Poll About the English Cafe

Because some of you requested it, Lucy recently appeared on two English Cafe episodes so that listeners can hear more than one voice when listening to the Cafe’s cultural topics:  English Cafe 275 (SeaWorld) and 277 (X Games).

Please tell us what you think.  You opinion is very important to us.

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32 Responses to Poll About the English Cafe

  1. milkykung says:

    Thank you for the poll Lucy. I would love to hear your voice more, if possible, as being a guy myself lol FYI, Cafe#277 is very nice as I enjoy the content about X-games a lot. TYVM 🙂

    I really love you, Lucy and Jeff. I really appreciate your huge effort on producing very useful and practical English lessons regularly. I have been following ESLPOD feeds for 2-3 months and I have to admit that I totally fall in love with the program.

    Please keep it up your wonderful work. Be prepared for a question I might E-mail to you soon.


  2. Betty says:

    I normally thank the author of the article in each blog, ie Jeff, Lucy or Warren.

    However, it is difficult this time, who do I thank this time?

    Who created the “Poll About the English Cafe”?

    Because the 4th option says ‘I want Lucy to take over the English Cafe and rename it “Lucy’s Cafe.” (Jeff, you cannot vote for this one.)’, I suggest it was Lucy who provided us this blog this time.

    Assuming I am right, thank you Lucy for starting us off this time with this totally unexpected Poll.

    Beware, someone may tick and vote the 4th box many times, I cannot be sure whether it would be Lucy or Jeff who would be the person behind it, who is the weakest link?

    I do not like voting for politicians, never vote for them, meaningless. But I really love voting this time, don’t ask me which box I ticked. Sorry, not telling you.

  3. Roberto says:

    I think it is interesting to hear Lucy in ESL. Why? Because Jeff could rest a little more and it is a good idea to hear different ways of speak in English.
    You know, another rhyme, pronunciation… so, we would improve our listening skills. Another reason to support this idea is because I like Lucy’s way saying some words: for instance, SEAWORLD sounds very well when Lucy pronounced it; as and old saying “something has to change for what everything goes on in a similar way”
    So Jeff, you will have more time to improve every chapter of ESL PODCAST but, dont you think that it is impossible? Then, Jeff as an excellent teacher would say: Nothing is….

    But, who has written this poll-question because it is not signed? Good question, Betty and I agree with your answer.

  4. emiliano says:

    Sorry Jeff, but I like more Lucy´s Cafe new name than English Cafe, but it would be nicer to name it as:
    “Lucy and Jeff´s Cafe” or even “Jeff and Lucy´s Cafe”

    The order doesn´t alter the result that I think is better now.

    Thank you Jeff, you are an authentical good and generous fellow worker, I know you don´t be jealous with
    Lucy´s success.
    The last 277 Cafe was really good, congratulations Lucy and ….. of course Jeff.

    But Jeff doesn´t need any congratulations, he is always insuperable, that´s right.

    Jeff and Lucy´s Cafe …….guauuuu, it promise.


  5. emiliano says:

    ESL staff, that´s the point Betty and Roberto.
    The great chief of the ESL company is doing a survey between the listeners.

    and the Oscar goes to………………..


  6. emiliano says:

    I like this ballot much more than next in my country.

    I love both Jeff and Lucy

    I dislike Zapatero and Rajoy

    This kind of voting is much better

    Thank you ESL staff, a good idea.


  7. Michel says:

    I think Jeff is a really good teacher. He always find the exact and good words to explain the different topics.
    Jeff should stay with us. But it’s also a good idea to listen to Lucy’s voice. It’s good for us to hear other sounds.

    What you could perhaps do sometimes in English cafe is trying to speak a little bit faster.
    A good exercise for our ears. (only sometimes of course)

    Anyway, No competition between Jeff and Lucy please. Every thing is perfect like this.

  8. Dino says:

    Hi there!, this is my first time that I am leaving a message to you so first of all, thanks a lot to Jeff and Lucy for everything you do for teaching English and let me tell you that “you are the best”!!…Well second my name is Dino but my family and close friends call me Rory ( Is my middle name) so you can call me Rory, of course…and third about the English Cafe poll I think Lucy is the best script writer of the wold and also she has a beautiful voice, I love her voice..so yes! my vote was I want to hear Lucy regularly..Ok. guys it’s a pleasure to write you and we’ll meet us right here in ESLPOD.

  9. Betty says:

    I am so pleased to find that Rory decided to leave us a message, I like the name Rory, because one of my friends’ (she is a fine lady) son is called Rory.

    However, Rory can be a name for both girl and boy. Dino is a boy’s name in Italian and Spanish origin, so I think Rory is a boy’s name in this case.

    Please excuse me, and please let me know if I am wrong.

    Nice to read your post, Rory, thank you for leaving us a message.


    Yes, I think Emiliano is right, it is not Jeff or Lucy who created this poll, otherwise it is not fair.

    So, thank you, the Great Chief of the ESL company, for being so democratic. I hope this poll gives you the right answer to your question.

  10. johnny says:

    i choose the third one for i’m crazy about lucy’s elegant voice.

  11. Jungsoo KIM says:

    I love Lucy’s script, which has great details and various situations.
    But I also love Jeff’s voice – very clear and easy to listen.

  12. Daniel says:

    Hello folks,

    I voted the second one because she is the Writer and he is the Voice. I like it as it is now.
    I see Dr. Lucy Tse like the President, she should only intervene when there is something important, i don’t know, kind of The monthly address.
    Something that i appreciated was when she suggested the book The Road. I would like to get more of that.

  13. Michael.spb says:

    Hey, I’m writing here at the first time too.
    I voted for the first option. I think it’s because I like more Jeff’s voice, it’s more easy to listen him for me (sorry Lucy). So in my opinion it’s enough for Lucy to speak in regular ESL podcasts as female at the dialogs.

  14. elcomandant says:

    I have to confess that I have had to read two times the poll to be sure that one option was missed. After that, I needed to read it for the third time because I couldn’t believe the option wasn’t there. Why doesn’t be the option that allows Lucy participate in each English Café?. Why Jeff and Lucy can’t participate 50/50 like they do in the ESL Podcast?.

    I’ve heard Lucy many times. I have to say that I like very much her voice and I don’t say it as a flatterer because i’m not. I say that because it is the truth. Her voice has a soft tone, with no high registers. It seems that Lucy would have some problems to speak loudly. She must be a calm person, if we take into a count her way to speak. This doesn’t avoid she speaks with a particular music using beautiful nuances, modulating her voice in an gorgeous way.

    This doesn’t mean that Jeff is worse than Lucy at all. Each one of you have your own style to speak and I enjoy very much listening both of you. Of course I do. I’m just telling that I would like to listen to Lucy in each English Café.

    That’s why I voted for the third option that is the most close to me.

  15. Fayçal says:

    obviously variety is the spice of life but it’s all one to me be it Dr Lucy or Dr Jeff hosting the English café, the gist i am taking a good advantage and improving myself, you are both matchless…

    salam ( means peace in arabic)

  16. Fayçal says:

    As along as we love both you Jeff and Lucy, i suggest that you take turns about hosting the English Café and bob’s your uncle the problem is solved lol……

  17. Tania says:

    My favorite Lucy’s topic is about ‘The road’ by Cormac McCarthy.
    The third one is the best variant 🙂

  18. Tania says:

    Hi! We all have forgotten that Jeff is our HOST. Everybody can be only his guest, nothing else including Lucy.
    Lucy’s Cafe? A divorce between Jeff and Lucy?
    A divorce between Stan and Bran? How could Stan alone act without Bran?
    It is a well-known thing that for any band which separated , their career was finished. Their unity, their charm is irreversible destroyed.
    I am sure that when we listen to ESLPOD for the first time we fall in love with Jeff’s English Cafe. Why?
    1) After many years of learning English , at last we have found out somebody , an American, whom we can understand him, and very well.
    2) After a frightful work day, some minutes in Jeff’s voice presence could be a balm for our hurt hearts.
    3) His kindly and unmistakable voice calms down us.
    4) His jokes and songs make us feel good.
    5) I think the English Cafe means the Jeff’s soul.
    6) It’s not his fault that we can understand only the Simple English. (We do not know all English words and that’s why we think we cannot understand the English language.)
    7) We compete with our life every day, so…another competition…believe me it’s too, too much.

    And where is the American team working spirit?

    All the best for you all,


  19. Peter says:

    Hi chief,
    Jeff those question are bias
    They favor you my man
    I want you as the main speaker ,of course ,and Lucy’s touch at least on every other Cafe.
    So , the vote are skewed towards you!
    Once a month doesn’t do it for me
    Crank it up a notch bro
    Be more fair!!
    Who am I kidding ?
    you are boss
    It is your call

  20. Peter says:

    Lucy’s voice is husky and sultry
    And guys, take it from me
    Her accent ,pure American accent
    In regards to Jeff, I can trace some dialect on it.
    But ,Lucy’s accent is all the way up!!
    So ,Jeff
    We established it ,We want Lucy more than once in a blue moon,or once a month ,as you wish:))))
    It is fun!!! Guys
    For once ,Jeff doesn’t have a say in it.
    It is all up to us
    Power!!!, oh Lord,another realm of pleasure:)))

  21. rodrigo says:

    I agree to hear both Jeff and Lucy more regularly basis, the dream team

  22. Peter says:

    If found Lucy a bit harder to understand because she has a strong American accent
    Trust me,I m very good at it
    I can tell ur nationaliy by ur accent
    Even I know the dielacts on different part of North America
    I know what I m talking about

  23. emiliano says:

    Our poet is again here….

    Tania, you have said in words our feelings about our dear teacher Jeff and his English Cafes being The HOST.
    Really very nice words about him, all of them are real to me, also my daughter Fátima told me something
    very similar to those seven points you have enumerated.
    I could even add something more of his effects in my own life.
    I have inside my deeper gratitude for him and Lucy.
    Yes, always.
    Some way they chage my new life being a retired man.
    Who has lot of time to spend and to improve the language I love so much.
    To have new friends.
    A place to write.
    To feel emotions.
    To read another feelings or another kind of lifes.
    To be in touch with all friends of the entire world.
    To have Jeff and Lucy as my close friends all the days of the year.
    Every moment of the day, going by the streets or in the underground.
    Going to shop or being at home at nights.

    Thank you Tania, you are a wise girl who has poetry always present
    and that is necessary nowadays.
    I love Lucy´s voice too.
    I like her good humor and nice soft tone that seems magical images.
    Like in a movie.
    Her authentical american accent.
    Just a little more difficult of understanding from jeff´s but so convient for us.
    We need her here at Jeff´s English Cafe.
    Please Lucy, go ahead once and again in future.
    I bought “The Road” and it would be my next book to read.

    So I vote for the third, also for the option suggested by elcomandant…….huummm interesting too, “the dream team” as Rodigo also said.

    New members in the Blog, it´s really nice.
    Welcome to all of you.


  24. Andrés says:

    About English Café…….I think in a café there are more than one person, two, tree or four people, talking daily things or some times this could be a literary gathering……….think about this Jeff

  25. Farah says:

    As every one knows personalize a team jog/ work is unfair, so it’s better to keep the name of “English Café”. It’s a good name for it’s purpose.
    I think the name of “English Café” is a meaningful name. In my opinion it shows that it is a place where you can learn or improve your English with beautiful and joyful subjects especially with familiar and warm voice.

    I love Lucy’s voice, too, especially in ESLpods. The conversations/ dialogues are wonderful and attractive.
    I already appreciate all of your work. You’ve done a great work.
    Good job,
    Farah (from Iran)

  26. Iraj from beautiful Persia(Iran) says:

    Hi Jeff, Hi Lucy
    I’m a tuter teaching German. I’ve studied German at Tehran University.I really appreciate ur method of helping us improve our English and think it’s enormously useful. And it would be so pleasant to hear our great Lucy once a month on the Cafes. Thank u sweet Lucy, Thank u dear Jeff. Visit my beautiful country and let me be by ur side for a while, I’m a tour guide as well! ICH LIEBE EUCH!! Hope 2 c u !!

  27. Peter says:

    Hi my friends

    As I stepped out ,I noticed some raindrops on the roses in the flower bed at the kitty corner of my residence
    It was a moment of pure happiness breaking off with seconds of horrible terror of having another dreadful day a head of me.
    Solut to all morning dews that make this life more bearable. And,solute to you my friends in your new challenge to achieve another day!!

  28. Peter says:

    Holly cow,
    I see new faces here all from Iran.Guys,here in this English Center you are in good hands.
    Put down all the text books and take to studying English through this one of a kind Englishhub!
    The most prestige cyber and mortar and brick 🙂 center for English Learners at all level.
    And a good refreshing center for native speakers.
    Dear Iraj,
    Jeff’s method works like a charm , no matter what language you are trying to pick up
    You just plug in the method and you roll out fresh German speakers in no time:)))

  29. Betty says:

    Hi Tania, I am so pleased to read your message of January 26th, 2011 at 5:04 am. Every word is so true, I wish I have deep thinking ability like yours.

    I was desperate to hear Lucy doing some monologue for us so that I can learn how to talk in English like a fine lady.

    Jeff kindly invited Lucy to take part in his English Café. Jeff is the host and Lucy is the guest. In fact Jeff being a big master in teaching English (not just as a Second language) knows it is important for us to hear many different voices at a faster speed in addition to his at a slower speed. That’s why he introduced many different people’s talking in his ‘Ask an American’ section of his English Café.

    Perhaps It is very clear up to now the third choice has been chosen by most of us, now Jeff has all the evidence that we really want to hear more of Lucy’s monologue.

    A great success to everyone here!

  30. Betty says:

    Error in my previous post above:

    Sorry, the last sentence in my post ‘A great success to everyone here!’ should read as ‘Wishing a great success to everyone here!’

  31. kor says:

    For me, Lucy’s speeches are a little harder to understand than Jeff’s one.
    However this cafe is aimed at “improving your english”, so
    the difference of the difficulty is rather good for us.

  32. Feri says:

    Hi there,
    this is my very first time writing you.
    I discovered your site some weeks ago. Accidentally. Since then I simply stick to it.
    I’ve bought an iPod just not to lose any valuable free time without listening your podcasts and dry wit – during the day.
    All you do here is gorgeous. World class.
    How could I live without this before ?!
    I would vote for option 3.
    I very much like your voices.
    Lucy’s for it’s splendor and tenderness.
    Jeff’s for it’s simplicity and homour.

    Thank you all,


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