Poll: How Do You Get Your News?

398px-newspapersizes200508It wasn’t long ago that the main sources of news were the daily newspaper and the daily television news broadcast (show).  Things have changed, and both newspapers and television news continue to lose readers and viewers as more and more people get their news on the Internet.

I know this is true for me.  I’ve never liked reading the large format (shape and size) newspaper of most U.S. newspapers, which for me, is too big and unwieldy (difficult to manage), and I don’t like getting newsprint (ink from newspapers) on my hands.

I’ve always preferred news magazines.  I still read news magazines today, but more and more, I get my news from the Internet.  I get daily emails from major newspapers and news magazines with the headline (most important) stories of the day, and I usually visit the websites of several major news agencies each day.  I also visit several news-related blogs regularly.  I still read the newspaper in print (on paper) on Sundays, and I’ll occasionally watch the evening news on TV, but I get most of my news from online sources these days.

How about you?  How do you primarily (mainly; mostly) get your news?

~ Lucy

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21 Responses to Poll: How Do You Get Your News?

  1. peter says:

    I just finished listening to aging episod and gained alot out of it. As I was listening to our good mentors and friends Lucy and Jeff I remenered a very good and famous saying of Shakespear who’s is totally relevent to the topic at hand

    The saying goes “shuffle off this mortal coil” that refers to mortality and death. I shared it with you my friends because to me it is a beautiful meaningful saying.

    face facts that someday We will fall off our perch.

    Till then , let’s enjoy every second and love one another.

    By now

  2. emiliano says:

    Well, I think Lucy that we are alike because I don´t like ink of the newspapers on my hands, also I dislike the smell of it as I am passing the pages.
    I get daily emails from some newspapers too, as N.Y.T. and others, with the breaking news and some alerts about the topics I prefer to be informed and it´s really very useful and I can be informed every day perfectly right.
    Along years I have been without buying a paper for these reasons, but for the last five months I have been getting one on Sundays, El Mundo, as this newspaper publishes The British Encyclopaedia that I wanted to have for several years, but it was very expensive to get it the usual way.
    Some weeks the newspaper was on the table without opening it till the following Sunday, and have to throw it without reading a single page….. that´s my enthusiasm for printing press.

    I use to listen to the radio too, but not too much, it is Cuca who is listening to the radio on the evenings as a rule to her, but always listening the same station day after day.
    Yes, I am a little jealous with the man who talks every day on the station and says the news. He use to be very informal and make some jokes about what is happening here.
    I think Cuca listen to the news and comments because she likes the humor of this man, and his way of doing the program.

    When we go to supper, I put the radio on in the kitchen, so she and me can listening it again, she follows what she was listening
    at that moment but for me should be the first moment of listening to it.
    Meanwhile Cuca is listening the radio and playing on the p.c., I use to be in the ESL Blog, reading it, listening to ESL lessons (Lucy and Jeff) and seeing the news on the web.
    Sometimes I use to read a book, “The Host” now (is amazing) or listening some music…….but newspaper or TV….NO.
    I prefer always to be with my friends on the blog, reading what Lucy, Jeff, and the rest of them writes than watching the TV., this should be always the last.

  3. emiliano says:

    Just in this moment, it´s 19,25 houres, we are doing what I have said.
    Cuca is in the living room playing with the p.c. and listening to the radio and I am in the other room (the little living) reading the Blog, what Peter have said about Shakespeare and reading what I have written too looking for the mistakes that always I did.
    In a while I´ll search for the last news and have a look to the emails….a lot of fun.

    Yes, this morning I have listened to a lesson in which Jeff said that the p.c. is ruling our lifes and yes, I think it´s true.
    What can I do without my Mac or the P.C. now?. In a city like Madrid I don´t know. If we were in the fields, with nature, rivers and so on it should be easy, just a walk and take some good air, but here?.

    I like to be at home letting the Mac ruling my life, searching the news on the screen, the ESL Pod, emails, and of course doing a lot of things through the web.

    I´m sorry, but i´m a poor man that can´t go to the theatre or some other place to kill time.
    Madrid is a very expensive city and once you go out it is sure you spend a lot of your money, that´s for sure.

  4. elcomandant says:

    I confess that I get my news mainly from the radio. Although I also get them from the TV. To be honest, I have to tell that due to the TV is more and more of a low quality, I get my news less and less from it. For this same reason I’m getting them more and more from internet.

    I’m afraid that I’m a little romantic. I like reading the newspaper printed on paperas always, even though they were unwieldy and my hands get ink from its big sheets. Besides, unlike Emiliano, (hi Emiliano, to you and Cuca) I like how a new newspaper smells.

    One of the things that I like doing on weekend is, getting up early, having a shower, shaving, taking out my female dog, “Perla”, for a walk and then, when the city is quiet and solitary still, I take a seat outdoor in a cafetería under the sun or shade depending on the weather to have a good breakfast. Meanwhile, I open up my favorite newspaper on the table, I take a look the headlines and I read the main news in around 30 minutes.

    That’s me. Ah, the joys of reading! (At the end of ESLpod 62).

  5. Vlad says:

    In my case, news come in this order, often, and sometimes the occasion rules de medium:
    – Internet newspapers;
    – some podcast subscriptions (at gym);
    – radio – news stations (driving)
    – e-mail newsletters;
    – blogs;
    – news magazines (weekends);


  6. peter says:

    Honestly,cyber news is too new age for me. I still prefer to get my news through actual paper-news like magazine or newspapers. Not always , but sometimes, I skim Toront stars or Golbl which is , to some degrees, equivalent to NewYork times.

    I usually survive one page or two , then I normally get too bored to continue.

  7. emiliano says:

    Elcomandant you are living in Valencia, and it´s so good weather that I can imaging you doing just it, always having fun walking with Perla and having a good coffee with the paper in front of you.
    Yes, that´s nice and some time ago I just did so but without the best friend of a man, you know what I mean. Yes I like that picture to
    me also.

    When I was living in Torrevieja some weekends I used to do the same, went for a walk, bought the newspaper and have a look to the
    sea as reading the news, but here?.
    It´s so a busy city, and dangerous too, that it´s not easy to find a good place to do such a thing that I missed often.

    It´s not the same to look at the newspaper sitting in the open air that at home. Being so, the ink smells less and you feel good doing
    something that just remaining without a book, a newspaper or similar.
    Afterward you have to wash your hands and the water should be black, but if you have a good time, who cares?.

    I like Valencia a lot, nice and friendly city all time I have been there. I hope it remains the same not like Madrid so changed now.
    But Madrid is my city and I like it despite so many changes, I was born here and I´ll fall from my perch probably here too.
    Nice sentence Peter, I like it just a lot.

  8. Julio says:

    When I am working I usually like browsing on the internet, every two hours more or less, to visit the main newspapers web sites, even if they support diferent political trends to keep myself well-informed about the current situation. The process is the following: firstly, the local news; secondly, the national ones; and eventually, international news from foreign sources such as the NYT or the BBC. Besides, I am subscribed to a British magazine which impose me the very hard task to try to read and understand at least the most interesting pieces of articles every week. By the way, it leaves me totally exhausted even though I know it is very good for me. The only bad thing is that such sources usually use a very formal and selected idiom which I think is not worth for my comprehension of normal conversation in English on a daily basis. The good thing is that magazines and papers normalyy use a lot of latin words instead of the terrible ‘phrasal verbs!, that are so troublesome for Spaniards.
    Best regards from Spain,
    Julio (Jack).-

  9. Atsushi says:

    I’ve chosen “From newspapers or news magazines on the Internet”, but as a matter of fact, I’m usually taking news information both from the Internet and TV news programs and sometimes from the newspapers and magazines.
    All of them have different advantages, so I don’t think paper medias and TV medias are going to die.
    As for me, weekly news magazines, like TIME magazine or Newsweek, are good text for English practice.
    I subscribe an English magazine, and read at least one or two magazines everyday.

  10. peter says:

    Guys ,

    I don’t how many of you and how often read English-written magazines or newspapers. If you do , you probably will confirm that it is a very tedious activity You know why ?
    Because , in every single paragrraph there are numerous words that you are not familiar with, so you should keep looking them up in a dictionary in order to get the concept.Accordingly , it takes you one hour or two to finish just one page. I m telling you guys , I aproximately stumble on 20 / 30 words per page that I have never heard of before. Believe me, it is a killer, particullary when reading magazines.
    Once I did one experiment, I ask a native-speaker to read two pages of a book,and she didn’t know 10 words smak-dab in two pages. Can u believe it, even native-speakers have the same problem

  11. kobe.Su says:

    i gained world news (political type)mainly from CCTV starting 19:00 everyday (30mins) while cooking or having supper. the reason i have my tv open is bcoz i’d like to hear some sound while m in the kitchen.

    there’s only two websites i keep trying to get news from regularly, one is a local webside for health information, the other is sure, our ESL BLOG! i dont like to use PC when go back home, therefore i try using break time and wking time (if not so busy) going up here to read Lucy and Jeff’s interesting new founding and also the knowledgeble comments from you all.

    i have to say, elcomandant’s weekend life is really a life““` T.T

  12. Peter says:

    I am with Times , futurist, and economist. I used to read them almost every day, one page on average, but not anymore.

    You know why?

    Because I subscribed to the learning guide. Learning guide is effortless and fun,besides there is a money back guranty that you will be better off at the end.

  13. peter says:

    It is 3:38 Am And I am dealing with a bunch of night people at work single handedly.

    Talk about hard-earned money. I m on the coffee break right know.

  14. Daniele says:

    Hello! Everybody, this is Daniele from Italy.

    Interesting question, and it is also interesting to read the aswers. I also get the news from online papers.

    I do not see a bright future for print papers.

    As a worker into the book printed industry, I am curious to see if the printed book will follow the same crisis.
    You know, with devices like the E-readers.

  15. emiliano says:

    Peter if you read a good book in English, that should be the best form of getting new words. Have in mind that when I said “a good book” it means
    some of your interest. Easy to read and with enough interest to you has to going on reading it despite you have to look for new words in the
    Three years ago I made a promise to me in the way of not reading a book in Spanish along some indefinable time, and just from them I have read
    all the books in English, very slowly of course but with a strong determination of finishing them and not changing my promise.
    I think this is the best form of getting new vocabulary day after day and remembering phrases that you may use when speaking the lenguage.
    Yes, I know it´s difficult and sometimes you have to work a lot, even to people who likes to read is in some ways worst because you can´t read
    by the speed you wanted, but you feel so well when you have finished the book you want to read that is incredible nice.
    In my opinion this effort and this incredible BLOG, togeher with the ESL POD has made the miracle of encreasing my english level, after so
    many years ( 40 ) studing it without real results.
    As Jeff and Lucy said, read, read and read, listen to ESL Pod, see the guides to help the listening and improve knowledge, and write here as much
    as possible, without any shy or trouble to write good or badly.
    It´s always a good exercise to read again and see so many mistakes that you, me, and everybody made writing in other lenguage, as it´s one of the
    most difficult things we can do.
    The best way of learning in life everywhere/everything is having faults, mistakes and sorrows, that´s a rule always.

    Now I have to make household (the bed, washing and brushing out the dust, preparing the food ..etc.) and listening Jeff and Lucy simultaneously
    to my chores.
    Yes, having them close to me help just a lot to pass the dayly house- routines in the mornings.

  16. Daniele says:

    I agree with you Emiliano.
    I am also reading only books in English.

  17. kobe.su says:

    hahahaha“`it’s so Lucky for Cuca to have you“`and in someway it must be also Lucky for you to have her to be the spirit to keep you live happily“`you are a happy “YOUNG” MAN, wish you two young forever“`

  18. emiliano says:

    Thank you Kobe, yes I am a lucky man having her along so many years and always feeling young despite quite a lot of Novembers.
    Now I have a new life doing my chores than before I didn´t as I have to go out to the bank to get the money (working of course no
    taking it off from banker´s hands) meanwhile Cuca has to do everything at home.
    Now it´s my turn and Cuca can rest a little fighting everyday against her illness in good humor always.

    Nice to know that you Danielle also read all books in English, I am not as craze as sometimes I thought doing such an effort
    and having a lack of spanish books to read. Yes, it´s very nice to know you do the same and I´m sure you enjoy them very very much
    despite the slowness.

    bye, till soon.

  19. Tania says:

    Hi ! I get my news reading the newspapers , from the Internet , from the news on TV and talking to a friend .
    I have a friend who knows every political detail . So, I often like to listen to him . He is surprised when I say I know nothing about a certain event.
    Of course I know something but I leave to him the pleasure to tell me . He is very happy to do this .

    Regarding the news in fashion I read Burda , the German fashion magazine , monthly . It is translated in Romanian .
    I like to be in fashion with the hair color , with the shoes , with the bag and I like to know which color is trendy . It is very important for a woman .

    All the best for you all ,


  20. YVONNE says:

    I’ve tried to subscript “The New York Time International version” in taiwan.
    Since I live in a not big city(well,not a small town neither), they say it takes 2~3 days to deliver the newspaper to me.
    so, I can never read “today’s newspaper” on paper.
    And I think it would be faster to check the website and print out the news I’m interested in.That’s what I’m doing,now,everyday.
    Howevery, I prefer to read the news on paper than through internet.
    Because I don’t want to stare at computer screen again, after doing the same thing at work all day.

  21. Tanita says:

    I usually get my news from the internet… and sometimes from radio, too… but I’m not very obsessed about getting news, though… 🙂

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