Reminder About No-Links Policy

When we started the ESL Podcast Blog over two years ago, we decided on a policy not to allow links in the comments sections.  The following is an excerpt (section) from our original post about this:

We have received some posts recently with website links (addresses). For security reasons, we prefer not to post any active links in the comment sections. The reason is that it takes extra time for us to investigate these links and make sure they are not spam or are not redirecting you to another site. (We receive a lot of spam messages on the comments section!) For that reason, we have decided not to put active links in the comments. We know this is inconvenient, but most things can be found using a simple Google search, so if you mention something you saw (such as a YouTube video or newspaper article), most people will be able to find it another way.

Since that time, we have become lax (not strict) about this policy, mainly because of the interesting things our listeners post.  However, as much as we hate to do it, we will need to ask you once again to leave out links, so that we can focus our time on producing the best podcasts we can!

Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your comments very, very much!

~ Jeff and Lucy

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18 Responses to Reminder About No-Links Policy

  1. emiliano says:

    I know that, and sometimes I have been a little surprised to see the links. Even more, seing them so many times it is possible that I have posted
    some of them at the end. Sorry about that.

    But I agree absolutely with your policy, I am happy having the opportunity of writing us much as I like to and it is too much indeed what I write counting always with your large patience.

    By my part it is perfect, and thank you very much Lucy and Jeff by letting us write in the blog about everything we like to talk and so many times as some of us use to do.

    Thank you very much indeed. emiliano

  2. peter says:

    Dear prexies,

    By proxy , we will do as we r told. You r going through lots of trouble teaching us as it is. We don’t intend to put you in any further trouble since we dear you guys a great deal.

  3. You’re right. And if that troubles your job, feel free to delete any comment that inserts a link.

  4. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I just finished listening to English cafe 211 . Man, I am totally fascinated by way of your speech . You are totally articulate. I never get enough of listening to all seriousness, is there any way that I can have it rubbed off on me.

  5. Peter says:

    Dear Jeff and Lucy,

    With wandering mind in a gloomy grove , you traveled me to the glowing land. ‘Tis silence all , still I can see you o’er the sky. You know what I mean

    How do u like it?

    The best way I could describe you and what you r doing

    Please overlook the slip-ups

  6. peter says:


    I m pulling an all-nighter tonight. I m at work posting the comment. It is quite dead in here.I figured surfing on the blog is the best thing I could do.
    The fact is , I am juggling two part time jobs,and the nature of the jobs require me to work long hours sometimes,c’est la ve.

    I heard the economy is rebounding ,but I don’t see any sign of it.

    It is very slow in here right now, but in two hours I must deal with customers with no ability to speak fact, body language is their language of choice.Imagine, Such a fun night I have a head of me. No mean to sulk . I have my iPod with me which means I have the best companions possible who are Jeff and Lucy Livelong night

  7. peter says:

    Nobody leaves us, we leave others .But ,Jeff and Lucy your memories last forever

  8. peter says:

    somebody just cursed me by calling me a nice guy.I don’t want to be a nice guy simply because nice guy is every girl’s friend,but to no girl a boyfriend( story of my life). She mentioned it , and it reminded me of the witty yet funny remark. It is funny isn’t it,and I have been fool enough to committed like plenty of them to my memory. But , please note that a fool ( nice guy) finishes last.

    Sorry for posting a lot,time has stand still here and my eyes are getting heavy

    I know , your saying I m the black mark on this is so true

    Sleep tight , last post ,promise

  9. peter says:

    Nobody leaves us ;we only leave others is a proverb meaning a memory stay forever.


    We should do something in order to repay Jeff and Lucy’s generous help. I am thinking a tribute. You have no Idea of the edge and more importantly the confidence a superb/superior working-English command give you over others while living among native-English speakers.I am teling you ,with Jeff and Lucy backing you up , you outdo/ surpass Native-speakers more often than not,English wise. Trust me on that, it is not an occasional incident.I got to live it up,you should experience it as well.don’t ever think of topping Jeff Or is impossible. they are the living incarnate of English Language.

    Finally, I got to get back home
    Fare well comrades,

  10. peter says:

    Truly,the Blog is the best passing time means.

  11. Tania says:

    Hi ! Down with the spammers .


  12. Vlad says:

    For somehow, that question just remind me ELS Podcast 488 – Getting Around Regulations.

    Greats lessons about rules, regulations and related subjects!



  13. magda says:

    One day I will write so well, like the people above……lol. Now, I am only beggining to improve my English. Thanks for the beautiful work, Lucy and Jeff. I love you. –

  14. emiliano says:

    Sure you will, Magda.
    Two years ago when the blog started, it cost me a lot to write only two lines.

    Go ahead always.

  15. Khashayar says:

    I agree with you. I remember that when I was visiting some links at another forum my computer turned down suddenly because of some unknown viruses attacked on my PC and I could not solve the problem for nearly 3 weeks. I think it is better just mention our favorites and ask other visitors find them at another well known websites such as Google, you tube, etc.

  16. Magda says:

    Emiliano, Thanks for your comment. I am studying a lot, and I bought 3 books in this blog, called Simple Stories and I am writing now, because I want to improve my English, so I need to dare. By the way, I am visiting this Podcast 24/7 and I heart it. …..

  17. Fred says:

    Wow,I do really envy you ,Peter,I don’t know where you come form,and where you are right now,But I have to say it is your posts get me through(or attract) the latest ESLpod blog articles,your English is really good,influllency can not be enough to describe your langulage level.I view all of your comments,and just want to give my compliment to your English writing.Want to be friends with you.You are ni Canda,don’t you?

    Fred from mainland China

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