translate
    so many things.

    Some phrases or words are necessary to be left for another day when we are reading a book or a text
    because trying to understand or look for everything could be very tiresome.
    Give time to the time of learning and make always a pleasure of all our tasks.

    Johnny pick up the nice things of evey day and left out of your life whichever thing that could you make

    Sorry, I was making another phrases of my own.
    Right? Wrong? it doesn´t matter.


  45. emiliano says:

    Don´t take me wrong, I need to consult the dictionary to learn also about so many interesting subjects
    and try to explain them accordingly.

    It is a nice and interesting exercise always, so thank you Johnny to let us know your
    doubts and questions which are ours too.


  46. emiliano says:

    Again, sorry…..

    It´s duplicated the meaning in Adjective and Noun., once posted I have seen the mistakes ….

    “To turn to the left….. ( it´s a noun here, not an adjective)…….I think so, now I am not sure about anything….ja, ja.

    “The Left Side of the Party is taken the power now” ………here it´s and adjective.
    Nice, the supposed teacher is making mistakes
    How funny.

    Well, I think I have to dedicate my free time to another task….just awful emiliano, let the place to Jeff, Lucy or Warren.

  47. Betty says:

    Hi, Emiliano, I am so happy to see that I am not the lone soldier here trying to tackle Johnny’s question.

    It is very entertaining for me when I see you say: ‘Nice, the supposed teacher is making mistakes
    How funny’.

    Did you read what Roberto Said in the 43rd post here? We are the official non-official teachers in this blog.

    Thank you very much indeed, Roberto, you are very kind. I hope our official teachers will not kick me out of this blog.

    Provided that our official teachers (Jeff, Lucy and Warren) allow, I hope to see the number of non-official teachers increases so that they can have more time to do the more difficult job of writing scripts, doing the podcast and starting us off with a nice topic for our blogs etc.

    Of course, we probably only have just one customers – Johnny; and have far too many service providers – the non-official teachers.

    Surely the official teachers’ students want to hear what the official teachers say, the best answers. I just seize the opportunity to pretend to be a non-official teacher. It is myself that benefit most doing the exercise of trying to explain something.

    Yes, your answer was a lot more complete than mine, thank you.

    Very often one simple English word has so many meanings that although English is a easy-to-learn language, it is very hard to be proficient in it.

    Thank you once again, Emiliano, for lending me a helping hand.

  48. Tania says:

    Hi! Dear Bill wang, I’m referring strictly to the education/ studying reform in school and not a political one.

  49. Ahmet says:

    Nowdays, In TURKEY, the most common issue is representative’s election.

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