“Living in a Tree” by Priscilla Ahn

Here’s a little ditty (a short, simple song) to help ease (make something unpleasant easier) your way into a new work week.  When we’re not looking forward to going to work, we sometimes say, “Another day, another dollar,” expressing a feeling that we do routine work, the same type of work day after day, to earn a living, or to make enough money to live.

Even people who like their job as I do sometimes feel like they want to stay in bed on a Monday.  I hope this little song puts a smile on your face, as it did mine.  And to those people who don’t have to get up and work on Mondays, I have special message for you at the bottom of this blog post.

~ Lucy

P.S. At the beginning of the video, the singer says that she has to admit (say without wanting to) that she’s wearing her pajamas, which are clothes we wear to sleep in.

“Living in a Tree”

by Priscilla Ahn

Living in a tree,
Yeah that’s where I’d like to be,
When the world falls down (collapses; is destroyed).

No one can say nothing,
Which I guess means they’ll say something,
But I won’t be around (won’t be here).

I’ll be in my tree,
Living free,
As any child would wanna be.

Chaos (completely without order; complete confusion) in the streets,
Lonely hearts bear (contain; have) lonely beats (each movement of a heart),
In a world carved (shaped from something hard) with steel and stone.

Miscommunication (not communicating well) leads to fear and hesitation (pausing (stopping temporarily) before doing something),
And it won’t leave me alone.

But now in my tree,
I’m living free,
As any child would wanna be.

Maybe you and me can make a home for us and someday free from the strongest wood of the tallest tree and we’ll be,

Living in my tree,
Living free,
As any child would wanna be.


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13 Responses to “Living in a Tree” by Priscilla Ahn

  1. rodrigo says:

    Tks Lucy for this song that really says what we fell sometimes about our jobs, specially on mondays and on top of that after finishing a holiday, many times our minds keep on vacation though we have to work…


  2. emiliano says:

    Very nice song and very nice girl, indeed, but who is holding the camara?.
    It´s you Jeff?.
    It seems that the person who is holding the camara and recording the video is quite unsure about what is recording, and the image goes up and down, left and right, without any sense?, that´s my opinion of course.
    The sound is quite good instead and the most important the lyric really original and real, as to me I´m living in a tree for years and years, and yes I found the person to live on it with me.
    Thank you Lucy, your taste is as good as use to be always and to me is really nice to listen to the Spanish Guitar that this so beatiful girl is playing.

  3. Peter says:


    Again ,the touch( emoticon) made the whole song even more pleasent!

  4. Peter says:

    being on This blog is a fun experience

  5. zeze says:

    so nice ,, and the lyrics is so perfect option
    thank you

  6. Peter says:

    The song is growing in me.I listen to the song one more time before hitting the sack.

    I like your taste in music Lucy.

    The song takes me back far back.

    Thanks for the lyrics

    you are lucky that you like your job.I hate everything about my job.And , the kicker is ,my boss is stickler to a fault.he keeps pushing us around.it is sad when you resent your job.I liked my first job though.But,4 months into the job ,I got the axe.that is life ;what can I do.
    The cost of living doesn’t give you too much of option.considering that I am a hyphened citizen I take what I can get!!

    Fare well

  7. FaYssal says:

    this song really brigtenned somehow the gloomy atmosphere.

    thx jef and lucy for this second to none work, u are really doing a sterling job.

    be safe.

  8. Peter says:


    as you beautifuly crafted,another day ,another buket.you know what,getting sensses into my boss’s head is like barking at the moon,a totally futile activity.
    After all, what can you expect from a pig but a grunt[translation: the scorpion sting by nature not out of spite]
    ( an old proverb)
    his biting remaks never ends. You make a slip-up ( trivial error),and you never see the end of it.

    Just having it out!

  9. Peter says:

    You know what,in a way,he is very clever. He divides and rules.belive you me,I am putting it lightly!

  10. Peter says:

    Hey,it is me again,

    Jeff I have something for you.

    Do you agree that a good wife,rather girlfriend and health is a man’s best wealth.who has the gots to say otherwise.OXOX( laughter)

    sorry if I am posting a lot .after all( considering everything) ,while at work, the only productive activity is :either checking the blog or post something in.

  11. Tania says:

    Hi ! Living in a tree … but with lonely hearts bear lonely beats … together with a friend it sounds much better .
    The loneliness can kill .
    But I like this little ditty including your special message just to smile . Thank you .

    All the best for you all ,


  12. dongsung says:

    I hate sunday night because next day is monday. most of you agree on this. as Lucy said, I like my job too. but sometime I feel to get out of this world and live in freely with nothing to interupt. The singer in this video seems free

  13. Bakhtyar basher says:

    I would to adimt my self to say great job eslpod , you are doing enlightening and unique job, all i wish to you is success and continuations of being success

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