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One of our fantastic podcast listeners, Alexey from Russia, emailed us this week to let us know that he wrote a Wikipedia page about ESL Podcast in Russian. You can read it here: Wiki in Russian.  As with many Wikipedia pages, one person begins the page, but for it to be accepted as a permanent (not temporary) page, it requires the help of others, who can add to and/or edit the page.  Those of you who are literate (able to read and write) in Russian may want to take a look and add your own touches (include things you want to).  Wikipedia frowns on (does not like or allow) organizations and companies to write Wikipedia pages about themselves, and we understand why.  Since we don’t read Russian, we assume that Alexey said wonderful things about the podcast and that Jeff looks and sounds just like Brad Pitt.  Thank you, Alexey.

In all seriousness, we do want to thank Alexey for producing this page.  We know that it takes a lot of time and energy to do it.  And if any of you decide to write or help edit a Wikipedia page about ESL Podcast, please let us know so we can let others know about it here on the blog.

We really appreciate all of the support from our wonderful listeners!

~ Jeff and Lucy

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8 Responses to A Wikipedia Page in Russian

  1. Aécio Flávio Perim says:

    Dear teachers
    Good reading about the Wikipedia in Russian. I’d like to write one on our media in Brazil. My teachers deserve it for they are good at what they do. My best wishes for happiness and success.
    Aecio from Brazil

  2. Paulo Lopes ferreira says:

    Hi for all and congratulation for jeff and lucy.

    Your have many friends aroud the word and I think your school is the biggest of the universe witn many, many, many studentes



  3. fayssal says:

    i myself thought of that lately to undertake a Wikipedia about elspod in Arabic though i know that it takes a lots of time and requires help……
    sounds like a lovely idea….

    Fayssal, from Algeria

  4. emiliano says:

    Dasvidania Alexey, would be you so kind as to translate the wiki page to English?…., just till this moment I can´t speak Russian, but may be in future.
    Spasiva Alexey.

    Congratulations Lucy and Jeff and all ESL team these are really very good news.

  5. Farahnaz says:

    I wish I could write Russian to suppor Alexey writing about Eslpod in Wikipedia page. I think there are some Russians to do it for all fan of Eslpod.
    Thank you Alexey,
    do your best,

  6. gregorex says:

    I have tried couple of times to do similar thing on Polish Wikipedia. Unfortunately they have deleted it. First they’ve said that ESLPod isn’t big enough (witch of course is rubbish) and then that ESLPod is profitable organisation (but you can find there tons of other profitable organisations). I gave up. You can’t win with some stubborn, stupid people (unless you’re really good negotiator 😉 ).

  7. Evgene says:

    Hi everybody!
    I’d like to confirm the information on ‘Wiki in Russion’ about ESLPOD is truth. It includes types of topics, what the host speaks about and how he speaks. All information on this page will be useful for the Russians who want to know what the ESLPOD is and who finds ways to improve English by listening.
    Thanks Alexey for your efforts but I’m worried about the note (warning) that there is on this page. this warning says that this page is discussed for deleting…. I don’t understand who discusses and why.
    But it is possible that it will be deleted soon.

    Best regards from Russia

  8. (another) Alexey says:


    Russian article is also listed for deletion, just like Polish one was. Though all information seems to be correct, the article itself probably doesn’t comply with wikipedia importance criteria. I’ve edited it a bit, added some structure and voted against the deletion, but to be honest chances are not really good.

    I think the main reasons is lack of (enough) links to sources of information and (indeed) possible lack of encyclopedic importance, at least according to wikipedia rules.

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